Tuesday, August 09, 2011

MLA Ralph Sultan's AGM

Mr. Sultan just held his AGM and was said to be 'in full control' of it. There have been some rumours that West Vancouver's Mayor Pamela Goldsmith-Jones might be interested in his position as MLA for Capilano - West Vancouver.


Anonymous said...

Joan McIntyre is not running again - why doesn't Goldsmith-Jones try for that seat? Oh, I forgot, that's being held for another Pamela -- Martin.

Don McBain said...

Odd that you call it Ralph Sultan's AGM, sure he more or less "owns" the seat, but it is his constituency association that holds the AGM. Being a bit picky here, but why not! :)

G H said...

According to Ralph Sultan's biography at http://mech.ubc.ca/industry-and-alumni/our-alumni/files/2010/07/Ralph-Sultan-Mech-56.pdf, he was born in 1933. By 2013 at Election Time as per Christy Clark, he will be 80 years old.
Wow. Imagine the stamina, drive and motivation of a 80 yr. old MLA. Must be something to see.
I wonder if anybody has any courage to challenging the "Establishment".