Sunday, January 22, 2012

November 2011 Political Sweep Strategy in Mission Municipal Election in a Nutshell

The following description was written by Jeff Jewell, District of Mission Councillor.

To whom it may concern, 
Our organization began as a group of citizens with common concerns.

But no party organization, bylaws or fees etc.

Our main organizer was an ex-Councillor, and he formed the team of candidates and became our campaign manager.

He also fulfilled the registration procedures for our recognition as an affiliated group on the ballot.

The team ran a single campaign, with each candidate putting up $1500 for signs and advertising.

Our main advertising was a monthly publication 8-12 pages delivered as a flyer to every household by Canada Post.

As our sweep showed, this is a powerful strategy against the great advantages of incumbents,
presuming you can expose some areas of vulnerability that resonate with voters.


PS: Our publication was titled The Mission Messenger.  The website shows the first several issues [but wasn't
updated during the actual campaign]:


Anonymous said...

Grassroots organization needed in the City.

Anonymous said...

Same for the District.

Anonymous said...

So let me get this straight... They pretend to be an objective critic, but all the while they are planning to become politicians? Sneaky!! Good Sneaky?

Yes, James was ripe for the pickin', and his coms skills sucked, but slates aren't the way for North Van.

Anonymous said...

The DNV Council Clip from Monday's meeting is not yet on the dnv website.

You would think since this website has won so many awards, they could have handled it by now.

Council and staff know very well that certain members of the public are paying attention. Yet they still fail to inform us about our most important communication tool.

Anonymous said...

Problems with transparency in government:

Good morning Wendy:

Thank you for your call today regarding the December 15, 2011 Special Meeting of Council video clip.
You are correct that there is no sound with the video; the Councillors failed to use their microphones so no audio from them was recorded unfortunately.

The minutes for the meeting will be made available to the public in the New Year and available for perusal at that time.

All the best over the holidays.


Jessica Kleinsteuber
Clerk Typist / Web
Clerk's Department

Anonymous said...

So it is Thurs. 12:22 and the DNV council clip from Monday, Jan. 23 is still not available.

Why not?

Anonymous said...

Check out

Jan. 23 council clip.