Sunday, January 09, 2011

BC First

It’s been many years since I threw my lot in with a political party. Regular readers will know that it’s been several elections since I did anything but wring my hands in despair over the paucity of candidates or platforms that I could believe in.

So it may come as a surprise to some that I’m publicly endorsing BC First, a new provincial party that has risen from the ranks of the dissatisfied voters who are forcing a referendum on the Harmonized Sales Tax.

Even at this early stage, before their first general meeting, BC First has been drafting policies that more or less fit what I think is right; suggesting directions that are sensible, balanced, practical, and – dare I say it – progressive.

Read their policies on Environment, Health, Energy, or Taxation, and see if they don't look pretty darned sensible.

It’s early days for the Party, and policies are still being developed, with an inaugural board of directors to be elected at the first Party meeting later this spring.

I've volunteered as Constituency Organizer for the North Vancouver-Seymour riding, and have the wonderful task of signing up the first 25 members in the riding. You can contact me directly, or log onto the BC First website and pay your $10 membership on-line.

No matter how you join, I hope you’ll be as excited by this new Party as I am.

*note: I've no idea what happened to the NVPolitics blog last week, so I'm re-posting.


Anonymous said...

BC First - the copycat party!!!

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Anonymous said...

Good luck you are going to need it. Delaney is a bedfellow with the idiot Vander Zalm. As for the HST I will make my decisions based on an economist’s view rather than a politician’s rhetoric.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:31 has written some of the most sensible words ever seen on this little blog.