Monday, October 31, 2011

2011 CNV Election more interesting

Councillor Trentadue is not seeking re-election so who is most likely to take her seat? Don Bell? It seems he has a huge advantage. That said, there are 19 other candidates which makes it interesting but, Don will be the one to top. Darell Mussatto has some interesting competition especially with George Pringle who has past affiliation with former North Vancouver MP Ted White.
In the District Mayor Walton has a single challenger in Margie Goodman but, she is telling people she doesn't want to win and not to vote or support her. She says she is running to encourage a larger voter turnout and so Mayor Walton won't be acclaimed. Fair enough but, when a candidate files nomination papers they sign and agree to 'fully intend to accept the office' if elected. It is not as clear which new councillor candidate or candidates might bump out one or more of District incumbents seeking re-election but, you can bet that Little, Hicks, and Muri aren't going anywhere.


North Van Political Pundit said...

City of North Van:

Top-Tier Safe Sure-bets to be re-elected: Pam Bookham, Rod Clark, Guy Heywood.

No guarantee of re-election; could be in trouble, but can be considered the second-tier likelihood of being re-elected: Craig Keating and Bob Fearnley

Most likely newcomer to be elected (sentimental favourite): Don Bell

Possible break-through newcomers (these candidates can be considered real players in the game): Amanda Nicol, Catherine Pope, Joe Heilman, Glen Miller, and Elizabeth Fodor
Better luck next time (uninspiring candidates slated for 2011 also-ran status): Linda Buchanan, Cherly Leia, Michael Charrois, Bill Duncan, Yashir Khalighi

No chance/You’re done! (permanent bench warmers): Juliana Buitentais, John Hutchison, Carson Polly, Behgam Rabbani, Rod Sostad

School Board:
All-women race between Susan Skinner, Mary Tasi, Lisa Bayne, and Christie Sacre for the top three spots. The others have no chance.


For the District of North Van:

Richard Walton will take about 65% of the vote for Mayor.

Robin Hicks, Lisa Muri, and Doug MacKay-Dunn will be easily re-elected.

Roger Bassam and Mike Little will have to work a little harder than the other incumbents, due to their very public fishing for higher offices.

John Gilmour will likely be the newcomer on Council.

Alan Nixon is in trouble. Kevin Macauley will likely be the first runner-up.

For School Board, it will be neatly two women and two men. Franci Stratton and Cyndi Gerlach all but guaranteed of election. Barry Forward looking good with Mike McGraw and Norm Binion fighting for the fouth spot.

Anonymous said...

Doubt the union sponsered and supported candidates will have as strong a showing as last election as the voters have had enough of "union" councillors approving contracts of their sponsors.

A bit surprised at Rod Clark taking almost $2000 from CUPE last election. Clark, former Reform party candidate, and the union is about as strange as bedfellows get.

No surprise that Keating took over $5000 in union donations. NDP candidate aspirations and CUPE recipient Mussatto's mouthpiece.

In the District former union president Macauley is a union's choice which is more of a hindrance than a help and may drag him lower in the polls.

Anonymous said...

north van political pundit (aka george pringle) does not even mention who will win as mayor in the city of north vancouver.

Anonymous said...

At the ACM at Delbrook tonight George Pringle was the only CNV candidate to speak out about the fact that the CNV is spending all its time and resources on an OCP while neglecting other issues.

Muri did her usual "I'm still nervous after 15 years" and then jumped up and ranted about how there simply isn't the money so pick and choose. Boring.

There is no appetite for amalgamation from CNV incumbents.

Citizens for a decent leadership said...

Get over yourself Pringle. You are a very unpleasant person and I doubt anyone gives a darn what you said

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:12

I wrote the previous and I am not Pringle. Why weren't you at the meeting? Decent leadership? You comment about a meeting that you were't even at.

citizens for decent leadershi said...

How do you know if I was at the meeting or not?
If you are not Pringle why don't you identify yourself? Maybe you are Ted White, or Andrew Saxton or Stephen Harper, all of whom I am sure are on the Pringle bandwagon.
Oh I know, you must be Pringle's mother

Anonymous said...

Really children!

Anonymous said...

I missed last night's ACM at Delbrook - did Harry Jerome get any play?

Colin said...

