Monday, November 21, 2011

Every vote Counts

Maybe if Chris Dorais had just smiled or shook the hands of four more people during his campaign he would now be sitting in a School Trustees seat. Dorais was three votes short of Trustee successful candidate Christie Sacre' according to the 'unofficial election results' on the CNV website. Will there be a recount? Did Chris Dorais irk some voters with his brochures that said, 'Re-elect Chris Dorais' when he was actually not an incumbent since he lost his seat in 2008?

The other curious thing is why didn't the DNV post the voter turnout percentage like the CNV?


Don McBain said...

Good question, as I suppose any politician would ask. Just shake those few more voters hands. I suppose a recount may be asked for. Well Chris may have been pushing it with re-election, but he was of course elected before and was the chair.

No idea on the posting of the voter turnout. Do you have the numbers?

Anonymous said...

When all the results were in on Saturday this is what Mussatto had to say: “But the voters have clearly spoken and there is a clear majority on council."

That would be Mussatto, Buchanan, Keating and ......?

Anonymous said...

Ken Tollstam

Independent Voices said...

I think he acknowledges he does not have the majority, time will tell:

Anonymous said...

Yeah, they can always scare Rod Clark into voting their way.

Anonymous said...

When all the results were in on Saturday this is what Mussatto had to say: “But the voters have clearly spoken and there is a clear majority on council."

Not a clear majority in the race for mayor but "a clear majority on council"(as he pumped his fist in celebration).

Anonymous said...

The Outlook did not read it that way:

If Leia could surpass Heywood, Monday nights would feature a Mussatto-supported majority on council. If not, the dynamics would remain much as they have for the past three years, with Buchanan replacing Mary Trentadue, who chose not to seek re-election.

It took reports from all 10 polls to write the final ending, but Heywood eventually inched out Leia by a mere 166 votes, to the disappointment — albeit understated — of Mussatto.

“It’s mixed feelings,” Mussatto said.

“But the voters have clearly spoken and there is a clear majority on council. It’s a new start and there are no regrets"

so, time at Council will tell the story.

Anonymous said...

The first two paragraphs are the reporter's analysis. Mussatto failed to get Leia elected, but he is very happy with Fearnley gone and Bell in his place. Heywood has happily voted with Mussatto on many issues. The one great divide has been on Harry Jerome. Even if Bell supports Heywood and Bookham's position, Mussatto can count on Clark.

On the Low Road and Harbourside, Bell's Federal Liberal and Provincial Liberal affilliation will show. The proponents for both projects have been major financial backers of Bell's previous campaigns.

Anonymous said...

Bell with Mussatto? No. Don was on the Community Association slate and on their ad.

Anonymous said...

Chris Dorais was most likely counting on name recognition to work for him. He almost succeeded.

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't that read "Every Little Vote Counts"?

John Sharpe said...

Word has it that there will be a judicial recount in the City because of the close vote count between Dorais and Sacre'.

Anonymous said...

Keating and Buchanan sitting in a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G. First comes love, then comes powet, then comes Darrell hoping he'll be king again.

Anonymous said...

There was no community association slate. The community associations are non-partisan.

Break the Slate said...

Losing by a few mere votes is poetic justicefor Chris dorais. Dorais tried to deceive people in the last election by attempting to cover up his DUI and this time he again tried to deceive people by claiming using "re-elect" in his advertising. Dorais may be able to fool a lot of people a lot of the time, but at least 3 voters can not be fooled by Dorais all of the time.
Despite all his Big Union campaign money to finance a fancy campaign, Dorais got exactly what he deserved.

Anonymous said...

What happened to Mary Tasi??? Did she not campaign? What explains her poor showing?

sue lakes cook said...

Actually Keating is the King and Mussatto is just a puppet.
How did Keating get so far away from the principles of the NDP?

I think that there should be some development on the Lonsdale corridor, but the whole of the City better look out because every square inch is now under the knife. There is no question that the Lonsdale corridor could do with a serious face lift, and new development (similar to what was done by John Braithwaite) would be very welcome.

