Sunday, November 20, 2011

Congratulations to All City and District 2011 Candidates

2011 Unofficial Election results for the District of North Vancouver.


John Sharpe said...

Voter turnout was 21.6% for the City and probably similiar for the District although I could not see it on the election results page.

Would like to have seen a new face or two on District Council but, 'the powers that be' are too strong to allow that to happen. Very happy to see Cyndi Gerlach succeed as District School trustee.

Not really any new faces on City council as Linda Buchanan came from School Board and Don Bell doesn't qualify either. For the City School Board Christie Sacre' and Lisa Bayne are the new faces.

And for someone who said, "Don't vote for me" Mayoral candidate Margie Goodman did pretty well at 2,241 votes.

Congratulations to all those who were successful on being elected.

Kudos to all the candidates who ran for election.

Anonymous said...

The only reason why we didn't take a majority of the seats is that Mary Trentadue pulled out.

Heywood would be off Council and Darrell would be allowed to get on with building a proper city. Bookham and Clark finished at the bottom this time.

When Craig becomes an MLA, Cheryl is guaranteed to win the byelection with at least 6people running on the other. Nichol, Pringle, Fodor, Duncan and Fearnley, Heilman and more.

Next election we take four or five seats.

Anonymous said...

Don't count on it.

Anonymous said...

I noticed that the city hall renovation now has a big diaper covering the new roof. Constantly reminded when projects are on time and on budget but all seem quiet, safe to say it is the exact opposite?

sue lakes cook said...

And in the City of North Vancouver the winners are.............
CUPE, City Firefighers = your heads can just dream of sugar plums from now on, everything you wanted handed to you on a silver tray. Money, benefits you name it they are all yours.

The loosers - the majority of those who live in the City and earn below $45,000.00 and if you are seniors living on your $1500.00 per month maximum under the Federal Pension plan, a single parent, or someone who works in the retail industry earning between $8.00 - $15.00 only one word for you - BYE.

Major winners - the developers. Just watch the towers rise in the City now. No more limitations, no more stupid Community Plan to obey. Keating and White have complete power. The whole staff at City Hall can now go back under their clam shells and slam them shut from any annoying taxpayers that try and demand transperancy.

Pam, Guy and Rod will not be strong enough to stop the flow of growth and greed which will be starting some time next week I will bet.

Sadness for Bob Fearnly. He really came to our aid when we were having so many issues in my area (most of which have been cleaned up by the way)

Curiosty about why Bell did as well as he did. Intersting how his votes are so similar to those of Keating and Buchanan. Who exactly supported Bell, and just who exactly does he plan to represent?

Just watch the wealthy immigration to the City swell and grow by leaps and bounds as they will be the only people who will be able to afford to live here (other then CUPE and Fire fighters). Promises of more development brings in more affordable rentals, etc? How stupid do the politicians are to think we really believe that rubbish.

The fault - all of you in the 79% who did not think you could take the time and interest to vote.

Am I bitter, no I am just heartbroken - this is where I grew up, this is where I raised my children, none of whom can live here. Now no longer can I. Thanks CUPE, Firefighters, City Hall, and Mr. Keating.

Anonymous said...

Let's just hope that Don Bell will be truly independent, and that he follows through on his campaign promises. The results are the result of the union machine, in large part. It'll be interesting to see the financial disclosure, how can independent candidates compete. Don Bell was not funded by unions, but the results are partly due to name recognition.

John Sharpe said...

"The fault - all of you in the 79% who did not think you could take the time and interest to vote"

Have to say I agree with that statement. It's the voters who are at fault, not really the politicians who I think like the low voter turnout even though they say otherwise.

Also a little insider birdie told me in my travels that Bell was actually with the Darrell slate to ensure his election but, didn't want to publically say so.

Anonymous said...

79% of the City residents are happy with the status quo. It really is as simple as that.

Anonymous said...

No they are clueless not
happy, wait until an issue affects
them and they will see what power
is all about

John Sharpe said...

That's right, they are clueless and have almost no idea what's going on. You would only say they're happy with the status quo if you yourself are happy with it.

In my political followings and in talking with people, the most common thing I hear especially at election time is, "I don't know who to vote for" so they don't bother voting."

Anonymous said...

