Monday, February 07, 2011

Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff Campaigning in North Vancouver

Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff was on the North Shore over the weekend revving up the engine for ridings the Federal Liberals believe are very winnable.  He stopped in North Vancouver Saturday night where talked about the four-way nomination race to become the Liberal Candidate in NV, the difference between the Liberals and Conservatives and rolled out, what appeared to be a very campaign-like slogan for the LPC - "We're here to ensure that people have ground beneath their feet".


Barry Rueger said...

"We're here to ensure that people have ground beneath their feet".

Oh yeah! That'll rouse the electorate from their slumber!

Hmmm... I don't even know what the heck it means.

I'll consider Iggy when the day comes that I see him actually stand up for something and not acquiesce to whatever Harper wants.

Thus far he has backed down every single time anything of consequence had to be dealt with. If he had any credibility - or backbone - he would have brought down the Harper empire a long time ago.

John Sharpe said...

"We're here to ensure that people have ground beneath their feet".

I think I know what he means; He's suggesting that we should not take for granted many of the social benefits that Canadians enjoy. Benefits that fall strongly within Liberal values.

Anonymous said...

"Liberal values?"

The Liberals are the biggest bunch of hypocrites to come down the pipe.

Jean Chretien, Canada's Liberal Prime Minister from 1993 to 2003, prorogued government four times during his time in office while Harper has prorogued Parliament three times since he came into power in 2006.

Somehow, when the Libs prorogue it's just how it is but if the Cons prorogue it's the end of the world.

The Libs have stuffed the Senate with their cronies for decades to ensure that opposition legislation is confounded in the event of their defeat.

Turnabout being fair play Harper has finally balanced that house and it now has a Con majority.

Recently the Senate threatened to block legislation and the Libs cried that it was undemocractic!

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

Let's stop this game and elect a Senate and put an end to this piece of political nonsense.

Liberal values?

In 2000, then PM Jean Chretien admitted that he lobbied the Business Development Bank of Canada for a $2 million business loan to his friend Yvon Duhaime, to whom he had sold a resort.

Steady hand on the tiller, Steven.

Anonymous said...

I think the fact that the people understood Liberal values all too well is why Harper was elected

Anonymous said...

Iggy is the best thing to happen to the Conservatives, so I wish him a long and happy tenure in Stornoway. Although he's probably a brainiac, the guy does not ooze charisma or sincerity and Canadians have not warmed to him. So yeah, Iggy, enjoy your life as the leader of the Official Opposition for a long, long time. The last thing we need managing the country is another Tax and Spend Liberal government headed by a man who has absolutely no idea how to do the job.

And my sentiments are the same about an NDP government, although I like Jack Layton a bit more -- at least he's a little more down to earth, and you could probably have a decent conversation with him over a beer ...!

Iggy = Ikky!

Colin said...
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Colin said...
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Colin said...

Working for the feds, I would have to leave the building when our Liberal ministers came to town, because I didn’t trust myself not to rip a strip off of them for a complete lack of ethics they continually displayed, doing stuff that all of us minions could easily understand was not ethical. Not to mention the Liberal habitat of announcing a new initiative or program with great fanfare and then quietly removing the majority of funding from it, but never actually killing the program, they would shuffle the money to the next new program and repeat as required. If the poop hit the fan, they would dump money back into the shell, till the problem disappeared and repeat.

The current government is not perfect, but can tell you that the West finally gets represented far more than it ever did under the Liberals. Despite my utter disgust with the party I would invite Iggy over for dinner and listen to him. I would not invite Jack and the NDP ever (With the exception of Nathan Cullen) and this is coming from someone who grew up in a hardcore CCF/NDP family.

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