Thursday, October 25, 2012

White House salaries put to shame by BC municipal paycheques

Here is some info on salaries in District of North Vancouver published on the district website.

It makes for interesting reading when compared to the salary of Barack Obama's Chief of White House Staff's salary ($172.000 and change).

The District of North Vancouver, according to it's own document above, supports:
At least 3 people pulling down more than Obama's Chief of White House Staff.
In addition there are another 2 within $10,000 of that.

The highest paid member of council is Mayor Walton at $95,528.
There are 94 employees of District of North Vancouver paid more than the Mayor.
The highest paid of these 94 is Charles Stuart at $231,150.


Anonymous said...

The list doesn't say what the people earning these salaries do. The White House Chief of Staff is a well paid secretary. What would these salaries be in the private sector? Are they comparable? John, you need to give us more information as there's no way to determine if the salaries that you are comparing, should in fact be compared to one another.

Todd said...

Quick correction, DAVID Stuart

Anonymous said...

The referenced salary report is from June 2010 and represents salaries from 2009.

The 2011 salaries would be of much more interest.

CraigM6 said...

If you can go by Wikipedia...

"Most White House Chiefs of Staff are former politicians, and many continue their political careers in other senior roles. Lyndon Johnson's Chief of Staff W. Marvin Watson became Postmaster General later in LBJ's term. Richard Nixon's Chief of Staff Alexander Haig became Secretary of State under Reagan. Gerald Ford's Chief of Staff Dick Cheney later became a U.S. Representative for Wyoming, Secretary of Defense under George H. W. Bush and Vice President under George W. Bush. Donald Rumsfeld was another Chief of Staff for Ford and subsequently served as Secretary of Defense both in the Ford administration and decades later in the George W. Bush administration."

A 'well paid secretary' is hardly an accurate description of either the job requirements or the type of people who get to do it while there is clearly more benefit than a paycheck to working right next to the US President.

Nonetheless, reading the DNV document does give me pause, especially since there is likely a similar rollcall over at the City of North Vancouver.

I wonder what the average wage earner in the District is making by comparison?

Anonymous said...

If you're going to compare wages, make sure you're comparing apples to apples. A person working in a professional capacity for the municipality should have his wage compared to a person of similar professional qualifications in the private sector. Looking at these lists without any context does nothing productive.

Anonymous said...

2011 SOFI

Dave Stuart is the most respected CAO in the region, and can make a million dollar mistake at any time... he's worth it.

Anonymous said...

Yes there are lots of civil engineers, professional accountants and a few lawyers, that legitimately work in any normal municipality.

The question is, how many planners work for a municipality that has a decidedly low growth rate?

Anonymous said...

Why do councillors make different amounts of money? They were all re-elected. Is there a bump for Lisa Muri because she has been there the longest?

Lisa Muri made $40,535 while Robin Hicks made the least at $38,970. It looks like expenses aren't included and that it is just remuneration.

Lisa makes $1565 more than Robin or 4% more.

Anonymous said...

Why did you leave out the rest of the engineers? Anon. 7:39?

All engineers figure in the running of the district. Electricial, mechanical, geotechnical, etc.

Anonymous said...

Hello anon 7:57 pm (or anyone else),

Can you please expalin how to put up a high lited link like you did for '2011 SOFI.'

I haven't been able to figure out how to do it.

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

This Page does a decent job of explaining links in blogs.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Anon 7:41 am