Saturday, February 26, 2011

Will a New Liberal leader Change Anything For the North Shore?

(Late breaking News, it's Christy Clark, who really, really loves families. That's the kind of bold, innovative leadership that this province needs.)

While we wait for the moment when when one Liberal or another is anointed King of The Hill, perhaps we should also take time to ask what difference this will make to our town.

Municipal government does after all fall within the realm of Provincial control, as do many of the things with a decidedly local impact - building codes, environmental regulations, transit funding and policy, social programs. Circuses.

Each of these has a direct effect on how our cities are managed, and how our growing population will be serviced and supported. In some respects these are the areas of Provincial control that hit closest to home.

So dear readers, aside from the endless refrain of "I don't wanna pay taxes!", what real and lasting changes would like to see our new Leader embrace on the municipal level?


John Sharpe said...

"My top priority will be to put families first. In British Columbia we are blessed with families of all shapes and sizes, families as diverse as our great province. This is the foundation of our communities. This is the building block of our future."

Sounds good but, what does it mean? A new stat holiday between New Years and Easter?

Anonymous said...

Ridiculous comment, John.

As for what the new Premier can do--for all municipalities really-- she might look at the effects of downloading on municipal governments, and how cutbacks have put more pressure on municipal governments to try and fund programs that in the past received significant contributions from senior governments. Clark has also said that she will restore gaming grants which may mean that many charities will no longer need to look to municipal governments for operating funds.

Clark might also look into the cost of policing services. It is becoming an issue for smaller communities and some are looking long and hard before signing contracts with the RCMP as they come up for renewal.

The Highways Ministry can come up with a better design for the North Van end of the Ironworkers Memorial Bridge. That outdated diagram that appeared in the Snooze last month is a joke, and rather than improve traffic flow, would create bottle necks and parking lots on those access points left open.

She can also maintain good communication with the federal government because in the end, that benefits everyone.

John Sharpe said...

Was trying to create a little levity. Obviously you didn't find it so.

All good things I suppose if they come to pass.

Barry Rueger said...

Levity John? According to leaked Liberal cabinet docs Christy also like puppy dogs!

Anonymous said...

Griffin said...

Alex Tsakumis has a pathological dislike of Christy Clark and anything he says about her should be discounted 100%. He's not "right"... in any sense of the word.

Griffin said...

On reading the link provided by our dear anonymous friend trying to smear CC, we find absolutely nothing that constitutes a smoking gun. Brian Kierans states that...elements of the Omnitrax bid will be "a big factor with several cabinet ministers, including Deputy Premier Christy Clark, the Attorney general and Gary Collins." There is nothing in this document that refers to the direct knowledge or involvement with any of the individuals mentioned, just a general comment that anyone in this particular situation would make in terms of their bid being acceptable, especially one wanting to look good to his masters. The Globe & Mail on Thursday, February 24 cleared both Clark and Collins of any nefarious involvement in the BC Rail situation so just get over it, whoever you are.

John Sharpe said...

The Liberals were smart to get Clark elected as premier designate. Falcon is perceived as a Campbell supporter and as such not as likely to be re-elected in a provincial election.

She's personable and talks about "families" and stat holidays which are 'popular' things to the ear which can draw voters. They all sound good but, I wonder about any real substance. I didn't like how she closed schools when she was Min. of Education.

Foremost I don't trust her.

Have at'er all anons and Liberal supporters. Lol.

Anonymous said...

If the student population is decline, why should schools remain open? There comes a point where a low student population needs to be consolidated and schools closed.

John, who do you trust? Remember, these are politicians we're talking about ;)

Barry Rueger said...

Today on CBC Radio Noon, a caller phoned in to talk about Clark. Her two points were:

1) Clark is expounding too many NDP ideas to be trusted.

2) The Old Boys in the BC Liberal caucus won't accept a woman as leader and will force her out.

That would seem just silly, except for the statement from Abbott after withdrawing on Saturday, in which he said "Thanks to all the guys who worked on my campaign. Oh... and to the ladies too."

Great jumpin' jehosephat! Exactly how many decades out of touch is that guy!?

Mocrael said...

Shelley Fralic had some interesting things to say about the odds Christy will face as leader:

The premier-designate is a woman? Let's talk about that elephant in the room

Remember all the praise Fred Astaire got for his dancing abilities? People forgot that Ginger Rogers did all the same moves, but backwards -- and in high heels. Let's hope Christy doesn't have to spend all her time waging political warfare with the boys in the "sandbox"...

Anonymous said...

If there is still the remnants of an old boys network, George Abbott is probably one of its last members. In any event, he is a bit of a strange duck, likely a bit out of touch, and people just didn't warm to him. (Sha na na na, shah na na na, oh-oh-oh, goodbye...?)

Actually I think "guys" is a pretty asexual term these days, referring to anyone in the room when you're asking who wants a beer. So maybe the pundits are right, and he will decide to to back to his orchards when the next election is called.

As for Christy, I say let's give her a chance. She has been through a rough patch since she left government in 2004 and has likely changed her views on a lot of things. She is tough (resilient?) and I don't think she'll be pushed around -- I expect her to listen and where she realizes she may be wrong, will rethink things.

As for the "ol' boys network", does it still exist? Really?

And tell me, John, did you trust Glen "Mr. Fastferry" Clark?

Anonymous said...

Taleeb Noormohammed Wins Liberal Nomination

In the absence of anything on this subject, I thought I would be first. Taleeb Noormohammed won the Liberal nomination race yesterday, 30 votes ahead of Dee Dhaliwall, and in distant third, Roger Bassam followed by Kevin O'Brien. Probably the best candidate to run against Andrew Saxton (from Saxton's perspective, at least...)

Lyle Craver said...

I was all set to vote for Abbott until he went negative in his campaigning which really turned me off because I asked 'with THIS we're going to defeat the NDP'?

Then he moved himself to #3 on my list when he publicly declared his second choice was Kevin Falcon simultaneously indicating (1) he didn't think he himself could win and (2) aligning himself with my #4 who I regard as the "brownest" politician in BC.