Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Get out and Vote in North and West Vancouver!


Anonymous said...

When is Bell Bell going to post his guest column on the election candidates???

Anonymous said...

Mussato's CUPE/NDP slate


Anonymous said...

I am a long time resident of the DNV and member of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation. I am disappointed that only one candidate out of 50 running for election in the CNV and DNV has made the commitment to local taxpayers as brought forth by the CTF. She has signed the "Contract With Taxpayers".

The Contract with Taxpayers includes ten points, including keeping tax increases at or below the provincial rate of inflation, encouraging direct democracy, supporting transparency in expenses and a Municipal Auditor General and resisting downloading from senior levels of government. Candidates signing the Contract have promised to introduce a Taxpayer Protection Bylaw in their community if elected. This bylaw would enshrine the Contract’s principles and enforce a provision for a 15 per cent mayor and council pay cut if property taxes are raised beyond the rate of inflation without explicit public consent.

Kudos to Wendy Qureshi!
She will certainly get my vote on November !9.

Anonymous said...

Those candidates who will stand up against the status quo: back patting and the like, will get my vote for sure.

We need people who can think for themselves, speak out if there is cheating or wrong-headed decisions being made and actually LEAD.

We don't need little political cliques on Council. The scariest words I can ever hear from some incumbents are: "We all get along with each other very well. (Vote for us)" Sorry, that does not cut it with me. You lost my vote the minute you said that. You know who you are!

Anonymous said...

At an all candidates meeting on Tuesday night the "slate" in the City indicated they did not support a municipal auditor general.

Anonymous said...

Amanda Nichol is not in Musatto's
CUPE slate

John Sharpe said...

Anon 2:12 PM,

Quite well said. I too heard the "we all get along quite well" plug from 2 or 3 of the incumbents and I found that rather repugnant and pretentious. What has "getting along" got to do with anything? As if to say, keep things the way they are and don't vote for anyone than rocks the boat. Intelligent opposition is a good thing.

sue lakes cook said...

Amanda Nichol is NOT on Mussatto's slate. I went to a very super Burger and Beer fundraiser for Rod Clark and Amanda Nichol on Wed. night. She is very bright and I think Rod has chosen a good running mate.
Today is Remberance Day and I think we need to not only reflect on those who were willing to lose life and limb for our democracy and freedom, maybe we should look at how much they fought for has been taken away from us.
Freedom of speech - do you really think so, try and say that you do not agree with immigration, or abortion or gay marriage or proudly stand up for being a member of the Christian faith?
Democracy - why is the turn out so low in Municipal elections? Could it be that more and more local people feel that local politicans are NOT standing up for them, but for the special interest groups that support them? In the City that would certainly be the developers and the Cupe and Fire fighters union. What about the senior struggling on the terrible and small pension? Where are the addiction treatment centres for those suffering from addiction?
Where is the affordable housing for those in the large service section that makes up the majority of jobs on the North Shore and who work very hard with very little protection from abuse and low wages in their low income jobs?
Why are so many decisions which will cost taxpayers thousands/millions of dollars held in secret so that taxpayers cannot know what those decisions are?
These are just some of the questions I ask every day.

Today when I go to pay my respects to my deceased war amp father, I will watch the local politicians lay their wreaths and I will probably feel a huge feeling of disgust. I do not believe they are laying them in respect, but rather because that is "the thing to do" especially at election time.

Of course these feelings are mine and mine alone, but still...............


Anonymous said...

Amanda Nichol is on the CUPE slate, she made a promise to vote their way on some specific things like to create a municipal minimum wage of almost $19.00 an hour and that no contractors could be hired who did not use union workers from an "approved" union.
She almost signed a promise not to have a private-public-partnership to build any new buildings. If Seaspan decided to pay 1/3 of the cost of a new Harry Jerome about 35 million dollars she would vote that our tax dollars go up so she obey the union's orders.
She applied to be on Mussato's CUPE slate, got their endorsement and money. My wife works at the hospital and the HEU mailed her a leaflet of approved union candidates - Mussato, Buitenhuis, Keating, Leia and Nichol.

George Pringle for Mayor said...

Hey Friday, November 11, 2011 11:56:00 AM

It's Mussatto, politicians don't care what you say as long as you spell their name right.

And you wrote "She almost signed a promise". What the heck does that mean? It is doubtful what you are saying is true.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Amanda should post to correct any statements that are false.

Anonymous said...

In today's North Shore News, Amanda added more mud to the issue by answering:

"Have you received CUPE sponsorship?"