Considering the Tories just gave the North shore a large chunk of a 8 billion dollar contract which will require a large number of good paying union jobs, you would think the local unions would be very happy with the right at the moment.

Anonymous said...

I was at the Sports council meeting last night, but I must confess last weeks group was better.

Mike Little was the most entertaining this week, as he nailed the city on Harry Jerome and spoke very well about many issues. He's my top District incumbent from last evening.

Holly Back was the best of the District challengers. She spoke well, stayed on target and kept her cool in the Q and A section.

Guy Heywood was the best incumbent for the City. He spoke well, was a little flat and quiet, but his sports and rec experience was obvious.

Don Bell was good as well, he showed his experience and got a few laughs. He's the strongest challenger for a city spot.

School Board is looking a little weak, but Lisa Bayne was interesting, she is a parole officer, that's a tough gig. Dorais' return was unremarkable. I wish Holly Back was staying on School Board, because she might not win on council, but she would certainly be a big help to school board.

Honourable mentions to Pam Bookham, Doug Mackay-Dunn, Lisa Muri and Rod Clark

Pam was good, but completely off topic. Save that speech for the regular all-candidates meeting, we wanted you to address sports infrastructure.

Doug Mackay-Dunn and Rod Clark battled on amalgamation. Full marks to Doug for tying it to sports infrastructure, 'Wag-o-the-finger' to Rod Clark for patronizing the room.

Lisa Muri you are still the honest heart of the community. Well done fighting back the aquatics guy who feels that the community should heavily subsidize his uber-expensive sport, some of us have reasonable requests and will bring money to the table.

All of the rest were boring, or uninformed, or both.

Anonymous said...

Lisa Muri has voted in favour of every densification project that has crossed her plate.

Who funds her campaigns?

Anonymous said...

When is Bill Bell going to write his guest blog on his assessment of all the candidates?

Anonymous said...

Lisa Muri yells at environmentalists! It gets in the way of development.

Anonymous said...

Say what you will about Lisa, I have never seen her to be in the pocket of any interest group. She has had the good fortune of strong support without having to spend much money since she first ran. I know that she does not make decisions lightly and densification is something she has thougt about alot over the years.

Vincent Santacroce

Anonymous said...

I was sorry not to be able to attend the second round of the Sports Council ACM as I would have liked to hear the thoughts of the candidates first hand. I am glad that the Rec Centre/infrastructure was raised again and that Mike expressed his feelings about HJ. Kudos to Lisa to standing up to the aquatics groups who have been heard, I can assure you, on the issue of the 50 meter pool.

Anonymous said...

The previous post was also me,

Vincent Santacroce

Anonymous said...

Mr Santacroce,good to see your taking interest in the municipal election again,are you at all concerned that all your work from years gone by re emergeny response may be slightly compromised with the new dispatch program accross the north shore municipalities

Anonymous said...

What is the deal on emergency response?

Anonymous said...

Sorry Brian, this election is not about the fire fighters issues. Despite your efforts.

George Pringle for Mayor said...

There will be a Mayoral debate on the 15th sponsored by the North Shore News with just the 6 candidates from the District and the City present.

NV Political Pundit is not me and I don't agree with all of his or herprediction. Pam, Rod, Guy and Craig will be re-elected and Don Bell probably will take one of the two spots left.

Contenders for the last spot ignores the NDP candidates and like it or not the slate vote is stronger Cheryl, Linda and Juliana join Amanda, Joe, Glen and Elizabeth as possible break throughs.

Anonymous said...

To Anon 12:14

While I haven't looked at it recently, I too check in from time to time on the state of emergency response on the North Shore. It has gone through stages of being better and worse than when we advocated for change some 7 or so years ago. It does require us to be vigilant that when 9-1-1 is called, a first responder (ie firefighter) is sent immediately. I believe that Parkgate still uses a 2-call system (first 9-1-1 and then the local fire department) that had been put in place at that time.

Anonymous said...

City of North Van: There is just far too many candidates to process on a very crowded ballot. Voters will retreat to the most familiar names. Only changes will be Don Bell added to Council and Bayne added to School Board. All incumbents will be re-elected. The rankings will be as follows:

CNV - Mayor

CNV - Council

CNV - School Board