Those who are the most vunerable are those who live in the older walk up rental buildings in the Lower Lonsdale area. They will all be gone within 1 = 5 years if those in power at City Hall get there way. Replaced by new affordable rental = you must be kidding. The new affordable in the city is those earning at least $75,000.00 per year (146 at City Hall this year earning that much, how many more in that league next year, 2013, etc)

I want to know how much of the City is owned by off shore people?

Anonymous said...

Don Bell the opportunist, Have
no idea where he stands, have very
mixed feelings and believe he will
be a big part of development.

It will be interesting if Buchanan
will decide on her own on issues, but
I guess not when under the CUPE
Councillors Kingdom

Anonymous said...

For every rental unit that is lost due to development, municipalities should have a bylaw in place to mandate replacement of those rentals one-to-one. It is not the best, as it will be replaced by "market rentals" but at least it's a start.

The City of Vancouver is much more progressive regarding "affordable housing" than the CNV or the DNV.

Anonymous said...

Let's put high rises on Keith Rd.
and put duplexes with secondary
suites, on all streets in North Van.
There will be hardly a single residential house to be seen.
The Developers are winning here.
Seen some pretty nice houses built
in the City, but more duplexes all the time, causing major parking issues etc..Really don't
see many families purchasing these duplexes. Your property
is worth just as much on a street
that is not duplex zoned. Infills
can go behind and not adjacent.
Watch out for Council(Newly acquired Councillors, Keating and

Anonymous said...

The Independent con job is tired. Newsletters from community association advertised a slate. Later on, there was advertising in the North Shore News.

But we beat you anyway.

Anonymous said...

Wow. That last comment posted by Keating, one of his slate members or slate supporters is indicative of the type of person they are: mean. To speak of winners and losers is so old, and hardly progressive.

Win at all costs, using defamation, slander, lies, manipulation, whatever it takes. Ruin the lives of struggling families, and scorn any and all persons that courageously and selflessly put their name forward to run if they don't agree with you. Scorn community members that come forward with suggestions, ideas or concerns. Ignore public consultation or provide it as window dressing and manipulate the results.

Am I the only one who finds these qualities unacceptable in any person, but especially for those elected by the PUBLIC to bring our voice forward and whom we trust to make decisions on our behalf?

I can only summise that their own inner lives are riddled with unhappiness and insecurity. Unfortunately they do not see their arrogance and abuse, so will not seek help. Research adult bullies and narcissist, these folks fit the profile to a "T". Documented and well cited research shows that bullies and narcissists are common amongst senior management, and elected officials on self centered, selfish ego based power trips.

We won, you lost. How pathetic. Where is the community in all this? The last post clearly displays a complete lack of regard for the people, and in fact, any person, who is not a member of their "team" aka slate.

Last I checked every single community member, candidate or elected official is part of the team here in Canada.

Who's really winning now?

As for the plethora of affordable housing implemented by the CNV council, please list, as I have only noted a token few. Anyone with experience knows that a deceloper's bottom line and greed prevents anything more than a handful of units provided as affordable and that's only if the density awarded is very high.

The antics on council, the election and this discourse on "winning at all costs" truly saddens me. Who's winning and at what cost?

Anonymous said...

You are so very ignorant of what you are doing. Do you care only about money? Do you have children? Grandchildren? Do you want them to live in a car and pollution-infested neighbourhood?
You didn't beat us. You beat your children's livability.

Anonymous said...

The Community Associations started to go downhill when they ditched their non-partisanship 3 elections ago. They only exist to harass and defame the Mayor.

You notice how you only won the bottom three seats?

Do the 2 or 3 people who call claim to represent the citizens of large parts of the City have an election, doubtful if they did their leadership would look a lot like Council and they would be vibrant active organizations.

Anonymous said...

Charities – Doing more with less
Government – Doing less with more

Anonymous said...

The more is running out

sue lakes cook said...

