Tuesday, November 08, 2011

DNV Candidate Platforms on Youtube


Anonymous said...

Wow some of those are painful. Shaw should offer some instructions on how not to look awful!

Anonymous said...

Can Nixon really not get his teeth fixed??? Wow!!

sue lakes cook said...

So we cannot afford to update Harry Jerome Centre but we can afford to build two cultural centres one for the Fillipono community and another for the Iranian community. Could Mussatto and company tell me if this is true.

Anonymous said...

Knowing where to post fail. Well done, Sue.

Anonymous said...

Sue lakes cook sure has is out for other cultures hey?? Racist... I think so!!!

Pam Bookham said...

I can understand the desire of the Filipino and Iranian communities to have facilities to organize events and celebrate their heritage. We are all enriched by the visible and distinct diversity of our people and their culture.

The key issue, I think, is whether there is a role for the municipal council to play in the creation of cultural centres? Let's discuss this question openly.

I support an inclusive community. I want our public spaces (HJ, JBCC,NSNH,our library, our schools and hospitals, and City Hall to be welcoming of all our residents. We all contribute to the cost of these facilities.

I support programs that reach out to newcomers and strive to overcome language and cultural barriers.

That being said, do I support tax dollars being spent on cultural centres that serve one ethnic group? No.

Do I think City Council can assist such groups in acheiving their desire for a cultural centre? Yes.

Let's talk about this and other important issues.

Best regards,

Pam Bookham

Anonymous said...

This is supposed to be about DNV, not CNV...

Anonymous said...

If all we vote for is a "pretty face", we are all in trouble.

Anonymous said...

I think cultures should come under one umbrella Multicultural, Pay for
your own if you require a separate
structure, as a Taxpayer, I am
fed up, enough is enough!

I suppose this is racist?


Anonymous said...

There should be no public money for any ethnic, place of origin or racial group to celebrate themselves.

I recall when our kids were in Highland Dancing we certainly didn't receive public funding for our competitions, cultural celebrations and dinner get-togethers.

We were self-funding and that should apply all cultural groups.