Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Announcement: NVP.com Under New management

Barry F. who started this blog about six years ago has handed over the reins to me. Barry was finding he just didn't have the time in his busy schedule to give this blog the attention it required.

I am most definitely following a tough act.

I trust we will see Barry's continued involvement with the discussions here at Northvancouverpolitics.com

Thank you Barry for your creative energy, leadership, and uniqueness with the blog since its inception.


Gavin Bamber said...

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Good to see, with a municipal election on the horizon.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking this on, John.

I really enjoy having access to a N. Shore forum of perspectives.

Anonymous said...

Look forward to seeing more traffic to the site John. Good luck!

John Sharpe said...

Thanks for all the well wishing. Please spread the word.

Anonymous said...

Great John,
I know you will do a great job.
Bill Bell

Lyle Craver said...

Yup - definitely I was feeling the gap here - I think there are plenty of issues of specifically North Shore interest that need a good airing particularly with November only 10 months away.

Good fortune to you John - I know you'll do a good job and I hope the loons are kinder to you than they were to Barry!

Wendy Qureshi said...

Ernie would be pleased.

Anonymous said...

I wish you all the best in taking this on John, hopefully it will be a less biased blog now.

It may not just be a municipal election this year but possibly a federal one and even a provincial one.