Sunday, June 05, 2011

DNV council unanimous in support of OCP

I sat in on last Monday's regular council meeting to hear what DNV council had to say about item 8.2 OCP Bylaw 7900, 2011 - Consideration of third reading.

It came as little surprise that council was unanimous on approving the OCP except for some slight considerations. They all praised the efforts of staff, OCP round table members, and the public for their participation in the process of the last two years.

Counc Doug MacKay-Dunn singled himself out somewhat by calling for a "blue-ribbon committee" on the 'A word' ( Amalgamation) and I sensed other council members sat uneasily through that part of his speech. Do I also sense a MacKay-Dunn November election platform?

Counc. Nixon called for a committee to monitor the goals of the OCP.

Most councillors touched on the 5000 members of the the public who attended the OCP process and concurred on this figure save for a lack of young families involved even though some speakers at the public hearing the previous week expressed concern it was really more like 1500-2000 public participants.

I felt better about agenda item 3.2 Day of the Honey Bee - May 29th, 2011

Council could adopt the OCP document as soon as June 27th with Metro Vancouver Approval.

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