Thursday, November 17, 2011

Vote for a Change – George Pringle

I revealed the 3.6% population increase at Tuesday's Mayor's Debate. The
interesting thing is that BC Stats published this in January. Yet
Darrell's undeclared political party, parrot the line that our growth is
under 1% a year, a total falsehood.

What has not been reported by Ivan Leonard and Rod Clark as they spread
what I found, is when we officially (March's Stats Can census) go over the
50,000 population mark, the Community Charter forces us to add 2 more
members of council. The only way we can stop this is to hold a referendum
six months prior to the next election. An expensive mid-term referendum.

Perhaps Darrell wants a Council of nine so he can run more former NDP
candidates for his union and big developer party. If they ever have a
majority on Council 3.6% will seem like a kick in the shins compared to
the kicks in gut we will get from Darryl's Doc Marten wearing EcoDensity
warriors. Someday the false green clothes will be ripped off of Darrell's
growth addicted wolf, you cannot turn a 4 story apt into a 24 story apt
without dramatically increasing the amount of the city's greenhouse gases
and Darrell has committed our city to a goal in 2050 of, "reducing GHG
emissions by 80%.”

Darryl and Council really dropped the ball in not having a referendum
during this election but of course Darryl would have to reveal that his
addiction to growth has resulted in 2009's 3.6% and a probable 5% in 2010.
Addicts will do anything to hide and protect their addiction.

There is only one candidate opposing Darryl who has committed to
strengthening and even reducing allowable building heights during the
upcoming OCP revision and committing to never voting to amend the new
citizens OCP.

There is only one candidate opposing Darrell who called for Renter Rights
and a Council that does not turn a blind eye to violations of our bylaws
by the same big developers who all want to build their 50 story
"landmarks" in NVan. While Council turns a blind eye to apt buildings
without a simple little wheelchair ramp.

There is only one candidate opposing Darrell who calls for a three year
tax rate freeze, an end to free dinners for Council and staff and sister
city trips to Chiba, the whaling capital of Japan. I would even take a
$20,000 pay cut, cut the $9500 car allowance and donate the money received
from sitting at Metro Van meetings to local North Van charities.

There is only one candidate opposing Darrell who calls for a referendum on
amalgamation. In 1981, almost a majority of the City's residents voted for
amalgamation but the Councilors and potential councilors fear the loss of
two seats as that would diminish their chance at the free conventions to
Whistler that some Councilors take.

It's time to vote for the City, vote for a change, vote George Pringle on
Saturday Nov 19th


Anonymous said...

Nice copy of George's official speech on Tuesday night, did he let you borrow it or did you audio tape it as it is verbatum.

No he is not the only one who brought up amalgamation, no he is not the only one opposed to density issues, no he is not the only one concerned about renter's rights which was brought up both at the meeting Tuesday and by others at previous meetings even George was not at.

Just an FYI...

Anonymous said...

Pringle spend most of his speech whinning about Darrell being quote "a nice guy" = pringle must have said that at least 10 times. Probably upsets him because Pringle is ANYTHING but a "nice" guy.

I agree with Anon the other candidates for Mayor brought up the same issues, and they also presented themselves as "nice" guys.

Go cry somewhere else pringle

Anonymous said...

This speech?

John Sharpe said...

Below is a copy of an e.mail to Bill Bell encouraging him to post here on the blog.

Hello Bill,

How are you? Your favourite blog is just plugging along with the silly season and we're hoping to hear from you. I believe you still have posting privileges so if you can find the time we would love to hear your assessment of the election so far. Or you can e.mail me and I can copy it to a post.

John Sharpe

Anonymous said...

Only Pringle would try and blow his own horn like this. Shamefull and shameless, and very sad.
Mussatto looks very good next to this wing nut.

Anonymous said...

George's chances don't look good as he only gets 3 replys from Sue Cook who hates him, 1 question and an admin post from John.

He will be lucky to finish second.

Anonymous said...

George is actually a smart guy and fairly talented tactician who represents an underrepresented viewpoint in the City.

With that said, he is far too mean spirited and unforgiving to ever get anywhere.

If George could act from his head he could have a lot of potential, but instead he acts from the heart, and that`s not a good thing when there`s no love in your heart.