Sunday, July 22, 2012

District talking trash with residents

Garbage, garburators and laziness hot topics at DNV waste workshop


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Monday, July 09, 2012

Including 3 25-storey condo buildings at Fern and Mountain Highway.
We attended an open house/workshop about this proposed development on June 27, and quite frankly were shocked by what we heard and saw. We are not NIMBYs, nor are we axiomatically opposed to change, and understand that neighbourhoods and communities must always evolve. However, what is being proposed is not an evolution but an "extreme makeover" - and not in a good way!
If you're not aware of what is being planned for the District of North Vancouver for the next 20 years, I strongly urge you to look at this document, available through the District's website:
Following are some questions I have:
- Who is the developer who has purchased the land east of Mtn Hwy that is already cleared?
- Why is it presumed that we MUST grow, and increase the population of the North Shore?
- What is the earthquake risk for tall towers built on alluvial land?
- Is there sufficient capacity in remaining elementary and secondary schools, into the future, for the anticipated increase in population?
- How will this development NOT have deletorious effects on the delicate riparian environment of Lynn Creek?
- What will happen to the fire hall currently located on Mtn Hwy?
- Who pays for the infrastructure costs of water, sewage, etc
Traffic concerns:
- What is the plan for traffic diverted to Main St and Keith Rd during the Lower Road redevelopment, while there is heavy construction work going on at the same time?
- We understand that Keith Rd will be extended to access/exit the Trans Can Hwy, taking the highway traffic off Mtn Hwy & Fern, and will be widened to 4 lanes; also, that the current 2-lane bridge over Lynn Creek will be widened to 4 lanes; how will that work when those 2 east-bound lanes have to merge into one, to accommodate the proposed bike lane on Keith Rd (west of the Winter Club)?
- How will access be facilitated to/from the Seymour area?
- What is the route of the new on/off ramp from the Trans Can to Brooksbank?
Keith Lynn property:
- What is planned for the land currently occupied by the now-closed Keith Lynn Alternative School?
- Are the lots south of that property, on the north side of Mtn Hwy, being bought up or expropriated for redevelopment?
- Is there any possibility of higher density residential development on this property?
A further question: what is the position of the first nations who own housing directly adjacent to this proposal?
If you have concerns about any aspects of this "development", please attend the next public info event, Sat July 14 at Seylynn Hall on Mtn Hwy, 9am - noon.