Sunday, November 13, 2011

Councillor Nixon suggests a forum

I would suggest a Forum to gauge support or lack thereof around the DNV OCP “support” of alternate forms of housing such as Small Lot Infill, “lane-way” or backyard cottage homes, or duplex development within Single Family neighbourhoods.


Anonymous said...

The OCP should be on the November 19th ballot. Yes or No. You and your tight-knit council blew it.

Contrary to your knowledge we live in a democracy and you are in denial.

Too little too late.

Don McBain said...

I like this idea, is does sound a lot like the City's ideas where there is some progress on this already. However in a majority of the District there are no back alleys or lots that are compatible with this.

The Annoying Thing said...

Enough with cheap electiontime talk, Nixon. You should be ashamed to bring up this ring-a ding ding idea after the fact.

Anonymous said...

Nixon is going down. Most people are going with Gilmour in place of Nixon.

Anonymous said...

Dumping Nixon for Gilmour. Talk about jumping from the fry pan into the fire.

Anonymous said...

Macauley a viable choice and gaining momentum

Anonymous said...

I am really getting tired of Mike Little's cutesy campaigns. How about a LITTLE more substance and a LITTLE less silly, stupid slogans!

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of a forum, then all
the public can give their ideas

How about amagalmating the
Fire Departments, doubt Macauley
would vouch for that proposal and
saving the taxpayer millions

Anonymous said...

Did anyone see the items in both today's Province and the evening TV news?

DNV is featured as one of the BC munis whose operating costs have skyrocketed way out of wack with both the population increase (1%) and the CPI.

It was clarified that approx 82% of these operating costs are salaries and benefits.

Doubt that the CUPE endorsed and financially sponsored DNV candidate, Macaulay, will help put the brakes on this spiral.

Anonymous said...

Not much talk about duplexes and infill housing over in the District. Amalgamation. I don't think so.

Anonymous said...

Both the District and the City need to start getting serious about infill housing. If the building of high density is so scary to people, low density infill is a viable solution. Start to look seriously at duplexes, row houses and pocket neighbourhoods, etc. There are so many options that would provide more affordable housing. Also get serious about legalizing suites in houses and duplexes. This is the rental stock people need. Developers aren't building this type of housing but you can bet homeowners would provide it if the hurdles were simplified.

Anonymous said...

Have the District Candidates been asked how they feel about duplexes, infill, row housing and pocket neighbourhoods or nodes? Now is the time the put the question to them. The District has just adopted an OCP. You should be asking questions about how that vision will be reflected in the policy decisions the new Council will take.

Ryan Howard said...

Anno .....6:46:00AM

"How about amagalmating the
Fire Departments, doubt Macauley
would vouch for that proposal and
saving the taxpayer millions"

Macauley is actually a strong believer in combining all the fire services to save a ton of money. He is retired, and sitting on council would be a full time position, unlike the other part-time candidates. He is the fresh and new prospective I think we are all looking for.

Anonymous said...

Interesting new or rather old "Slate" of dnv incumbents singinging kumbaya in there slick enviornment friendly brochure.Come on.. if the team of seven works so well why are only five of them in the brochure...bring on the new blood please!...Macauley,Gilmour,Back FRESH EYES PLEASE out with the old

Anonymous said...

New doesn't always mean improved. That's a marketing scam.

Sometimes you're better off with the devil you know.

I for one don't want any to elect any candidates with obligations to the civic unions.

Anonymous said...

Before we vote on Saturday can we confirm that Little and Bassam will not be jumping ship to the Provincial ranks and thus costing us an expensive by election before thier terms are up..somebody please ask this question tonight.

Anonymous said...

Seems the District doesn't want
townhouse or high rise developments
in Central locations, like west of
Queens and Delbrook. close to schools
Edgemont village, Fields. schools
and Highway for commuting and
Griffin Pool.

Anonymous said...

lol - the comment about voting Gilmour in and Nixon out being like jumping from the pan into the fire - that's right on.
I am hoping to get rid of Nixon, but with Kevin Macauley.
(this is my first post on this blog site - so count me in on the Macauley supporters list)