Thursday, September 22, 2011

Resident to challenge Walton for mayor’s chair

November 19 is almost here and at least one District of North Vancouver resident is determined not to let Mayor Richard Walton weather another election season alone.

Margie Goodman, 67, of Deep Cove announced her candidacy for the mayor’s chair to The Outlook on Monday.


Anonymous said...

Bravo to Margie!

What we are sadly lacking in the DNV is public debate.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Margie! Anybody, but Walton!

Anonymous said...

Anybody, but wasteful Walton.

Griffin said...

The problem we have when a mayor is elected by acclamation is that residents lose the opportunity to debate many issues that only the Mayor can answer. So for that reason I welcome the opportunity for a challenge to Walton. He is a good mayor, not great, not perfect, but the people should have an opportunity to question him on certain topics. I applaud Ms. Goodman for her chutzpah. To her, I say, "Just remember what your primary goal is and don't get caught up in waterfront issues that will weaken your credibility and make it seem self-serving!"

Anonymous said...

What happened in that article in the Outlook? Eddie Petrossian is running for DNV Council, as is Holly Back I think.

Anonymous said...

Holly Back may be dithering - they just bought a place in Palm Springs and Council duties may intrude on her vacation time.

Anonymous said...

Nope don't need anymore seat warming politicians collecting their pay from our nickel. Enjoy Palm Springs, Holly! Don't waste our time.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure her husband made major $$ working for the DNV. Bravo for leaving.

It's very interesting what's coming out about the salaries and benefits and pensions of our government employees.

Most elected officials are in bed with these people, and most are hypocrites.

To say nothing about the developers who donate to the campaigns of municipal candidates, most especially incumbents.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget to add the unions to your list of contributers.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Eddie Petrossian is running for DNV Council, after all. Announcement in the North Shore Outlook the other day. We need at least six new candidates and one or two running against the Mayor. Then we can vote out the whole lot, and start anew! Now that is a thought! It can't hurt anymore than it already has.

Anonymous said...

How disappointing. I just returned from the District of North Vancouver's office where I was overjoyed to see someone's name who might actually challenge 'Mr Translink' Walton. Unfortunately, the link to the OUTLOOK article you have provided quotes Margie:

'Calling her campaign “the best hundreds bucks I ever spent,” Goodman, a former school board trustee, boasted that she would put no more time nor money into her run at Walton than it takes to get her name on the ballot."

Now that's commitment. The article also quotes her:
'she has no real qualms with the job Walton’s been doing per se, she’d just rather he answered some questions before he’s hired back as the district’s top politician.'


Answer some questions indeed. How about 'Mayor Walton, as you got your last job by acclamation and therefore had NO DEMOCRATIC MANDATE WHATSOEVER, what right did you have to vote with GREGOR and DIANE to increase the already egregious gas taxes!

Not that it matters, clearly Margie is not in any way interested in being mayor. Will someone truly wanting the job please step up?