I see this new council approving
tower after tower, the demand at
a slow pace, off shore owners and
no North Van Town shopping like
Metro Town, to boot with a Sky train.

Individuals must put pressure on.
it's been done Low Level Rd. and
a no to Bike lanes on Keith and
now a dilemma with Harry Jerome.

The economy is on a slow down,so
let's overbuild and have the taxpayers taxes soar.

This council will spend like "Drunken Sailors"

Anonymous said...

Really? You think the public is clueless? I don't think so. They've got lives to live and don't see anything that would make them interrupt they're busy schedules. Apathetic? Sure. But not clueless.

sue lakes cook said...

The other reality is that the general public do not trust or believe that policitians are honest, truthful, or care about them, their welfare or concerns. They sadly feel their vote is just a waste of time.

It is very obvious if you look at the numbers it is obvious that Bell was well in truly in bed with Buchanan, Keating and Mussatto. I thought at one point he might have the Liberal backing but that does not make sense as he is too old. There is no way that his name is so well known that he would be the top vote getter in the election without a lot of deals and help.

The Libs would be much better putting their weight behind Guy Heywood as he is young and can give them a future.

It is up to Bookham, Clark and Heywood to build up an opposition. They will have to find people that will come before council and do battle on the issues that they feel are important. They will also have to try and connect with neighborhood organizations and help organize them. They must start building a grass roots support system and they must start now.

CUPE is too lazy to come to meetings now as their future is well taken care of. It is time for the Provincial Government or the Union of BC Municipalites to cap the amount that those on the public payroll can use to bankroll politicians who are gong to be in their back pockets. Talk about a conflict of interest this had to be a classic.

Anonymous said...

I am busy too, aren't we all
Maybe a lot of unawares out there,
major issues will make one aware in a hurry

Just remember the City is only 5 square miles. so at one point
you will be affected by a new
development and will want some
say and a nay to Council

Anonymous said...

Bell will be the leader of the Pam, Guy and Rod slate.

Anonymous said...

Don Bell will surprise many with his transformation from "Teflon Don" to the well seasoned "Iron Don". He won't back down. Don's got more down to earth class, experience and ability to lead than Keating, Mussatto and Buchanan combined. Bell will not be manipulated by Keating but will teach him what it means to be a politician who leads the people respectfully and humbly by listening and looking for common ground. Should be interesting.

sue lakes cook said...

Oh please, Pam, Rod and Guy do not need a leader, and certainly not from Don Bell. Let us not forget that Bell was well and truly defeated and that should tell us all something.

I doubt very much that Bell will have a major impact on council but I think he will have on development. Wonder if he was living on the Old Age Pension only and this is a very needed boost to his personal income?

King Keating is not going to let anyone get in the way of his power base but he definately wants his kingdom to grow and that is where Bell will be his buddy.

Where did the "down to earth class" come from? Really Don if you are going to post about yourself a little modesty is in order.

Yesterday's news is just that, and even with all the new paint and polish it is still not going to glisten and gleen like "just off the press" I know because I too, am a senior person.

Anonymous said...

Wow Sue, why always so hostile? Can't you make your points in a civil manner? You come off as nothing more than a childish bully.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I think Sue lakes Cook is quite Clever!!

I don't see her as a Childish Bully
but a Senior that knows Fully (Politics)

Anonymous said...

She may know politics (of a sort), but is hardly graceful. Whatever happened to civility, even to your opponents?

Anonymous said...

You expect her to be a polite hard core racist?

Anonymous said...

"Really? You think the public is clueless? I don't think so. They've got lives to live and don't see anything that would make them interrupt they're busy schedules. Apathetic? Sure. But not clueless."

Seriously, I talked to many people a week before the election and the most quoted item? "There is an election? When is the vote?"

To me that is clueless, people are so disengaged from the political levels that operate around them the people would do with a city manager and to heck with a political council. To me that is more than clueless it is pure, ugly, ignorance.

The day people pull their head out of the sand the day we see 32,000 registered voters show up and really tell us what they think.

I would rather have 32,000 vote me out of office than 5,200 out of 32,000 These numbers in this election are about 1500 more people than who voted in the last election. Just total the mayoral vote only 8000 voted total.

I want mandatory voting!

