Tuesday, October 04, 2011

NVP.com enters competiton with Votermedia.org

There was a lone speaker for the public input segment at last night's regular DNV council meeting. Mark Latham is a semi-retired economist working on voter reform with his main focus on improving voter information systems. He's developed a system called Votermedia which lets voters allocate funding to competing media (mainly blogs). He announced they will sponsor Votermedia in 5 cities, including North Vancouver. They've been been testing it at UBC's student union for 5 years now, with promising results -- see the videos at votermedia.org.

Northvancouverpolitics.com has entered the competition. You can vote for us here on the main page. Click on the link vote for NVP.com at Votermedia.org


Anonymous said...

I voted for this site on the Votermedia site.
I do find that there is a lot of emotional and sometimes less than accurate comments on this blog. I feel that it is place to generate debate and is a valuable tool for people to voice their opinions

thanks for maintaining it.

Don McBain said...

I just voted on Votermedia for this blog.