Tuesday, September 27, 2011

All Candidate Meetings, are they just a formality?

From the CNV website; 'All Candidates Meetings provide an opportunity during which all candidates explain their policies and answer questions from the audience.'

Isn't it really each candidates own networking that really does or does not get the votes?

Nomination documents are available at the City and District of North Vancouver. Nomination period is Oct. 4, 2011 to Oct. 14, 2011 during regular office hours (8:00 am – 4:30 pm). Statutory holidays excluded.

A list of candidates will be coming at the end of the nomination deadline on Oct. 14th, 2011.

Deadline for Advanced Elector Registration is September 27.

The CNV does not have any ACMs scheduled at this time.

All candidates meetings scheduled so far on the DNV site:

Hosted by The Association of Woodcroft Councils
Mayor & Councillors only
Thursday, November 17th
7 pm in the Capilano Room, Capilano Building,
2024 Fullerton Avenue, N.V.

Contact: Val Moller - 604.926.8063

Hosted by Edgemont and Upper Capilano Community Association
Mayor & Councillors only
Wednesday, November 16th
7 pm at Highlands United Church,
3255 Edgemont Boulevard, North Vancouver

Contact: James Walsh - 604.988.6318


Anonymous said...

I think that the meetings may be a way for the 'engaged' public to challenge the candidates... as far as having an impact on the outcome? Seems unlikely. Not many voters will turn up and most of the public won't take the time to vote, so not much chance of them showing up to these meetings.
It is too bad because they could help people decide.

Anonymous said...

I would encourage questions be posted on this blog and either asked in the ACM or emailed to councillors and post their responses here.

Anonymous said...

I have been to many all candidates meetings, and I can comfortably say that most people who attend have already chosen their candidate(s) and may want to have that confirmed by seeing them in action, but I also believe that many people have not yet decided who they will vote for and attend the ACMs to see how a particular candidate presents him- or herself and what ideas they may bring to the job for which they are applying. Without an All Candidates Meeting, that would be rather difficult.

Anonymous said...

I'm planning to challenge the incumbents on their past record, and listen carefully to what the new candidates have to say. I haven't yet made up my mind if it is worth my trouble to vote.

John Sharpe said...

I also have attended many ACMs and usually have done so to refresh my mind on how each candidate stands on various issues. Since I follow the local politics I usually have my mind made up re: incumbents who run again but, want to hear new candidates views on policies, perspectives on issues.

To say the very least, it has been interesting in the past to have run as a candidate and be on the opposite side of that coin.

Anonymous said...

"Hosted by Edgemont and Upper Capilano Community Association
Mayor & Councillors only"

Does this mean the public is not allowed? And why is mayor singular? We know this to be incorrect. There is a contender.

What is this?

Anonymous said...

Assume it means not school board candidates

Anonymous said...

Doh! - Wednesday, September 28, 2011 5:54:00 PM.

The election is for Mayor and Councillors - it is a description of what the ACM is for and has nothing to do with how many candidates there are or who can attend. And in one municipality, there is only one mayor, so the term is singular.

Anonymous said...

I see from the District website that there is one more ACM scheduled in Seymour - on November 14th at the United Church on Mount Seymour Parkway.