Saturday, February 19, 2005 Why start all this nonsense?

Quite simply because as residents of North Vancouver there are several layers of political activity that can have a dramatic impact on our lives. Many (If not most of us) tend to leave the goings on a City Hall, the provincial legislature or Ottawa to the political junkies and those with an immediate vested interest in a particular decision or initiative. We believe there is a need for an open forum for all of us to share our thoughts on the local political scene, and over time, make them available to others. We will put the topics forward, propose different points of view, and let everyone jump in. Right or wrong. We'll see if it works, but there will be no harm done in giving it the old college try. North Vancouver needs to be heard!

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Running4Office said...

I have two great friends of mine who would make perfect municipal candidates. One in the City and one in the District. But these folks have busy lives and I can't seem to convince them that public service needs them. They do want to change the world mind you.