Monday, July 30, 2012

A stern reminder: North Vancouver city hasn’t forgotten Victory ship plans



Anonymous said...

Could be used as a monument to commemorate the mismanagement of taxes

Anonymous said...

Just read that the crime rate is up in the CNV. Note that the NV RCMP is paid by the DNV and CNV and I wonder how that money works out.

Anonymous said...

Where did you read that the crime rate is up in the CNV?

Anonymous said...

Where are you getting your information? From the North Shore News:

"Crime rates in the city and district of North Vancouver were also the lowest they’ve been in a decade, after falling 40 per cent from a high in 2004."


"The City of North Vancouver has the highest crime rate of the three North Shore communities, with double the rate of other municipalities.

That’s not surprising in an area that is high-density, commercial and connected to downtown by the SeaBus, said Brantingham.

Even so, rates of both crime and violent crime were also down in the city, by over six per cent. The rate of property crime in the city was down by 15 per cent."

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