"Are you soliciting CUPE sponsorship?"


So we are to believe that before nominations even opened, CUPE sought her out to offer her cash and endorsement if she ran?

Nonsense - she went to CUPE and promised to follow the CUPE agenda for three years just like Mussatto and the rest of his gang. The CUPE contract is over in December.

Anonymous said...

All you need to do is go to the local CUPE website to see who they are endorsing. Why speculate when you can find the answers in black and white?

Anonymous said...

CUPE has taken their page down when they realized people were also using their lists as a "Do not vote for" list.
They sending a leaflet to all members of the Labour Council by mail so they can give their instructions in secret.

Anonymous said...

Try this link

Anonymous said...

The cups page looks to still be up to me:

sue lakes cook said...



[Nov 8, 2011 01:46 PM]

North Vancouver City


Darrel Mussato


Don Bell

Linda Buchanan

Juliana Buitenhuis

Craig Keating

Cheryl Leia

Amanda Nichol

School Board

Chris Dorais

Susan Skinner

North Vancouver District


Richard Walton


Holly Back

John Gilmour

Kevin Macauley

Doug McKay-Dunn

School Board

Barry Forward

Cindi Gerlach

Franci Stratton

Amanda said...

My contact information on the CNV website and on my own, is correct. Please feel free to contact me if you have questions or concerns. I do not have an agenda, and am more than willing to discuss any of these issues openly with you.

I am NOT on Mayor Mussatto’s slate.

As a member of CUPE that has been paying union dues for over 12 years, I went in to CUPE 389 and met with members, and went through an interview process. I submitted written questions to the Vancouver Labour District Council and based on that, received an endorsement from them both and a financial contribution to my campaign from CUPE. I was not asked to, nor did I make ANY PROMISES of any sort to either of these organizations. I am not soliciting CUPE endorsement, as I received it via these processes. I will gladly share my written responses and discuss my interview with anyone that would like to contact me personally (my contact information is at and via the city’s website for elections). CUPE sends out information to its members on which candidates have supported their concerns and issues in every election, this is not new.

I am confident that anyone who has met me would confirm how unlikely it is that I am going to “obey orders” unless it happens to be something I would support anyhow. So just to be clear, I am a strong and independent voice with fresh ideas for council and I am NOT on Mayor Mussatto’s slate.

Devils Advocate, said...

OK but, how can you NOT tow the CUPE line once elected after having been financially supported by them? You can bet you won't receive any help of re-election if you don't. Why would they support you NOW if they thought you would go against their values which may or may not be in the best interests of the community. I say this is a public conflict, that's all. Now, if you say you don't care and are independent then why do you need their support? I'm actually in a union and support it's principles but, to potentially impose them on the general public is crossing the line.

You may not have made promises but. you don't have to. You took payment.

Anonymous said...

You took their money, so CUPE is going to have expectations from you. If you are truly independent, then you would not accept financial contributions from any union or business entity. Sorry, but by accepting money and endorsement from a union you're part of a slate, regardless of what you say here.

Anonymous said...

Oh, you're not lying to us but lying to them. Thanks for making it clear you are a liar.

flyingmommy said... should get your head out of your asses if you think that Amanda Nichol is the only one receiving money from an interest group. Cupe? what's to be scared about someone getting money from cupe? go look at the public records of the mayor and others on his slate from the last election. special interest groups that gave them hundreds of dollars to fund their campaign...ones who are interested in high density highrises and tearing down our trees and blocking your views. At least Cupe's donations are public knowledge, no one else has to disclose who donated to them until months after the election is done. I went to Amanda Nichol and Rod Clark's meet and greet last month. Amanda isn't the kind of person that's going to roll over and obey ANYONE. Running in an election costs money, signs, pamphlets, time off work to knock on doors. Without that money, you are a nobody. Especially for an independent NOT on a slate. in a slate, at least you can pool your resources. as an incumbent, you have special interest groups pumping money into your campaign. Ya, so she took cupe think that a small amount of money buys a person? give me a break. We'll be lucky to have someone with integrity like Amanda. It's not like someone who says they are for sustainability while accepting money from developers.

Anonymous said...

All this attention given to Amanda Nichol must have some of the hasbeen's and wannabe's worried that she may edge them out. Good for you Amanda! We need new blood -- and guts on our Councils. You get my support!

Old non-union guy

Anonymous said...

Kudos to Amanda, thank you for
the explicit clarification.

You have my vote