Thursday, August 18, 2016

Lynn Valley Caterpillar sacrificed for Bike Lanes

The famous Lynn Valley caterpillar hedge is slated to be uprooted as part of work to add the final stretch of bike lanes on the DNV side of the Upper Levels.

Details here.

The District says: "The hedge creature — located at the intersection of William Avenue at Lynn Valley Road — will also have to be removed. While our Parks Department will make every effort to restore the hedge creature, it is a series of inter-connected shrubs, with a large, complex root system, that will be difficult to transplant."


(Couldn't find a photo online. )

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

New Topic: Affordability

(Cross posted from the previous topic)
Anonymous #1 said...According to there are 279 detached houses for sale in the District and City of North Vancouver and only two are below 1.1 million? One is halfway up Indian Arm and is boat access only, and the other is for a million on a 4,500 sq ft infill lot on Lynn Valley Road. 
Oh and the median price of those listings is 1.79 million 
Anonymous #2 said...What's the discussion? We know what the prices are.
Anonymous #3 said...Since we are all anonymous here... I guess the big one is do we care enough about affordability to do something, or do prefer to just talk about it, and secretly enjoy parks and trails that aren't busy, low crime rates, educated wealthy neighbors, and none of the visible negatives associated with poverty which is more prevalent in other areas?
I never said it was going to be a nice topic.
Central to the whole discussion about housing has to be the seldom mentioned reality that there is a need for more than just detached single family homes and strata developments.

Decently priced rental accommodations need to be part of the mix, as does subsidized housing for those with low incomes - especially our growing senior population.

Even though the District has only about half the proportion of renters that is seen in the City, it's still something that can't be ignored.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

City Mayor Advocating for Cigarette butt recycling

A deposit program similar to the kind we're used to for bottles and cans, is being pushed by City Mayor, Darrell Mussatto. Butts could be taken to a recycling depot to regain the deposit of 5 to 10 cents per cigarette paid at the purchase point. Cigarette butts are quite toxic and do pose a significant environmental hazard especially to fish in local streams when eventually flushed down storm drains when it rains. A Province wide program would obviously be most effective.

CIGARETTE BUTTS are the most littered item in America!!!

Monday, June 06, 2016

Viva Las... North Van?

It was reported last week that the Province, under the guise of the BC Lottery Commission, would like to plant a new casino on the North Shore.

They figure that the casino would bring in between $25 and 40 million a year, with the lucky municipality that hosts it being offered (in my opinion) a paltry $2+ million.

Am I alone in thinking this is a pretty far-fetched idea?

The question of location alone is interesting.

I can't see West Van ever going for this, and can't think of anywhere in the District that would make sense.  (OK, maybe as part of the Lynn Valley Center development.)

Would the City welcome a shiny new casino on the waterfront?  On Lonsdale?

Or would a location on the Tsleil-Waututh Nation lands make sense?  How much casino traffic could the Dollarton highway survive?

Mayors Musatto and Smith were "unavailable for comment," and Walton would "seek guidance from Council."  All of which suggests that they're trying to avoid actually saying anything.

The bigger question is why Victoria is floating this now, in the run-up to the election.  Is there a "surprise" in the works?