Monday, October 17, 2011

CNV and DNV list of scheduled All Candidates meetings available online

DNV All Candidate Meetings

CNV All Candidates Meetings


John Sharpe said...

Sooo...if the City and the Distict were to 'Amalgamate' as seems to be the majority sentiment by those who comment here then what the dickens would we call ourselves?

The Municipality of North Vancouver?

Anonymous said...

How about North Vancouver? You know, what both the City and District are already called?

Brian Leavold said...

Poor showing at District Council tonight only one new candidate in attendance Kevin Macauley, he must be the only contender while the others are pretenders. Can't say they were watching it on TV as it won't be broadcast until Saturday. I'm pretty sure most voters want to support those who actually show up for council meetings and are up on the current council agendas!

Anonymous said...


Brian Leovold, current union president, pumping Kevin Macauley past union president.

The union makes us strong.

Anonymous said...

I find it interesting that others hide behind the annonymous label...yes I am drumming up support for Kevin, he more often than not has been the only candidate to appear at DNV Council meetings over the past year while others fail to show up even when the campaign is under way, are they all too busy to show up? Are they serious about representing thier community? It does not look like it oh well one more meeting prior to the election better late than never.
In your haste to inform it's Leavold not Leovold! Call me any time and I'll bring you up to speed on public safety issues concerning the tax payers on the entire North Shore you obviously know how to google.

George Pringle for Mayor said...

At least 3 non-incumbent candidates showed up at the CNV Council meeting for a long 5 hour often tense meeting.

To the topic of this article, in the past, the sports council meeting is all the CNV, DNV Council and Trustee candidates meeting their members. "A Special Meeting of the Sport Council is planned to facilitate a dialogue with Candidates and our members".

I do not believe this is a public event.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for correcting my spelling.

I find it interesting that a union president working for DNV would be endorsing his former union president as a councillor candidate while calling the other candidates "pretenders".

What benefit would a union endorsed councillor be for the DNV unions?


Anonymous said...

George please post the candidates at the meeting last night, thanks. Just watching the video at the 2.5 minute mark, unbelievable and the Mayor should be ashamed of his attitude.

George Pringle for Mayor said...

I was sitting near the front so I may have missed someone in crowd so there could have been more but of course the 6 current council members who are running, myself, Don Bell and Amanda Nichol the ones I noticed.

Anonymous said...

okay George we get it that you like Amanda. So like I asked,

Why Amanda? I think the LEC is heavily subsidized by the City and it is a market created by a bylaw. The city should not be in the business of delivering energy. George, would you support a call for a forensic audit of the LEC?

Anonymous said...

Kudos to Kevin! He is already showing his mettle in this race.

George Pringle for Mayor said...

I predicted Rod, Pam, Guy, Craig, Don and Amanda with Joe, Glen and Cheryl as the likely close ones. It's not who I like or how I will vote.

To your why amanda? question, I think coming out of a group fighting the Low Level Road project gives a candidate a better chance in an election. Of course, I thought Ivan was sure to win last time...

The LEC is a difficult issue because most of the financial data is secret.

So their full budget should be included as an appendix to the City Budget and residents able to ask public questions during Finance Committee sessions. As with all of our budget, it needs to made very user friendly so that residents know how every dime is raised and spent.

Of course, I'm saying we need a full program review of the whole operation of the city in order to freeze our taxes for three years - not quite an expensive forensic audit but enough to give us the details we need.

Without a full picture my gut instinct tells me if it can get a good price it should be sold and taxes lowered, even if it is only an one year impact. If a break even kind of a municipal crown corp, the public has to have full information to decide.

Anonymous said...

Cheryl Leia also attended last night's meeting.

And yes it was at times a tense meeting.

Anonymous said...

which times? Apart from the fancy dancing footwork around Sue's appearance? I've watched a couple of hours, the tax exemption for Lions Gate was a bit testy.

Anonymous said...

Brian at 9:32:

Did you know you may watch it live at And then awhile later it is available online.

Anonymous said...

What candidates running are puppets of Mussatto?

Anonymous said...

