Friday, January 04, 2013

Pancakes and Politics with Jim Hanson BC NDP MLA for NV-Seymour

 A lively morning of good food and community conversation.                     

Pancakes & Politics & Live Auction This Sunday, January 6, 9:30 A.M. to NOON

Special guest speaker: Spencer Herbert MLA Vancouver-West End



Tickets $25. Call to reserve your seat @ 604 880 5936. Children under 12: Free


Anonymous said...

Soccer games and Church services, Sunday morning is never a good time to get people out.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Jim is confused. Cheers is in the Lonsdale riding.

Griffin said...

What's wrong with this picture? An NDP candidate invites people to pay $25 for a breakfast that's being held in the riding next door, and the riding he's running in has never even come close to electing an NDP representative. The only people likely to attend are his own campaign workers, handlers, NDP brass, and the lefties from CNV and Lower Lonsdale.

Reminds me of a rather raucous description of the impossible: a little mouse looks up at an elephant and asks, "wanna make love?" (Actually the original was a bit more "earthy"....)

Anonymous said...

I can't imagine paying anything to listen to the B.S. of any politician.

Anonymous said...

You are incorrect.
The last NDP MLA elected in North Vancouver - Seymour was in the early 70s and it was Colin Gableman.

Griffin said...

Well, in the early 70s the population was nothing compared to now, and the demographics have changed considerably, so I'm not surprised. It would be next to impossible now. I stand by my other comments.

John Sharpe said...

Well, in the early 1970's is when Dave Barrett came to power and there was a NDP sweep. This is largely why Mr. Gableman was elected. Jim Hanson is a strong candidate and will give Jane Thornthwaite (The Liberals) the best run for her money since that time. I'm pretty sure it was Social Credit in the 70's.

Anonymous said...

Why did we the BC taxpayers pay for Thornthwaite's lawyers? And why do we BC taxpayers continue to pay for lawyers for civil servants. We all have to pay, why don't they?

Anonymous said...

Why are City of North Vancouver taxpayers that are not on the LEC grid subsidizing the ones that are on the LEC grid? Probably because the taxpayer either doesn’t care or is unaware.

Don McBain said...

Anon Jan 04 5:30
Cheers Restaurant has been well used by all three North Vancouver constiuencies over the years.

Grifin The picture is a good one actually, the attendence was quite well with people from all over North Vancouver - admitedly NDP supporters of course.

I was there of course.

Anonymous said...

So how many were there Don? And how many were likely from the Seymour riding?

I suspect if the number were impressive you would have led with it, but 30+ would still impress me.

Saxton regularly gets 80+ to his events, Provincial guys usually get in the 40's, and local guys don't generally host these kinds of events, but Craig Keeting, Daryl Mussatto and Richard Walton can probably all garner 30+ at a moments notice.

Is the much talked about dissatisfaction with the Provincial Liberals translating into NDP core support in North Vancouver-Seymour?

Anonymous said...

The NDP NV-Seymour CA has grown dramatically in the past year.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:07PM, Do you have actual numbers or are you just speculating?

Anonymous said...

I have numbers.

Don McBain said...

Anon at 10:54

Acutally I didn't count the numbers, I ususaly do but didn't and I am not in North Vancouver-Seymour so was not notified. Having said that I would estimate it at around 60. The vast majority were indeed from Seymour.

As for the "much talked about dissatisfaction with the Provincial Liberals translating into NDP core support in North Vancouver-Seymour?" We will find out on May 14th.

Don McBain said...

Anon at 7:00 pm

You are very correct that the NDP in Seymour has grown in the last year. For 3 reasons:

1. Adrian Dix

2. Jim Hanson

3. The performace of the sitting government.

Don McBain said...

I don't post here often, but I should. I use my real name, not a fake name, and best of all, not an anonymous one.

If you have not already realised it I am very pro NDP.

Anonymous said...

Don, you likely use your real name because you have a political agenda to support your party and want to identify with that. Perhaps there is a benefit to you to have name recognition. Only you know your motivations. Using your name doesn't make your views here any more legitimate than a person who does not want their identity known. Some of us have no aspirations to public service and have no need for recognition - we only want to discuss the issues. As long as the discourse is civil, who you or I am shouldn't matter. All that matters on a forum such as this is the discussion.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:38:00 PM, would you care to share those numbers?

Don McBain said...

To all the anonymous persons here!

If you had any real commitment to anything you would use your real name. I use my real name because I have a commitment to the NDP, I have not, nor ever will run for public office.

You can all live in your invisible world nameless, but all you can do is complain and never do anything.

You will not see my name here again, and NO, I will not post anonymously.

My regrets to John.

Anonymous said...

Don, if you actually read some of the discussions here, you would see that not all of the anons post to complain. Some of the anons post very worthwhile and informative posts and contribute a great deal to the discussions. We don't all feel the need to put our names out there. What's wrong with that?

Anonymous said...

Hello friends, neighbours, and past back-stabbers. I am reading your comments again for 2013.

Why? I am getting that little political fever feeling again.
I am wondering if the B.C. First Party might have a good candidate run in the North Vancouver - Seymour Riding in the coming election. Perhaps somebody with a little experience in fighting the HST. And participated in the 2009 election.

Mmmmmmm..... interesting comment!