Monday, October 31, 2011

A DNV Candidate in a neighborhood near you

A map of approximately where all the 2011 DNV candidates live.


Anonymous said...

Obviously the western side requires better representation on council. A Little heavy coveside.

Anonymous said...

These are candidates. Map just the incumbents.

Anonymous said...

While he appears to be a polished presenter,I just want clarity on where John Gilmour lives,I could have sworn last time out John stated he lived in Lynn Valley yet tonight I'm sure he said he lives on West Windsor

Anonymous said...

I was there. He said he lived just up the street from Delbrook recCentre.

Anonymous said...

He said that he grew up in the 200 block of West Windsor and his mom still lives there. He currently lives with his wife in Lynn Valley.

Anonymous said...

What I find troubling about John Gilmour is that on his nomination papers (found here), he has reported that he makes no income in the lower mainland, but the company he works for, a developer called Magusta Development, is based in Vancouver. So... Does he work pro bono? Did he quit his job? or did he file a false financial disclosure statement?

Anonymous said...

I believe he is the VP of development for that company. I've met John a few times and he seems like a straight up guy, but this seems like someone is intentionally hiding the fact that he's a developer.

Anonymous said...

I thought they only had to declare earnings from business/holdings within the municipality they are running.

Anonymous said...

Good job. Is there a way to find out what these candidates stand for?

thank you.

Anonymous said...

Read the news paper.

Anonymous said...

No, they have to declare any income from within the regional district that their Municipality is in.

"Local Government Officials...must list only income sources within the regional district that includes the municipality...for which the offical is elected or nominated..."

The rule is poorly worded, but it clearly requires all candidates to declare all income sources within their regional district.

Anonymous said...

In my research of who I will be supporting this election I came across this video of one of the new comers. Interesting... I think Mr. Macauley has a good chance.

Anonymous said...

In my research I'll not be supporting union candidates.

sue lakes cook said...

This is from the Canadian Taxpayers Federation. Interesting that not ONE candidate from either the District or City of North Vancouver signed this pledge:

Dear Supporter:

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation has secured the signatures of 86 mayor and council candidates on our Contract with Taxpayers.

As you may recall, the Contract calls for limiting property tax increases to the rate of inflation, expanding direct democracy at city halls and supporting transparency initiatives like publishing expenses and submitting to a Municipal Auditor General. (To see the whole Contract, visit

It also asks for the introduction of a Taxpayer Protection Bylaw, which would put these rules into municipal law—and dock 15% of the pay of mayors and councillors who raised taxes beyond inflation.

Please note: this is not an endorsement by the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, merely a list of the 86 candidates who have signed our Contract with Taxpayers, pledging to bring in a Taxpayer Protection Bylaw if elected.

Listed by community, in alphabetical order:

Abbotsford: Mayoralty candidates Meghann Coughlan and Travis J. Daleman; Council candidates Kevin Chapman, Vince Dimanno

Burnaby: Mayoralty candidate Tom Tao (TEAM Burnaby); Council candidates Jeffrey Chiu (TEAM Burnaby), Jim Favaro (TEAM Burnaby), June Jeffries (TEAM Burnaby), Lee Rankin (TEAM Burnaby)

Central Saanich: Mayoralty candidate Christopher Graham, Council candidate James McNulty

Colwood: Mayoralty candidate Brian Tucknott; Council candidates Teresa Harvey, Duane MacNeill, Rick McKay, Ernest Robertson

Coquitlam: Council candidate Andy Shen

Courtenay: Council candidate John Van Egmond

Creston: Council candidate Ingrid Voigt

Duncan: Council candidate Cassandra Barfield

Fort St. John: Mayoralty candidate Don Irwin

Hope: Council candidates Cindy Koszegi, Walter Rawlinson

Kelowna: Mayoralty candidate Cal Condy; Council candidates Tasha Batt, Doug Cass, Elizabeth Fehr, Mark Thompson

Langley City: Council candidate Darrell Krell

Langley Township: Mayoralty candidate Mel Kositsky; Council candidates Bert Chen, Steve Ferguson, Charlie Fox, Rick Manuel, Sonya Paterson, Carey Poitras, Kim Richter, Dan Sheel, Misty van Popta

Maple Ridge: Council candidates Wendy Cook, Graham Mowatt, Graeme Ross, Grover Telford, Randy Wagner

Mission: Council candidates Roman Bojczuk, Bobby Brar, Lee Hanlon, Arnold Muir

Nanaimo: Council candidate Brunie Brunie

New Westminster: Council candidates John Ashdown (VOICE), Gavin Palmer (VOICE)

Port Coquitlam: Mayoralty candidate William Issa

Port Moody: Council candidates Tom Bell, Shane Kennedy

Prince George: Mayoralty candidate Bruce Fader; Council candidate Brad Gagnon

Revelstoke: Council candidate Linda Nixon

Richmond: Council candidates Peter Mitchell, Cliff Lifeng Wei, Michael Wolfe (RITE), Jun L. Wuyan

Saanich: Council candidate Ingrid Ip

Sooke: Council candidates Herb Haldane, Shaunna Salsman

Squamish: Council candidate Douglas Neville

Surrey: Mayoralty candidates Vikram J.S. Bajwa, Ross Buchanan; Council candidate Paul Griffin

Thompson Nicola Regional District: Director candidate Sally Watson

Vancouver: Council candidates George Affleck (NPA), Sean Bickerton (NPA), Ken Charko (NPA), Cord “Ted” Copeland, Rick Orser, Bill Yuen (NPA)

Vernon: Council candidates Scott Anderson, Bob Spiers

View Royal: Council candidate Ron Mattson

West Kelowna: Council candidate Gordon Ficke

West Vancouver District: Council candidate Gregg Henderson

Whistler: Council candidate Steve Anderson

White Rock: Mayoralty candidate Larry Anschell; Council candidates Brad Forster, Bruce McWilliam

Williams Lake: Mayoralty candidate Walt Cobb, Council candidate Steve Forseth

Thanks for all you do.

--Jordan, Troy, Courtenay and the whole CTF team