Like the HST mussatto, fearnley, and keating must go. Time for the tax payers to show council they have had enough of the B.S.

Anonymous said...

I would worry less about who are Mussatto's puppets and focus on who are the union self-interest candidates in both CNV and DNV.

The list is much longer than Mussatto, Keating etc.

sue lakes cook said...

I think it is very clear the only two council members for the City of North Vancouver who REALLY stand up for the public as a whole are Rod Clark and Pam Bookham.
I also think it is time that we not only have council members who will stand up against the demands of CUPE and Developers but also those who are not afraid to stand up to the City Manager.
Rod and Pam have been consistant with their beliefs and have never backed away or been intimidated by this individual.
I have decided these are the only two I will vote for, however, I would support any candidates that they recommend. Except of course George Pringle who would has already proved himself to be very intolerant and verbually abusive on this blog.

suelakes cook

Anonymous said...

The North Shore News ignores election so far but the Outlook has a special link and started coverage a week ago.

Of course, the Outlook is owned by a BC company while eastern media giant Canwest owns the North Shore News

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Public Safety will be an issue of this up coming election. Not many citizens know that the current Fire Chiefs across the North Shore are drastically changing fire and medical protection coverage to our community. Now, at any given time it is very likely you no longer have a Fire Truck and crew in your near by station for hours upon hours at a time. That means, help is a very very long time away if you need help for because a loved one is having a Cardiac Arrest, your house has caught fire.. or any of the many other critical services Fire provides. This has never been the case before. Fire has always been available to help. The local Fire Chiefs are diminishing service..... we NEED to change this!

Anonymous said...

Another union posting. Let me guess. The only way to fix it is to hire a bunch more union members.

Anonymous said...

Mention of J Buitenhuis, running for City Council in The Sun today, Doug Ward's column. Wants to "empower women" and "believes strongly that government needs to fund services for children, women and families who are struggling". Municipal politics??????????

Anonymous said...

All kinds of civic candidates overstep their scope.

Sue, former potential mayoral candidate - talking about health issues. (provincial responsibility)

Julianna - "women's issues and funding" - (federal/provincial responsibility)

fire dept. union - wants to tell us about public safety - (fire management responsibility) union's responsibility is to ensure the welfare(wages, benefits, health and security) of the union members.

Anonymous said...

J Buitenhuis, ex-candidate for the NDP for MLA is still running for MLA.

M Charrois, twice ex-candidate for the NDP federally, is campaigning on:

Michael replies – Giving Canada its own head of state

Michael replies – We must protect and enhance the CBC
The Conservatives’ Hidden Agenda For Public Broadcasting And Cultural Sovereignty

Council has too much on its plate that is in its jurisdiction without more NDPers who like to pretend they are a MLA or MP.

sue lakes cook said...

I am meeting with Ken Tolstam and Isobel Gordon tomorrow to see if I can finally get the total of the City payroll. I also want a separate one for the fire department.

George if you want to trash me keep to the facts. My presentation on Monday was to due with issues on the budget and the money saved if the three fire departments in North Vancouver merged.

Sue Lakes Cook

Anonymous said...

Sue, you are bringing out the
facts with this City and Budget
and Spending

We taxpayers are very interested
in your well done pursuit!!

Go for it, Sue

Too little information for too long

Brian Leavold said...

Hello anonymous 9:32,
Yes I am well aware that you can watch council meetings on the internet both live and after the fact. My point was one would think if you were seriously considering to run for council you would attend some council meetings primarily when there are only two remaining meetings prior to the election.
There are no pretenders here. As for “What benefit would a union endorsed councillor be for the DNV unions?” Your words not mine; Kevin would bring 30 years of working and living within the DNV, intimate knowledge of corporate policy, and the inner workings of the municipality. Kevin has a wealth of knowledge of both public and firefighter safety issues.
Last time I checked former Burnaby mayor Bill Copeland is remembered as one of the most respected politicians ever to run in the Province and yes he was a former firefighter and former union president.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your views.

It's a bit unsurprising that the DNV union supports their ex-president to be a council member that will ultimately be required to consider ratification of their next collective agreement.

