Sunday, March 18, 2012

Advanced Education Minister Naomi Yamamoto also has a lot of explaining to do

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Harry Bloy resignation


Anonymous said...

Following is my letter in today's Province newspaper:

A government for friends and insiders

Kudos to The Province and your excellent staff for bringing forward this whole disgusting new example of the Liberal party’s friends and non-friends policy of governance.

The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer because of this bias. And what about our teachers and nurses?

Liberal MLAs with a conscience should resign from the party. And anyone who votes Liberal in the next election needs to give their head a shake.

Wendy Qureshi, North Vancouver

Anonymous said...

I guess the Libs are in lockdown.

Anonymous said...

George Pringle said...

You can't leak a public document.

Anonymous said...

"A lot of explaining to do?"

Have any bloggers here ever been in a senior capacity where they hand off work to their assistants, managers, deputies etc?

If a senior support staffer does something unscrupulous with a document without the knowledge of the boss then the boss gets rid of that person.

That's the full extent of the necessary explanation. Beyond that its just politics and mudslinging.

Anonymous said...

Financial Disclosures are in...


Mussatto took $13,850 in Union donations
Alan Nixon spent $24,767 on his council bid (That's $4.29 per vote)

DNV Financial Disclosures
CNV Financial Disclosures

Have fun...

Anonymous said...

Mussatto spent $10 per vote

Lyle Craver said...

The ONLY way Naomi could reasonably be on the hook on this one is under the doctrine that a minister is responsible for his / her staff and carries the can when they misbehave.

If it's shown one of her staffers has inappropriately passed along an e-mail then he / she should be canned.

But short of the ludicrous image of Naomi Yamamoto being required to monitor all outgoing e-mails (including hard copies) I think it's foolish to talk of resignation.