Monday, December 26, 2011

Jim Hanson to run in Seymour for NDP

 " You could be on your death bed in North Van-Seymour and still be elected as a Liberal". The former statement was spoken by David Shreck, former BC NDP MLA for North Vancouver Lonsdale. No question it's a very tough up hill fight for the NDP but, could Mr. Hanson win over Jane Thornthwaite with the BC Liberals sagging popularity? One wonders if the Conservatives run a candidate and the vote is split with the Liberals if an NDP election victory in the DNV-esque, NV-Seymour riding could be on the horizon? The last time the NDP held the riding was in 1972 when Colin Gableman held the seat during the Dave Barrett era.

Jim Hanson is the BC NDP candidate for NV-Seymour.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Smart Meters: What are the risks?

By Dr. Matsen

In many areas, including here in BC, existing analogue electric meters are being replaced with smart meters. There are significant health, safety, and privacy issues involved with the installation of these wireless devices.

The following article titled "Smart meters, what are the risks?" was taken from the Health Action magazine, Winter 2011/12 edition. It explains why we should be concerned about smart meters and what we can do about this issue. The article was written by Jim Waugh, Author & publisher of: “Living Safely with Electromagnetic Radiation.” Consulting in: electromagnetic inspections, mitigation, shielding and low-EMF design. Cell: (604) 788-0743 Web:

Following Jim’s article is a link to a copy of his form letter to BC Hydro giving notice of refusal to allow installation of smart meters. Jim has kindly allowed us to post this so you can use it to send to BC Hydro. Also is a link to a PDF copy of a poster that you can print off and attach to your existing electric meter. The poster is courtesy of Citizens For Safe Technology Society (

Smart Meters: What are the Risks?
by Jim Waugh

No doubt you are aware of the smart meter program that BC Hydro began moving ahead in July. The $930-million program was announced in 2008 by then Premier Gordon Campbell to allow BC Hydro to replace existing analog electric meters with smart meters for all of its 1.8 million customers.

The smart meter program concerns me deeply because there are significant safety, health and privacy issues that BC Hydro is not disclosing to the public. I feel an urgent need to tell as many people as possible why the smart meter program is a really bad idea and what we can do to opt out of it.

Why be concerned about smart meters?

Smart meters using wireless technology are being installed in many American states and European countries (Idaho and Italy used fibre-optic connections ­rather than wireless). The installations have been met with intense opposition from concerned citizens.

Why are these people angry and protesting smart meters with such vigour? They are concerned that wireless radiation from smart meter networks will…. To read the rest of the article, click here: Winter Health Action Smart Meter Article (in PDF format) or here: Smart Meters What are the Risks (in word format).

EMF BC Hydro Refusal Letter

EMF Smart Meters No Trespassing Sign

[For more articles about electromagnetic radiation and smart meters go to:

Jerry Day speaks on smart meters;

Robert Bateman discusses health and Smart Meters 

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

What's on your mind about North Vancouver politics?

This is an any topic post about 'North Vancouver's political players and the decisions that shape our community.' Let's discuss what's on your mind?

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

The Mayor's Slate

One of the things Mayor Mussatto has shown leadership on is the introduction of Slate Politics to elections in the City of North Vancouver. In the Nov 19th 2011 City election, for the second time in a row, Darrell campaigned with a Slate ... not of just 4 ... but several. This, in hopes of taking firm control of City Hall. Slate Politics was unknown in the City until its introduction by Mayor Mussato 2 elections ago. Many slates appeared during the campaign ... The Mussato Slate, the Keating Slate, & various community based slates. None to equal the Mayor’s Slate, however. In spite of Darrell’s best efforts ... 4 truly independent voices were elected. Perhaps, the time has come for an alternative slate to arise & challenge Mayor Mussato in his quest for control of North Van City Hall. Independent thinkers need to band together & present an alternative to the Mussatoization of our City. It is a regrettable situation of Darrell’s creation & leadership.

What do you think?

Rod Clark

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

‘Tis the Season for Giving...

In anticipation of the usual hordes of Christmas shoppers, Park Royal is providing valet parking service, but I didn’t notice many takers when I was at the mall recently. In fact, it seemed rather quiet compared to other years. Could be that with the dire predictions for more global economic turmoil, folks are refusing to participate in the usual orgy of consumption and debt. With the recently announced jobless figures and projected budget shortfall, it’s harder to make merry this year. I find in a season of anxiety and uncertainty, it helps to count one’s blessings and to give to those in need. There are so many worthy causes, but this year, I’ve decided to support organizations close to home. If you cannot give financially, give of your time and energy.
Here is an opportunity to identify good causes that need our support here on the North Shore. Tell us about their programs and services that make a difference in the lives of others.

Monday, December 05, 2011

Transportation Open House

Last year, the District pulled their support for the Joint Bicycle Advisory Committee. The City has since created the Integrated Transportation Committee, an approach that makes more sense. Still it’s important that the City and the District continue to communicate and cooperate on transportation planning. We recently saw the District reverse it’s plans to create a lane for buses and bicycles only on East Keith because of the number of calls and emails they received from angry drivers. Next week, the City, the District and the MOTI are hosting an Open House to consider changes to the Lynn Valley-Boulevard Crescent Corridor. See the details below.
Wednesday, December 7, 5:30 – 7:30 in the Sutherland Secondary School Foyer
The City of North Vancouver, with the District of North Vancouver and Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, invite you to an Open House to discuss options for improving the Active Transportation links along Boulevard Crescent and Lynn Valley through the Highway 1 interchange.
The project goal is to improve the pedestrian and cyclists’ connection through the Highway 1 interchanges and along a corridor from the intersection of Boulevard Crescent and East 19th Street to the intersection of Lynn Valley Road and William Avenue.
My question is has the money spent to date on all modes of transportation in the City and the District been money well spent? And secondly, what should be the highest transportation priorities for the in-coming North Vancouver councils?

Sunday, December 04, 2011

North Vancouver City calls a halt to smart meter program

The City has called for a halt to the smart meter program so should not the District be doing the same? Word has it that BC Hydro is installing meters in the Lynn Valley area right now.