I'm less dubious of those a bit more arm's length from the civic unions.

Anonymous said...

Will the union be making wage demands in excess of CPI again for the upcoming contract?

Brian Leavold said...

FYI all three fire departments on the north shore have been without a contract since 2009.

Anonymous said...

...and so it would be opportune to have friendly faces on council with upcoming contractual deliberations?

Ryan Dune said...

Its really interesting to me that so many people here with various comments hid behind the " Anonymous" option. If you want credibility, stand up for what you believe and have the integrity to say your name. If we were all Anonymous we would not have a functioning democracy.

sue lakes cook said...

Hopefully without a contract that will be a perfect opportunity for the three North Shore Municipalities to merge the fire departments. This would save taxpayers a minimum of half a million dollars per year.

Of course an organization that values its wonderful reputation with the community would be more then willing and pleased to know that by making a move like this it would be such a blessing for those in the community who are not making one half the salaries that they are.

After all near naked fire fighter calendars can only go so far in tilating the taxpayers as a whole.

Sue Lakes Cook

Anonymous said...

Sue, where are you getting your numbers that you say we will save? Are these real numbers or are you just pulling them out of your ass?

Anonymous said...

Dear Ryan Dune. Every vote cast in a functioning democracy is anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Brian L. You have reported that all 3 N. Shore fire depts. have been working without a contract since 2009.

As union president you would obviously be accurate.

The firefighter collective agreement found online has a term from Jan 1, 2007 to March 31, 2010?
I don't understand why your contract would have expired in 2009 when the printed version shows expiry in 2010.

Anonymous said...

Can someone post links to the actual contracts for the collective agreements of CNV and DNV?

North Van Political Pundit said...

End of Week 1 Campaign analysis for the City of North Vancouver:

Top-Tier Safe Sure-bets to be re-elected: Pam Bookham, Rod Clark, Guy Heywood.

No guarantee of re-election; could be in trouble, but can be considered the second-tier likelihood of being re-elected: Craig Keating and Bob Fearnley

Most likely newcomer to be elected (sentimental favourite): Don Bell

Possible break-through newcomers (these candidates can be considered real players in the game): Amanda Nicol, Catherine Pope, Joe Heilman, Glen Miller, and Elizabeth Fodor
Better luck next time (uninspiring candidates slated for 2011 also-ran status): Linda Buchanan, Cherly Leia, Michael Charrois, Bill Duncan, Yashir Khalighi

No chance/You’re done! (permanent bench warmers): Juliana Buitentais, John Hutchison, Carson Polly, Behgam Rabbani, Rod Sostad

School Board:
All-women race between Susan Skinner, Mary Tasi, Lisa Bayne, and Christie Sacre for the top three spots. The others have no chance.

Anonymous said...

You forgot the Mayor prediction.. one can hope

George Pringle for Mayor said...

sue lakes cook said...

No I did not get those figures out of my derrier. If you are referring to the firefighters they are in a report which was presented to the Mayor and Council of West Vancouver and I read them out at the council meeting on Monday night.

Just had a decent meeting with Mr. Tollstam and Ms. Gordon. CUPE contracts come up this year and I wonder if any of our candidates will say no to their demands!!!!

Whether we like it or not Darryl is the only choice for Mayor at this time. Best Council members:
Pam Bookham and Rod Clark.

North Van Political Pundit said...

For the District of North Van:

Richard Walton will take about 65% of the vote for Mayor.

Robin Hicks, Lisa Muri, and Doug MacKay-Dunn will be easily re-elected.

Roger Bassam and Mike little will have to work a little harder than the other incumbents, due to their very public fishing for higher offices.

John Gilmour will likely be the newcomer on Council.

Alan Nixon is in trouble. Kevin Macauley will likely be the first runner-up.

For School Board, it will be neatly two women and two men. Franci stratton and Cyndi Gerlach all but guaranteed of election. Barry Forward looking good with Mike McGraw and Norm Binion fighting for the fouth spot.

Anonymous said...

Sue, did you actually get all the info you had asked for?

sue lakes cook said...

