Monday, April 23, 2012

Have your say with surplus school property

North Vancouver’s school district is inviting the public to discuss the future of 11 pieces of land declared surplus to its needs.

North Shore News article.


Anonymous said...

School District #44 should never sell off its assets. People supposedly in the know say that all the upcoming densification will bring more families into the District. I believe this to be incorrect.

However, assets must be retained or senior levels of government will take them away forever.

Anonymous said...

Keeping surplus properties justs wastes money.

Sell them or lease them, but get back to focussing on education fast.

Anonymous said...

Keep the land don't sell off to
developers. What is surplus?
All the new condos being built,
there are families purchasing or
renting, more children for the
school system.

Turn vacant schools into schools
for special needs students.there
would be a mass exodus from private schools back to public schools.

Anonymous said...

Long term lease or parks. No one can be absolutely sure that we won't need these sites for school purposes 25, 50 or 100 years from now.

Anonymous said...

Found a link to the School Board's survey on the surplus school land.

Land Survey Link

Anonymous said...

Click on Act, then Online Survey