Monday, December 05, 2011

Transportation Open House

Last year, the District pulled their support for the Joint Bicycle Advisory Committee. The City has since created the Integrated Transportation Committee, an approach that makes more sense. Still it’s important that the City and the District continue to communicate and cooperate on transportation planning. We recently saw the District reverse it’s plans to create a lane for buses and bicycles only on East Keith because of the number of calls and emails they received from angry drivers. Next week, the City, the District and the MOTI are hosting an Open House to consider changes to the Lynn Valley-Boulevard Crescent Corridor. See the details below.
Wednesday, December 7, 5:30 – 7:30 in the Sutherland Secondary School Foyer
The City of North Vancouver, with the District of North Vancouver and Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, invite you to an Open House to discuss options for improving the Active Transportation links along Boulevard Crescent and Lynn Valley through the Highway 1 interchange.
The project goal is to improve the pedestrian and cyclists’ connection through the Highway 1 interchanges and along a corridor from the intersection of Boulevard Crescent and East 19th Street to the intersection of Lynn Valley Road and William Avenue.
My question is has the money spent to date on all modes of transportation in the City and the District been money well spent? And secondly, what should be the highest transportation priorities for the in-coming North Vancouver councils?


Don McBain said...

I use the East Keith road hill on a semi regular basis, about once or twice a week. I can't remember seeing much bike usage on it - is that because it is not safe or because nobody wants to use it with a bike?

Yes the buses do go up there and there are no pull-outs for them so when they stop it MAY be an inconvience for some - not me as I am very seldom in a hurry.

My thoughts.

Anonymous said...

The new section of the Low Level Road is excellent with the wide sidewalk on one side and the separate bike path on the other.

Anonymous said...

Too bad the sidewalk and bike lane are rarely used. All they have achieved is buggering up the flow of traffic.

Anonymous said...

How can you say that? The Low-Road improvements from have just been completed. I expect the sidewalk and bike path will be well-used. With the road no longer used by cyclist, the flow of traffic should improve.

Anonymous said...

The Spirit Trail will provide a safer alternative to Marine Drive.