Points with my meeting with Mr. Tollstam and Ms. Gordon:
Total City budget 59 million
total salaries $31 million.
It is hard to get a total count because some employees are seasonal,some are shared with the District and there is apparantly a large turn over of staff. They said it is very hard to get employees to stay.

Reason postage is so high (60 thousand) is because every household has to get property taxes, water and sewer bills by mail and they have not set up an e-commerce system yet for this purpose.

Each Fire department on the North Shore has a different exertise. The City is Hazmat, High angle rescue, and confined space rescue. The City is not apparantly involved with their contract because it goes for arbitration. I still think they are far too overpaid in the City.

Apparantly CUPE members have had a fairly long contract because of the Olympics but it is coming up this year. I imagine the demands are going to be adding another million to the bill, and I wonder if any of the candidates has the balls to say no to them.

No satisfactory answers to afforable housing or more rental stock.

They explained that the budget was very complex and that is why they cannot give specific answers regarding the budget. (not sure if I totally buy that one) They also said that when the budget is under review the public is invited to attend but very few people show up.

Still many many questions but they gave me one and a half hours and I think that is plenty.

I still would like to know how often the Managers (including Tollstam have a review and who would do that) but there just was not enough time.

Sue Lakes Cook

Vote November 19th said...


There has been lots of talk about the 3 Fire Departments on here. In my humble opinions:

Yes, combine all 3 and save money from Fire Prevention, Public Education divisions, and all by trimming the huge amount of Chief Officers on the NS. Mostly all firefighter and unions on the NS agree with, and support combining services. We all want to offer better service for the least cost possible to taxpayers ( Im one of those taxpayers too).

And to Sue lakes cook. I am very happy you are taking an interest in what needs to change on the NS. And you make some very valid points. But you can't compare Firefighter wage to the number of fires in any given period. "Firefighters" is an old term we still operate under, and maybe a bit misleading. Fires are only about 10 - 20 % of what we do in your community. The rest is emergency medical, rescue, vehicle accidents, and other public service calls.

Anonymous said...

The fire depts. are an example of one of the civic services that could be amalgamated across the n. shore with a reduction of management staff.

The same could be said for all other civic divisions.

Then reduction of 2 municipal CAO's at $200++ each.

At least a dozen councillors.

The cost of running 2 redundant city halls to be saved and the revenue from lease or sale of the city halls.

Focusing on just the fire depts. is a bit myopic.

Anonymous said...

Rod Clark has a motion on the agenda Monday regarding City Manager appraisal I believe.

Anonymous said...

The city manager at the city of north van is a selfish fossil. I believe is past the retirement age but still hangs out at the trough. He should do everyone a favour and retire. It is time to let the younger generation have an opportunity.

sue lakes cook said...

I asked them how often job reviews took place, but they misundestood me and thought I was talking about the employees and not Management. I will make sure I go to City Hall on Monday night to hear what Rod is going to do.

Back to the fire hall - I do not see why all the fire trucks show up for every single medical hall (some of which are extremely minor) How much does it cost to run that really big fire truck? There is also a cost of over $2,000.00 on these emergencies call.
Tollstam mentioned that he thought one of the problems of merging fire halls is because the districts of North and West Vancouver have more fire halls, and the City is the most efficient so the City would be paying more. I have no idea what he means so perhaps Brian Leavold could explain.
The Dugal Smith report stated over half a millon saved on such things as using just one maintenance centre instead of three and other such things.
Waiting to hear the rath of Rod on Monday

Sue lakes Cook

sue lakes cook said...

George I am sure you dream of ruling the two North Vancouvers as one, (all that power) but a lot of people do not agree with you.

The two North Vancouver's already share staffing and funding of such things as the Arts and the Rec Centre, as well as the RCMP.

The Fire Department is the most obvious service to combine for both practical and financial reasons is the Fire Department.

Sue Lakes Cook

Anonymous said...


The fire truck does not show up to every single medical call. Ambulances respond to medica calls that fire trucks do not attend.

A response plan has been created by medical doctors and emergency reponders that has been vetted against other similar response plans around the first world. This plan detemines which types of medical emergencies that first responder (fire/rescue) respond to.

