Friday, October 14, 2011

Congratulations to all the candidates in the North Vancouver Municipal Election

Wow! 21 candidates for councillor in the City, 4 for Mayor, and 4 for School Trustee. In the District there are 2 for Mayor, 12 for councillor and 5 for School Trustee.

Best of luck to all candidates!


George Pringle for Mayor said...

Now we all have to work hard to make sure our turnout hits at least 30% which would be over the BC average!

PS: Did Mary Trentadue not file or file so late that IT didn't have time to post it with the last minute rush?

Odds on Favourite to Win: said...

Here are the best bets in City of North Vancouver:

Mussatto (but, at least, he won't be acclaimed this time)


School Board:
TASI, Mary

Odds on Favourite to Win said...

Here are the best bets in District of North Vancouver:




School Board:


Anonymous said...

I agree with all your best bets except for NV District School Board. Should be MIKE MCGRAW instead of Norm Binion. Perhaps, this should be a lesson to Mike McGraw to have his website up and running on time instead providing a link that goes nowhere. You snooze, you lose!

sue lakes cook said...

Darryl is still very flexible and he will quickly come into line if he does not have Keating there pulling his strongs.

A strong council with Bookham, Clark, Heywood, Heilman, and we will see a different Darryl.

In any case he has more decency and respect towards the people then the person who is running for Mayor and will soon take over this blog with his never ending "anon" friends.

Sue Lakes Cook

sue lakes cook said...

sorry of course it should say strings!!!

George Pringle for Mayor said...
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George Pringle for Mayor said...

There is no chance that Keating will lose.

So rather then a wish list a prediction list.

NICHOL, Amanda

With Joe Heilman, Cheryl Leia and Juliana Buitenhuis having the best chance to break into the top six.

Anonymous said...

Why Amanda? I think the LEC is heavily subsidized by the City and it is a market created by a bylaw. The city should not be in the business of delivering energy. George, would you support a call for a forensic audit of the LEC?

Anonymous said...

Amanda does not know the issues and there just may be enough of a backlash against Keating (who should step down) that he won't get in. Why is Don Bell on the list?

Anonymous said...

Sue, good luck at Council Monday. Don't forget about the contractors that would not be shown on the budget as employees.

Anonymous said...

Sue, who is your list for Council in ranked order of preference from 1 to 6 and why?

Break the Slate said...

What happened to Mary Trentadue? Does anyone know? Did she get freaked out by all the competition coming forward and run for the nearest exit? Now, all we have to do is get rid of Keating and all will well in the world with the CUPE/NDP puppets off our City Council.

Anonymous said...

In September, Mary sought a CUPE endorsement and money?

Anonymous said...

First time in a long time that we have a competitive School Board race in the City of NV:

I am guessing Mary Tasi, Susan Skinner, and Lisa Bayne are the front-runners.

Don McBain said...

Interesting to see that Don Bell is running for councillor for the city. The last time I talked to him he said he would likley never run for office anywhere. I hope his health is good enough for this.

Don McBain said...

Chris Dorais is running for the school board. What are your thoughts on that?

sue lakes cook said...

I heard that Mary just adopted a little baby which is where she wants to put her energy.

I saw Don Bell getting out of a car on Third Street yesterday, and I thought he looked very fragile.

My choice for Mayor - hold my nose and vote for Darrell
Pam Bookham
Rod Clark
Guy Heywood

and that would be the end of my list, although I do think we need to keep our minds open to listen to the new candidates.

Just watching the news and all the unrest about Corp greed, but looking through the City budget I would say there is some pretty big union greed as well. Wonder if ANY of the council candidates really have the guts to stand up to them? We really need to do everything possible to rid council of Keating as he is the puppet master of the play of fools at this point.

Sue lakes cook

Anonymous said...

Sue, why 'hold your nose' and vote for Darrell? Why give anyone a vote if you feel that way? The fewer votes he gets, even if he wins, it makes a statement of sorts. People think they 'have' to vote for six councillors, just vote for the ones you support.

Anonymous said...

Never say never, Keating
could be out!!

