Monday, April 09, 2012

So it looks like Andrew Saxton has struck it rich ...

"If they complete two terms (8 years), they will receive a pension in excess $9,000 a month, which over 12 months, is more than most private sector people will receive in one year. Is that really fair, since all this money comes from the taxpayer?" Read more:  



Anonymous said...

Too much money for far too little work. Why is it that politicians think they are somehow better than everyone else and they deserve more money? The sad part is that they vote themselves these exorbitant plans, while at the same time voting for cutbacks for Jill and Joe Public.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know where we can find the real details of the MP's pensions? George?

I was told that they make $30,000 a year in pension after two terms and it takes four terms to max out. This article is stating that the pension is around $108,000 after two terms.

Anonymous said...

$9,000 per month X 12 months = $108,000 per year until they die.
Outrageous when the seniors and the poor and the children are starving.

Anonymous said...

The provincial and federal Libs on the North Shore are dead. And Andrew Saxton will not be re-elected.

Anonymous said...


Andrew won by over 11,000 votes in the last election... You think he won't be re-elected?

nuts much?

Anonymous said...

Provincial Libs possibly dead or at least on life support.

Federal Libs are dead.

Leaving Saxton as a Federal Con in a very comfortable position if he runs again.

Anonymous said...

Quit your complaining and get a job with local, provincial, or federal government and get on the dole.

Anonymous said...

Many, many people voted for Andrew just to get rid of Don Bell.

George Pringle said...

Once upon a time the Liberals created a platinum pension plan for MPs. Reform fought for and by staying out of it forced the Libs to take out the most egregious points such as if you qualified, there was no age limit to collect - now you can't start collecting until age 55.

The facts of the gold plated plan the Libs left us with and our current Conservative govt is downgrading further is quite different than the letter in Sudbury or comments here.

MPs put in $1 to a taxpayer $5

MPs get 3% a year to a maximum of 70% so it would take over 23 years to max out.

MPs qualify in 6 years not two terms, minority govts show the difference.

An MP with 6 years would get 18% of the average of their pay which the Conservatives have frozen to 2010/11 rate, almost $28,000 a year which doesn't start until they turn 55. Of course Cabinet Ministers receive more and would get more pension/

George Pringle said...

So the article title is Opposition trash, Andrew does not even qualify until Oct 2014 so when he does by years service in 2015 but does not by age since he will be only 51 and will not collect for 4 years if he decided not to run again.

Even in 2019, with his current 4 years as a Parl Sec and his upcoming 7 years as a Cabinet Minister after August's shuffle (fingers crossed) he would receive 69,809.67

Compared to what pay cut he took when he became a MP in the prime of his earning years, it is quite a bargain.