Sunday, June 17, 2012

Editorial: Barnes's plan to be an MLA is self-serving

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This issue is no
t going away as a Provincial Election Looms.


Anonymous said...

What has this issue got to do with North Vancouver?

Anonymous said...

Couns. Keating is the BC NDP candidate for North Van Lonsdale.

If Jane Thornthwaite isn't running again, Couns. Mike Little has stated that he might run for the BC Libs in North Van Seymour.

If they are elected, there will be costly byelections at the municipal level, paid for by municipal taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

When these candidates filled out and signed their nomination papers, they signed a contract with the electorate that if elected they would serve their terms to the best of their ability.

If they choose to run in another election, they are in violation of their contract.

Not only are there byelection costs if they resign to "move up" but the consistency and continuity of municipal councils is compromised.

Anonymous said...

You mean like Don Bell and Jane Thornwaite?

Anonymous said...

Local government doesn't pay that much money. Yes they should be committed to the terms, and generally, they are. The Province should change the election requirements for filling vacated seats. If a councillor leaves their position for whatever reason, they should only fill the seat if it is in the first half of the term. If it is in the second half, they should just be down a councillor for the remainder of the term. Mayor is different. I would keep the status quo ( >10 months remaining triggers a by-election)

Regardless, if you feel strongly about this, vote against those people getting the different position. If enough are offended that their local reps are seeking other positions then they won't get it.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully their respective parties won't endorse them as a candidate. The BC NDP has already endorsed Keating.

Anonymous said...

Ahh, Bell was endorsed by the Liberal Party for MP while he was a sitting Mayor of the District and resigned causing an expensive byelection.

Thornwaite was a sitting School Trustee, having been re-elected in November 2008 and running in May 2009 for MLA for BC Liberals.

The province has a law forcing MLAs to resign if they are nominated to run for MP, they need one to force Councilors and Trustees to do the same. It's not a NDP problem it is a government problem which both the Liberals and NDP won't take action as they both use local government to promote their MLA candidates.

Cummins, can you fix this?

Anonymous said...

"The province has a law forcing MLAs to resign if they are nominated to run for MP"

Really? What is the name of this law? Where can I read it?

Anonymous said...

If Craig Keating is elected it doesn't have to force a by-election.

If he is elected, he would be sworn in in June 2013. He is legally allowed to hold both positions, but that isn't a good long term solution. He should sit in both during the summer, but prior to the legislature sitting in the fall he should take a leave of absence until December. His council would have to agree to this leave and he would not be paid during this time. He would then officially resign in January of 2014 which would not cause a by-election.

Yes it is monkeying with the system, but it saves about $150,000 (100k election + 50k compensation for 18 months of a 6th councillor)

Alternatively, the council could ask the courts to allow them to forgo the by-election, but that is less likely and will have costs of its own.

George Pringle said...

It is not correct that a MLA has to resign before running as a MP.

"However, Mayencourt does not have to give up his seat in the BC Legislature to run, says Elections BC spokesman Don Main.

A sitting MLA is only obligated to resign once they take a seat or vote in the House of Commons, according to the BC Constitution Act, Main says."

But a winner cannot hold both seats.

Anonymous said...

Please explain.

Anonymous said...

Yes please clarify that a little more George.

Anonymous said...

An ELECTED MP must resign from their MLA position.

While they are still just RUNNING they don't have to resign.