Darryl is for Pro development without
caution,whether Keating would be there or not

Dump Keating! said...

Keating is the worst kind of poltician. He takes big money donations from both Big Unions and Big Developers. He is a puppet to whoever will pay him the big bucks. During our most hardest econmic times, he insisted on spending lavish taxpayer dollars on a completely unnecessary junket to Asia. Keating, hope your trip was worth it because it just cost you your re-election! There are many qualified candidates to choose from this time, so LET's DUMP KEATING ONCE AND FOR ALL!

Anonymous said...

Note Guy Heywood's profile, he is self-financing his campaign and will take nothing from developers or unions!

Anonymous said...

| am a little disappointed in your list of favorites for District Council a month before the election...let see how the new comers fare at the all candidates meetings,then you can handicap your partisan picks,don't rule out Macauley while a long shot he will be in the hunt at the wire!

Anonymous said...

Macauley, long time union president.

We're in a recession and the trade unions are still receiving wages and benefits in excess of annual CPI while many other taxpayers are taking cuts.

Councillors ratify the wage and benefit contract increases for the municipal unions.

Would a committed trade union candidate be the choice for the majority of District taxpayers?

I will not not be voting for union oriented candidates.

Anonymous said...

Macauley is Big Labour, CUPE-sponsored lackey. That doesn't go over well with District of North Van voters.

sue lakes cook said...

TonightI will be going before the City of North Vancouver to try and find out why I cannot get answers regarding the budget.
I want to know why there are 146 people making between 75 and 254 thousand? Also want to know why I cannot get the total salaries for the over 344 people on the city payroll.

Disgusted by the salaries the fire department staff are receiving - 90 grand for someone who has only been with the department for 5 years?

Of course you will never see any great negativity in the North Shore News as they get a juicy $172,734.40 for "advertising" !!!

The trick is to find one single candidate to stand up CUPE or the fire department and say "no more raises this year"

sue lakes cook

sue lakes cook said...

Since I know they will cut meoff before I finish, here are some of the salaries:

Fire department:Fire Chief $171,378.65,
Deputy Fire Chief $146,608.56
Assistant Chief Operations $134,618.56
Training Captain $118,406.72

Furthermore out of 66 personell there are:
2 deputy chiefs
1 assistant chief
7 captains
9 lieutenants
and 3 inspectors.

Why so many "executive" types in such a small fire hall and when asked for the total salaries I was given the answer "the information you have requested is not routinely or readily available" Excuse me - just where do they keep their salary information where it is to hard to get!!

Let's look at the Library:
J. Watkins (head librarian) $122,576.77
W. Chee $90,995.23
G.Woeste $81,215.94

Total salaries and expenses for the City Library is $1,661,648.42

Wait till you hear what City Management makes. Does anyone know when their contracts are re-newed because it would be great to see what their increases are going to cost us.

sue lakes cook

Anonymous said...


1. You said, "Disgusted by the salaries the fire department staff are receiving - 90 grand for someone who has only been with the department for 5 years?"

The Firefighter's Collective Agreement is online, so all this business about not being able to access salaries is nonsense - so is the 90 grand.

The Collective Agreement states that a FF with 5 years experience earns $6371 per month or $76,452 per year.

This is the same salary for every professional firefighter with the same seniority in the urban lower mainland.

You damage your credibility when you distribute erroneous information that is easily verified.

2. Your point that a full slate of senior Fire officers at full salary to run one fire hall (library, engineering, finance dept., human resources dept. etc) is a good one. Amalgamate the city and district.

Anonymous said...

The three fire departments should be sharing services. Need a Council who will work toward that end. Statistics are available for the cost cutting - done by West Van.

Anonymous said...

I saw 90 grand for a N Van FF(per-
haps extra time
To retire with a great pension,
many FF have a trade like plumber
electricians etc.indicates ample time off.
I wonder why there were 700 applicants just applying in the
past few months?

Lets amalgamate.
Taxpayers are fed up.

Anonymous said...

Amalgamate OK - good thought to minimize redundant chief officers.

90 grand straight salary for a firefighter is BS. The monthly contractual pay rate is a matter of fact - not opinion.

