Saturday, November 12, 2011

New Community Learning Program

The primary focus of the new community learning program is to best address the needs of students and to support student achievement. The North Vancouver School Board of Education approved a motion in April 2010 to consolidate the alternate programs to be replaced by a new program – the North Vancouver Community Learning Program. Learning diversity will be offered within the umbrella of the program; designed to support student achievement, foster social/emotional learning and enable alternate pathways to graduation. The program will provide a new image and identity that has an enhanced pedagogical foundation while retaining the best practices from all the existing alternate programs.

The question I would like to ask the community is:

“How would you ensure that the new community learning centre becomes a warm, welcoming and enriching school/community environment for our students who need alternative learning pathways. What programs –ie. Applied sciences, urban agriculture, fine arts, drama/ film, etc, would you see including?”

Best regards,

Mary Tasi
Candidate for re-election for School Trustee – City of North Vancouver


Anonymous said...

Excellent. My late husband was a child psychologist and the director of the Child Adolescent Program at North Shore Health.

Multidisciplinary programs have faded from the foray and they should be here. Children with learning disabilities must be looked after early. Children with autism spectrum disorder need early intervention.

Kudos to all involved in looking after our children.

What is sadly missing here is that for every one dollar spent on children's mental health at least 7 dollars is saved down the pike.

These are our kids.

Wendy Qureshi
DNV Council Candidate

Break the Slate said...

Vote Mary Tasi as a candidate to respresent taxpayers, parents, and students. She is an independent voice, unlike others such as Chris Dorais who is a puppet and hack of the Big Labour Unions. Thank you to Mary for running for re-election. You have earned our support. You deserve to be re-elected, unlike some of your opponents. Spread the positive word about Mary Tasi.

sue lakes cook said...

I thought we already had alternate programs with Keith Lynn and Windsor House Schools. If my memory is correct I thought both of these programs had been threatened with closure.
I see that Lucas Centre is now called North Vancouver Distribution Learning School and it looks like it is focused on those who would like to take extra programs (both adults no longer in school and others)
I would like more details on this program, especially when there is a rumor that Lucas Centre is going to be sold off.
I think it is time for the school board to consider the value of really mentally challenged students mainstreamed with other students in the classroom. Is this a good learning experience, a disruptive experience, and how are teachers dealing with this?

Pam Bookham said...
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