Thursday, May 03, 2012


North Vancouver District is absent from the opt out list. Are they afraid to rock the boat with their Liberal counterparts?


George Pringle said...

Or one of the smart Councils who know this is pointless posturing by NDP Councils that have no jurisdiction over BC Hydro.

Anonymous said...

Why should we not have any jurisdiction over a corporate entity? Where is democracy?

Anonymous said...

If you don't like smart meters you can always provide your own power requirements?

Anonymous said...

Smart meters are just the latest in the never-ending series of "sky is falling" hysteria by libs and the left.

Oddly, unlike normal people they're incapable of being embarassed by being endlessly mistaken and just move on to the next public expression of high anxiety.

Turns out smart meters have less radio waves than a cellphone and if one doesn't work they'll fix it.

My God - what about more oil tankers in Vancouver harbour!!?? Turns out we've had oil tankers in Vcr. harbour for 60 years without incident.

Anyone remember the Lib hysteria that the Cons might get a majority? The was going to be military law in the streets. Yes, seriously posed. Craig Oliver was having apoplexy as the pols rolled in. CBC was ready to declare the end of the world.

Chill out lefties. Go hang out at the marijuana love-in or maybe conduct a group chant around a fire in the middle of Commercial Ave.

Meanwhile, we've got work to do.

Anonymous said...

Anon. 8:05

You are abnormal, which you accuse others of being, because you don't care about future generations and the democratic process and the understood standing for our beautiful B.C.

The SmartMeters are just another example of the BCLiberal Party and how it foists everything on the voters without any democratic process.

Why are we still paying the HST?

I sincerely hope you don't have children or grandchildren or great-grandchildren because they will suffer because of your ignorance.

George Pringle said...

RE: Anon 4:17

The Province has the jurisdiction, the City has none. The City just wastes taxpayers dollars in endless talks about Smart Meters and Pot Laws.

Join our provincial Green Party if you want honest opposition at the Provincial level as the NDP is only using you in their cynical Game of Thrones.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:00

You are naïve

Anonymous said...


If you want us to buy into your logic you would have all levels of government ignoring each other, except of course, when senior levels download onto municipalities, especially.

You are bang-on in what you are doing, however if these elected officials don't make an effort to communicate the lost $$ come out of our wallets. From all levels...same wallet.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't worry about it just monitor the sucker for its wattage as it shows on the screen in blinking lights how much it says your using... then try and calculate or easier look at old bills and see how much you used to use.. don't let it estimate future usage...

Mine was already installed so even if I did not want it its too late...

they won't take it back if installed unless its broken or you no longer want hydro and prefer to cook by the backyard fire...

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:00.

Thank you for your concern for my children, grandchildren etc. They are very well provided for through my hard work and, as the hysterical concerns of the left rarely if ever really happen, they're going to be just fine.

Anonymous said...

Invasion of privacy is a criminal offense. Smart meters invade our privacy. I can also assume that the same crowd that accepts the Smart Meters without question are separating their stinking food garbage like good comrades, too?

Anonymous said...

When did we start the American-style polarized BS and name-calling. Aren't ewe better than that? Or are we travelling down the same terrifying road as our neighbours to the South? Having an opposing view does not make one an enemy!

Anonymous said...

If you are referring to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom, then yes everyone has a right to privacy.

The smart meters as far as I know do not contain any personal information and therefore the right to privacy argument you cite may not go too far in a court of law. If the smart meter does contain personal information then one would have to circumnavigate the security in place and gain access to this information. Probably by running some sort of security exploits. However hacking is illegal and this would probably be considered a criminal offence.

Anonymous said...

The reason for low local government voter turnout is generally because most dislike government. When you dislike something you usually do not get involved.

If local government is authentic in their pursuit of understanding as to why voters are so disengaged then it would be wise to identify the reasons for dislike.

Anonymous said...

Voter turnout has nothing to do with a dislike of government but everything to do with apathy. People don't get out and vote until they're worked up over something that affects them. Thinking that this translates to a dislike for government is baffling.

Anonymous said...

Watch your "smart" hydro bill jump! It has already happened to many people who have had their Smart Meters put up. It is just another corporate money grab! Cough it up!

Anonymous said...

My SmartMeter was installed the other day.

Three things I noticed after re-setting the clocks:

1. My answering machine message was brutally loud.

2. After a couple of hours, juice on the top shelf of my fridge was starting to freeze.

3. My freezer was colder than usual.

After re-setting the fridge and freezer a bulb blew in the lamp in the bedroom.

Laugh all you want, this all happened within 2 hours of the SmartMeter being installed in Lynn Valley.

Anonymous said...

My smart meter was installed the other day, nothing happened. I was thankful that I had juice, a freezer, answering machine, and was able to change a light bulb by myself. Many are not so fortunate.

Anonymous said...

My SM was installed 2 weeks ago. I took a photo of the old meter immediately before installation so that there is no argument about my old meter reading.

Everything is running perfectly. We feel fine. Nothing.

We didn't light our hair on fire when we went from TV aerial to cablevision. We're not such Luddites that every upgrade has to be some kind of panic.

All this legal and privacy stuff seems really over the top. We've had metered water since 1992 with no big deal.

Next we will be reading our usage and comparing it to the past 18 years of our usage.

If usage is wildly out of wack then we'll jump on the bandwagon.

If not, then we'll take the whole furor with a large dose of scepticism.

I've got this feeling that the same kind of folk that got with the witch trials are still with us and perennially ready to freak out.

If our reading goes crazy we'll be convinced - if not then we'll also be convinced - but in the other direction.

Anonymous said...

I live in the district and my water is not metered.

Anonymous said...

Good for you!