As in most union trade jobs, if you work extra time then comes extra pay, but straight salary 90K - no.

Anonymous said...

17 grand for extra time is ridiculous
for a FF

There are people working out there
and receive 17 grand for full time work

Its time the public is fully aware
of what they are paying for,lets
expose all salaries of the North
Vancouver City and District Fire
Departments FF

Anonymous said...

Retiring in a few months from local government. Enjoyed a great salary for showing up and basically doing little more. Soon to enjoy a great pension. Thank you tax payer for being so passive. Thank you employer for preserving jobs that will be eliminated through attrition.

Anonymous said...

All this 90K stuff is something Sue said she heard - not a fact.

Unless there is a T-4 confirming this figure the 17 grand overtime etc. is either BS or an anomaly.

Firefighters make 76.4K annually.

sue lakes cook said...

why don't you get a copy of the City budget. I saw two names there of people whose parents I went to school with. Both are 35 years old. One is the son of Holly Back (former school trustee, now running for council in the District). He is listed at making $93,000.00. Why don't you ask Holly how long he has been with the City Fire Department and what position he holds?

It is time all three fire departments on the North Shore to amalgamate as there are a number of rescues that both the Districts of North and West Vancouver have to do, but the City firefighters do not, which makes me wonder why all fire departments are paid the same.
Amalgamation would also save North Shore taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Wonder if any of our candidates have the guts to take the fire fighters on?

sue lakes cook

sue lakes cook said...

I had better clarify my last statement I believe the M. Mackay listed on the city budget at $93,000.00 is a firefighter and the son of Holly Back.
Nothing wrong with your children working for the fire department - in fact one should be proud, but I still question the salaries being paid.

If I am wrong I give my apologies to Holly. The person who is making $90,000.00 has a very unusual name and I know for sure he is a fire fighter with the city of North Vancouver.

sue lakes cook

Bill and Dot Bell said...

Great stuff! I drop back into my hometown of North Vancouver and run into three running candidates, that gets my interest up enough to read my favorite blog. Nice to see the same complaints being aired about the same people. But what is even nicer to see the credible new faces running in the City.

Anonymous said...

Base salary is 76,400.00 for a firefighter. If they made $90,000.00 it is likely a result of training and/or overtime costs.

It is not the rank and file that the tax payer should be concerned with. It is the pockets of incompetent management that result in reduced services and increased taxes.

Anonymous said...

The fire dept. amalgamation is just one example of potential cost savings to n. shore residents.

I think that some are too focused on that one service.

Same goes for all services. Engineering, finance, planning, IT, clerks, HR, mayors, councils, city CAOs etc.

Amalgamation of, at least, the 2 N. Vans., if not the whole N. Shore, would save operating costs through redundant senior management reduction.

I think that most of the workers, including firefighters, would need to be retained to provide adequate service levels under a streamlined management.

Management is fairly easy to reduce as they can be dismissed without the ridiculous protections given the union workers.

The hardest nut to crack is how to get rid of incompetent union workers. They damage service levels and they can get away with on the job behaviour that would never be tolerated in the private sector.

When called on their actions their employment is retained by the protection of their union leaders and wimpy arbitrators.

Thus the reason unions financially support and endorse their chosen candidates.

Amalgamation yes. Election of union sponsored candidates no. A study on how best to prune the low productivity employees, both union and management, yes.

Anonymous said...

anon 11.09 .. are you running? if not, why not?

Anonymous said...

You can dismiss an incompetent union employee. Problem is the incompetent manager does not know how to go about having the union employee dismissed. Incompetence breeds incompetence

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:48. Nonsense. Obviously you have never been an exempt manager in a union environment.

If management attempts to dismiss an imcompetent employee the union will protect him/her and take management to arbitration.

The wimpy arbitrator will never find for dismissal for incompetence of a union member. Private sector maybe, union never.

The arbitrator will order additional training and retraining, extra chances ad infinitum at the cost of the taxpayer and to the detriment of service levels.