The medical response does not cost $2000 per call. That is a red herring.

The fire trucks and fire fighters are paid whether they respond to an emergency or sit in the fire station.

sue lakes cook said...

How much does it cost every time the large fire truck is filled with gas, and how much does it cost every time it leaves the station?
In the Dugal SMith & Associates presentation to West Vancouver they state: fire/rescue costs per incident - District of North Vancouver $3,738.00, City of North Vancouver $2,610.00 and the District of West Vancouver $3,210.00
Another interesting figure is this one: Fire/Rescue costs per Fire/Rescue Department member - District of North Vancouver $108,200.00, City of North Vancouver $128,800.00 and the District of West Vancouver $109,200.00
I fail to see why this report would be a red herring, I think the Mayor and Council of West Vancouver would have dismissed it right away.

Sue Lakes Cook

Anonymous said...

Wow. With that logic if you can sufficiently reduce the number of responses that fire departments attend you should be able to drive the "per response" cost to $50K each.

Red herring.

The firefighters are paid whether they leave the building or not.

So we're down to the cost of the fuel to get to and from the incident as the extraordinary cost.

Probably closer to $20 than $2000. I'll bet the recipients of the first responder care are happy to pay it.

sue lakes cook said...

The real question is how many of the first responder calls are really necessary for the fire department to attend? I think you are forgetting the excellent paramedics that take the major responibility at medical calls. Speaking of paramedics does any one know how much they earn?

If Fire Departments are so "public friendly" why won't they give me the total of salaries? I also want to know how many pick up trucks they have and why the personell take them home? Do we pay for the food at the hall, if so is there a budget for that food?

There are still huge numbers of fire halls all across North America where the fire fighters are volunteers, certainly not earning over 75 thousand as a given. I am going to try again to get the total of salaries and expenses because I would like them before the electionl. How much do you want to bet that I will not get the answer? Only one reason why - the public will go balistic when they find out.

sue lakes cook

Anonymous said...

Which CNV councillor dares to bring up the question of shared services at Council? Heard someone talking on CKNW series about waste in municipal govt. from WVan. Seems like a no-brainer to go for it.

Anonymous said...

You're right Sue. Those are the real questions.

1."how many of the first responder calls are really necessary for the fire department to attend?"

All of them. This has been determined through an exhaustive and professionally vetted Resource Allocation Plan created through the resources of the BC Ambulance Service.

2. "...the excellent paramedics that take the major responibility at medical calls." Yes, they do - ONCE THEY ARRIVE.

You seem to be unaware that there are very few staffed ambulances permanently stationed stationed at Lion's Gate Hospital in N. Van and one at 15th and Fulton in W. Van. to serve the entire north shore.

Once these skimpy resources are exhausted ambulances are sent from across the bridges to the n. shore. Those response times are not going to provide timely assistance.

By contrast there are 10 fire stations strategically located from Deep Cove to Horseshoe Bay - all staffed with first aid trained first responders carrying oxygen and heart defibrillators.

If you're bleeding to death or having a heart attack in upper Capilano or Horseshoe Bay an ambulance responding from LGH or Ambleside isn't going to be much help.

The local first responders stabilize the scene and maintain life while awaiting the arrival of the ambulance.

Same goes for the City. If the ambulances are already in use the FD provides quick assistance.

Pretty good deal for $20 worth of fuel.

Sorry. Agree completely with fire dept. amalgamation but you are out to lunch on the medical response issue.


sue lakes cook said...

sue lakes cook is out to lunch on a large amount of issues she is ranting about. Check your facts first, spend some time truly learning the particulars. You sound very misinformed and it damages your credibility

sue lakes cook said...

All of my information is coming from the report presented to Mayor and Council of West Vancouver by Dugal Smith and Associates.

If you have a problem you should take it up with the authors of that report.

My other figures regarding salaries comes from the budget from the City of North Vancouver. I have made my second request to the City Fire Hall for the total amount of salaries and benefits (no names just the figure) How much would you like to bet that I will not get that figure. Why do you think I will not get it? Because the salaries and benefits are so high and the public will probably react in a negative way.

sue lakes cook