Saturday, March 31, 2012

North Shore MPs back Federal budget and cutbacks


Anonymous said...

Identify what services at each level of gov't we really need and fund them to the extent of the need.

If we don't need them or need less of them then eliminate or reduce them.

Good for the conservatives. Now lets see the provinces and munis do the same thing.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:17

What about the money being spent on building prisons when the psychology professionals know that these people are worse when they are released?

Non-violent criminals should be looked after, not warehoused like animals.

The cost to society is much more when these people are released into society.

Anonymous said...

We don't need more prisons, we don't need fighter jets, we don't need the government ignoring the environment or seniors. Remind me again what exactly the conservatives are doing right? Aside from pandering to the fears of the gullible?

Anonymous said...

And with the penny out of the production we can now look forward to prices being rounded up to the next nickel. A nice little April Fool's crank from you conservative government.

Anonymous said...

Prisoners are currently being double and triple bunked in cells. This is the norm right here in BC and is common knowledge by those that work in the system.

Yes, if we are going to convict criminals we need more prisons.

If you don't like people being imprisoned try being a victim of crime - you'll be surprised how fast you will rethink your position.

Anonymous said...

Crime is on a decline. It's a fact.
I've been a victim of crime and still don't want to see more money spent on prisons.

Let's have our money spent on worthwhile projects.

Anonymous said...

Crime is on a decline and our population is increasing.

Double and triple bunking is inhumane.

Additional cells are very worthwhile.

We just disagree.

Anonymous said...

The NDP will complain about conditions for staff in the prisons one day, but when the Conservatives respond to the requests from the union for new facilities, the NDP goes ape.

Anonymous said...

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