There are many more union members than exempt managers so by simple math and due to the difficulty of releasing poor union workers there are more likely to be more retained incomptent union members than exempt managers.

In BC, the union members are much, much more difficult and expensive to dismiss than exempt management.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:15
Nor would I want to. I set the bar a little higher than an exempt manager in a union environment babysitting a bunch of lemmings

Booky said...

Note to Bill Bell,
What's your predictions and "best bets" on who will win the elections?

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:58. Well good for you.

Then you would have no idea how labour relations works inside the unionized public sector.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:30pm. No not running.

Knowing the sensible path is easy.

Enduring the frustration of working inside the dysfunctional committee called council is more than a person that doesn't need public affirmation can bear.

Extract from Yes, Minister:

Bernard: The politicians are panicking!

Humphrey: The politicians are always panicking...they's a subsitute for..... achievement...

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:10

I have worked in unionized and non-unionized public, private, and not for profit sectors so I do have some exposure to labour relations. Leadership is key on how well labour relations work within an organization.

The leadership exhibited by both the union and management in the public sector that I worked in was simply a joke.

Anonymous said...

I doubt whether you have worked at a high level in the public sector.

A worker maybe. Senior exempt doubtful.

The existing BC labour law is key in labour relations when dealing with incompetent employees.

The law favours union employees over private sector employees in this province. If you have ever been at a level that deals in these matters you would know that.

That is why stacking local councils with union oriented councillors is contrary to the best interests of the majority of taxpayers.

Bill and Dot Bell said...

I have my wish list and then I have my list of who I really think will win, the potential upsets. there are some changes coming! Will try and put something together soon. At least the City can't get me fired from this blog.

Anonymous said...

B ill, can you a guest blog/ column on this website about your assessment of all the candidates?

North Van Political Pundit said...

End of Week 1 Campaign analysis for the City of North Vancouver:

Top-Tier Safe Sure-bets to be re-elected: Pam Bookham, Rod Clark, Guy Heywood.

No guarantee of re-election; could be in trouble, but can be considered the second-tier likelihood of being re-elected: Craig Keating and Bob Fearnley

Most likely newcomer to be elected (sentimental favourite): Don Bell

Possible break-through newcomers (these candidates can be considered real players in the game): Amanda Nicol, Catherine Pope, Joe Heilman, Glen Miller, and Elizabeth Fodor
Better luck next time (uninspiring candidates slated for 2011 also-ran status): Linda Buchanan, Cherly Leia, Michael Charrois, Bill Duncan, Yashir Khalighi

No chance/You’re done! (permanent bench warmers): Juliana Buitentais, John Hutchison, Carson Polly, Behgam Rabbani, Rod Sostad

School Board:
All-women race between Susan Skinner, Mary Tasi, Lisa Bayne, and Christie Sacre for the top three spots. The others have no chance.

North Van Political Pundit said...

For the District of North Van:

Richard Walton will take about 65% of the vote for Mayor.

Robin Hicks, Lisa Muri, and Doug MacKay-Dunn will be easily re-elected.

Roger Bassam and Mike little will have to work a little harder than the other incumbents, due to their very public fishing for higher offices.

John Gilmour will likely be the newcomer on Council.

Alan Nixon is in trouble. Kevin Macauley will likely be the first runner-up.

For School Board, it will be neatly two women and two men. Franci stratton and Cyndi Gerlach all but guaranteed of election. Barry Forward looking good with Mike McGraw and Norm Binion fighting for the fouth spot.

Anonymous said...

#1 issue for DNV mayor & coucillors should be AMALGAMATION with City of North Vancouver. Too much of our taxes go to pay the wages at City Hall. DNV does not have the luxury of large commercial tax base and collects from residents' homes. The savings in amalgamation is logical and would save $$millions that would go back into the amalgamated City of N Van to strenghthen its influence economically and politcially within BC as a leading municipality to rival Vancouver and Surrey's influence. The extra funds going back into the community will truly make us the envy of BC cities and allows for better city balanced budgeting.
Vote for Margie Goodman for mayor and councellors who have expressed similar goals of achieving amalgamation as 1 strong North Vancouver City!!