Now the true split of the City of North Vancouve begins. No longer a community in which people feel they are truly a part of, no longer a place which has people of mixed incomes, those who can affort to buy, and those that had a wide range of affordable rental housing.
The City is about to become a place that no one could ever imagine even 2 years ago, certainly a place where people that used to be middle class, and now are forced into being "poor" by politicians and governments rather then anything they have done.
Families trying to survive on just one income because child care is out of financial reach.
Seniors who have spent their whole lives working and paying taxes building this community being forced out.
The amazing thing is that the very people who are embracing Capitalism (this is no longer a free enterprise system) are the ones who will be running for and supporting the NNP?
One very important thing to remember, things can change with the snap of a finger. People power can come to place very quickly and they can turn on a dime for those who are supposed to be representing them.

Anonymous said...


I saw Ken Tollstam drive by in the new $50,000.00 electric car that you the tax payer just bought. Seems prudent no?

Anonymous said...

North Shore News
In the City of North Vancouver, Coun. Bob Fearnley was the only incumbent to lose his seat, finishing eighth and ending a five election, 15-year council tenure.

"I was a little surprised at my first reaction when I saw I hadn't made it," Fearnley said. "I was relieved. I don't know why, but I felt relieved.

"I was getting really fed up with things," he said. "Of course I wanted to continue contributing, that goes without saying. But I really was getting fed up with all the nonsense and the stuff that goes on with politics. And I was getting rather tired of politicians too."

Bob is tired alright, from all the extensive travel to all those conventions at Harrison Hot Springs and Whistler.

That and not being on the Community Association slate for the first time doomed Bob.

Anonymous said...

I belong to a Community Association,
and never once was it brought to
my attention who one another was voting for, I did see an Independent
notice in the North Shore news, which
included some members of the Community Associations.but not all.
It is a Democracy!

Anonymous said...

Spoke to someone today who worked at Braithwaite for the Municipal election. She said most of the people working there were from the planning department of the City of North Vancouver and brought in huge trays of food. She wondered why City staff were working on the election and who paid for their food?

Anonymous said...

It's in the CUPE agreement staff get a hot meal after so many hours of overtime.

Anonymous said...

Electric car? That's interesting. I saw Tollstam driving a brand new huge Lexus SUV on the weekend, not sure if it's a hybrid but would bet the price tag would be well over $50,000.00

Sue, yes the ego fueled power driven slate "led" by the puppet master who claims to be NDP. Perhaps we should define socialist for those folks eager to ram down our throats on this blog that they "beat" community members who support independent candidates.

"Progressive", "positive", "listening" and "caring"... hmmm?

Ramming through every decision on council, paying more respect to developers than the community that elected them who are actively engaged, attending meetings, asking questions and researching candidates - it is this NDP slate that has made council divisive, the electorate divisive and now, as you have asserted, is leading to a divisive community. Community building? Community leaders? Community care, compassion, inclusion, listening? Apparently not the attributes of those nominated for NDP candidacy, and clearly not the attributes of his merry gang of we know what's best because we are the Messiah. They laugh and scorn those that don't agree with them, ignore dissent, do not know the meaning of the words consensus or compassion. Representing the NDP? Power mad and drunk with the thoughts of more power, yet when this veil slips for a moment you will see a sad, frustrated and insecure little man who has my compassion, or I would be guilty of same. The community can rise up from this divide. It comes down to personal choice. Writing on blogs and sending out emails is one way to vent, but gathering, organizing, planning, setting down your vision for this city and presenting it at every public meeting possible can create change. Occupy CNV. Proactively, positively, earnestly. The question we must ask is this: are we furthering the divide or are we reaching out to connect with concern and responsibility. Creation or destruction? Sharing criticism or sharing vision. Effective and "positive" leadership is assessed by how well the dissenting voice is welcomed, embraced and included. The shenanigans of the election, the words spoken afterwards, the disgruntled community members, no matter how few, point to a failing grade: F in providing the "positive", "listening and caring" leadership promised in the glossy tri-fold brochures.

Anonymous said...

The trays hot or cold should go
to the homeless, isn' the
overtime enough

Anonymous said...

Either you are one of the community association people who manipulate or you are one of those who manipulate.

