Thursday, March 10, 2011

DNV Official Community Plan

Open House Workshops are scheduled for tonight and Tuesday.*

Rather than offering opinions here, I'll just link to the current draft, and encourage everyone to read it first, then discuss it. I'd say it's pretty interesting.

*1st Open House Workshop on the Official Community Plan (Draft Two):
Thursday, March 10 @ 6:30pm to 9:00pm
at the District Hall, 355 West Queens Road.

2nd Open House Workshop on the Official Community Plan (Draft Two):
Tuesday, March 15, 6:30pm to 9:00pm
at District Hall, 355 West Queens Road.


Griffin said...

Obviously a riveting subject, judging by the number of responses to this post! Is it any wonder that nobody shows up?

John Sharpe said...

Riveting? No. Important? Absolutely. The very future of our community, however you perceive it, is at stake.

Anonymous said...

True, but it obviously hasn't resonated with most people. And if they think they can trust politicians and bureaucrats to come up with the blueprint for the future without any vetting on their part, then they will get the community they deserve. When you think about it, it's not much different than the last municipal election when less than 20 of eligible voters turned out to choose those to whom they will entrust their future for the next three years.

I think it's pretty obvious that--in the overall scheme of things--District Residents aren't choked up about too much, including property taxes, even though they should be.

John Sharpe said...

You're right, they should be.

Apparently it is a rare few of us that take the time to ponder things municipal.

Most people I speak to about civic politics give me a blank stare like it was something esoteric.

It took me awhile to be able to sit comfortably through a full council meeting but, now that I am more familiar with the issues, I usually find it quite interesting when I take the time to listen to the process. It is after all, my tax dollars being spent in my backyard. This does take some effort and many people are too busy or not as 'geeky' to make the time and take an interest.

For what it's worth, my interest in the political process was sparked in 1984 when Mulroney, Clark, Crosbie, Pocklington, Wilson,etc. were running for the Conservative leadership.

It just seems natural to be interested in who is involved in running our country and how it is being run.