If any of these people went out and bought a TV for 2500$ sight unseen, and no warranty, do you think they would complain about what they truely received when it was delivered? Damn right they would! So how is it 24,000 voters who pay on average $2500 in taxes do exactly that - accept the ppolitical product unseen, and unwarranted? I just don't understand this complacency.

Anonymous said...

11:12 must travel in uninformed circles. Everyone I spoke with was aware of the election and were keen to get out and vote. I just think that many people don't see any issues that they can get worked up about and don't bother. They have other things going on with their weekends, especially if they have active kids. Not saying it's right (I think it's everyone's responsibility to get out and vote), but I think that it's the reality. If people don't feel they're being negatively impacted, they aren't likely to participate.

Anonymous said...

Disagree - people do feel negatively impacted but helpless to change anything. Time to change the format of council meetings to engage people more. Watch a West Van meeting - and see the difference.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree. Both DNV and DWV Councils show more respect for members of the public who take the time to speak to them at council meeting. The attitude at CNV ranges from patronizing to pandering.

Anonymous said...

The public has spoken, the (active) members of North Vancouver continue to show themselves as a vocal minority of the voting electorate.

Anonymous said...

I think when it comes to mandatory voting the old adage 'you catch more flies with honey than you do vinegar' applies. Perhaps a tax 'incentive' for voting instead of a tax 'penalty' would improve things. I know it seems a bit mercenary to have to bribe the electorate to vote but I believe that if you penalize people by not voting they'll figure out a way to undermine the whole election process out of resentment. At least with an incentive they might take the time to understand the issues. Just my two cents...

Anonymous said...

“Speaking the truth is not bad politics,” Mr. Gregg argued. “We may all have the right to our opinions but we do not have the right to our own facts.”

This is an interesting article from today's G&M.

During the campaign, several questions of truth arose:

Is the City growing at 1% as the Mayor contends or is it 3.6% as reported in BC Stats?

Did the proponents of a new Harry Jerome Community Centre propose 800,000 square feet of high rise development on the existing site as alleged by Keating in a CBC interview and circulated by the Court House Residents Association?

Did Cland LB really not know the meaning of "slate"?

Here's the address for the whole article:

sue lakes cook said...

sticks and stones - yada yada yada
Perhaps if the City were willing to have satelite meetings in different areas of the City that would get people more engaged.

There is such a vast array of incomes and needs in such a small space. For example more voters I think in Lower Lonsdale are renters, as well people who may be financially challenged. Certainly many neighborhoods where
people are homeowners and probably in a much higher income bracket. As well there is a growing number of seniors with very mixed incomes.

Let's see more community meetings where people can grab a cup of coffee and just chat with council members in a causal and relaxing manner.

As far as my remarks none of them are classfied as racist, and I am not going to sit back and let Bell blow his ego to that extent without a challenge.
The following statement is absolute garbage:

Monday, November 21, 2011 1:37:00 AM

Anonymous said...

Satelite meetings? It's 5 square miles for heaven's sake.

If one is interested they'll get off their butt and get themselves to a meeting.

If they're not they'll find a million reasons why participating was inconvenient.

Anonymous said...

So what lessons did we learn from this election?

Encumbents are hard to defeat.
Name recognition is important.
Union campaign money doesn't matter in the City but doesn't fly in the District.
The majority are either so happy or so complacent that they don't vote
Quoting "insiders" regarding who will be elected has little value

Anonymous said...

I think you meant to say union money/endorsement does count in the City.

Anonymous said...

Independent candidates, by definition, do not have leaders.

Anonymous said...

Unless it is a slate trying to con the voters by calling itself "independent".

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:42. No I meant that candidates taking union money for their campaign expenses doesn't seem to matter to City voters as Mussatto, Keating etc. did quite well when looking at their vote count.

On the other hand, Macauley, who was the only candidate to accept union money in the District came well down the pack.

It appears that a financial relationship between a candidate/councillor and the civic unions doesn't resonate with the majority of District voters but is of little consequence to those in the City.

Anonymous said...

Fearnley thought he could turn those independent candidates into a caucus. See how well that turned out. As the record shows, it was like herding cats with either Clark, or Heywood, or Fearnley himself voting with Mussatto et al.
There was simply too much personal animosity.

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