How many dues paying members are these people who claim to representing all of us? Are they even legally registered in this province or even hold legal meetings to elect their little grand poobahs?

Just a bunch of failed candidates and one successful one representing no one.

Anonymous said...

Why are highly paid union workers taking jobs that usually go to poor people who need a little something to almost get by?

Anonymous said...

Wow, this little blog is really attracting the lunatic fringe.

Anonymous said...

You called that right. The slate has been lurking around here for years hurling insults and inciting nastiness with any independent supporting constituents blogging here. Freedom of thought and opinion apparently frowned upon in the dogmatic land of the union supporting NDP.

Anonymous said...

For a long time, the people have been lied to. Of course, you don't like a bright light being shone on you.

Council should investigate the Community Associations. Are they not always coming to Council for money?

sue lakes cook said...

Wednesday, November 23, 2011 8:17:00 PM

Very well spoken. As anyone in retail or customer service will agree the motto is "an unhappy customer will tell many people about bad service, but a happy customer will tell few"

The only way this community will pull together is the following:
1. Natural disaster
2. Something amazing happens which is very positive, like a great community event.
3. All politicians for the City of North Vancouver show a consistant record of trying to represent all citizens equally, regardless of income, home owner, renter, age, race, etc.

Unfortunately there are very few people who feel their voice is being listend to Municipally, Provincially or Federally. How did politicians get so far away from those they are supposed to represent? How did the community get to a point where 79% did not vote? Because their eyes and ears only respond to two things MONEY and POWER. Can you just imagine the ego that Mussatto must have with the rich and powerful sucking up to him (mainly developers of large corporations) just to get into his good side for a great deal? Mussatto is starting to out do Dee Daliwal for a close up in the NSN!

I think the first order of local politicans is to try and find ways of meeting as many people in the community and try to connect.

Only one person really stands out who is 100% committed on a continual basis and that person is Pam Bookham. How lucky we are to have her, and we better get out and support her, because, like everything else, she too will run out of steam if she is the only one going uphill.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I haven't looked at these postings for a couple of days. How sad are these postings about community associations. For the record, there were no newsletters by community assns advocating a slate. The only one I'm aware of, was regarding the HJ group who was promoting a slate advocating rebuild. For the record, I'm not aware of assns ever going to Council for money.

For the record, Council's welcome to "investigate community associations". Why don't you bring it up at Council?

I see Trasolini resigned in Port Moody in order to run in a byelection in the spring. Too bad Keating didn't do the same.

Why don't you get on with finding out what taxpayers want in their City and work on making an effective Council?

Anonymous said...

According to the NS Outlook,only one fifth of the voting population bothered to vote in DNV.

Anonymous said...

The ad in the North Shores News recommending "independent thinkers" for the mayoral and council seats was sponsored and funded by individuals - NOT any community associations.

Anonymous said...

You can keep repeating the lie that there was no falsely named "independent" slate endorsed by the Community Associations but the ad itself shows the evidence and the names of the leaders of the Community Associations on it.

And it failed anyway.

Independent Voices said...

I guess our definition of failure doesn't match yours.

Anonymous said...

Four of seven seats at the council table will be occupied by candidates endorsed by the elector group. They are Don Bell, Pam Bookham, Rod Clark and Guy Heywood. The criteria for endorsement were stated in the ad as follows:acts ethically, accepts personal responsibility, considers community needs, is open-minded and objective, engages public in process, makes difficult decisions, listens to ideas and concerns, and assesses implications.

I'd say the ad was very successful.

Anonymous said...

Don Bell was endorsed by CUPE389 and it made that fact known far more than one little ad at the last minute.

The others you mention finished 4,5 and 6th way behind Darrell's team.

Anonymous said...

Not a good loser, are you? Don took no money from CUPE, that sets him apart from "the team".

Anonymous said...

Why did CUPE endorse Bell? What does a candidate have to do to win CUPE support? Obviously, the candidate has to be open to CUPE's contract demands. Does their support hinge on other factors as well?

Anonymous said...

What is CUPE endorsement worth in votes, cash and donations in kind?

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