Sunday, November 06, 2011

Candidate Evaluation Guide

Sherril Guthrie designed a candidate evaluation guide for voters in Abbotsford which is also being used in Chilliwack, Mission, Burnaby, Delta and Surrey.

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Maybe we should have something like this for North Vancouver. This might be a way to know how the current council voted on past important issues without having to search the District Site? It should be clear and presented so the voter can make an educated decision. Many people don’t even want to vote because they have no idea who to vote for hence the low voter turnout.


Don McBain said...

Sounds like a good idea John. Have someone in mind to take on the task in time?

Anonymous said...

This is a great idea. Then the voters will see exactly how incumbents voted in the past and exactly how that jives with what comes out of their mouths at election time.

It will also put non incumbents on notice that they will be watched and reported on.

Anonymous said...

Who is on Mussatto's NDP slate?

John Sharpe said...


Good question. No one off hand.

Anyone out there like to volunteer?

Anonymous said...

Youtube link for all the DNV Council and Trustee candidates recorded 2 minute speech

Anonymous said...

Interesting that the voters guide asks no questions on recreation which is major responsibility of civic governments. For info on our North Vancouver candidates opinions on sports fields go to: