Saturday, February 16, 2013

Well known former City councillor promotes Craig Keating for NV-Lonsdale MLA

The following was written by Bill Bell on his Face Book page.
“I always watch the riding of North Vancouver Lonsdale as I was raised in the riding and was a North Vancouver city Councilor there for many years. Over the past four decades, the only time it went NDP was the election of 1991 when there was a serious three way split and David Schreck won. Now we have a very popular City councilor Craig Keating for the NDP taking on a very popular BC Liberal Incumbent, Naomi Yamamoto .
Keating has come close before and if he wins this time he will definitely be cabinet material in a NDP Dix government. He is smart and very political in nature. When I had the pleasure of being on council with him, I found his judgment on most issues excellent (disagreed with him on density bonus but that is a different matter).
Really hope that my hometown of North Vancouver City has the smarts to elect Keating. In a NDP government, they will do no wrong with Keating representing their interests...he was effective as councilor, I know he will be even better as an MLA.

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Anonymous said...

People have had enough of good old boy and backroom dealings in this province. Politicians are rated at the bottom of every "trusted profession" poll. An ex-politician recommending another politician (Keating) isn't all that impressive.

Vote for anyone but Keating.

Anonymous said...

Care to expand on this and say exactly why Keating isn't worthy of one's vote? What has he done (or hasn't done) that should make us sit up and take notice? Criticizing is easy, but how about putting a little more thought into it and telling us why you just wrote what you did.

In the interest of full disclosure, I'm not a fan of the NDP, however if you are going to publicly criticize a person you should be prepared to give your reasons for it. Express yourself as a functional adult, not some childish sniper.

Griffin said...

Bill Bell comes from the "left" so of course he is going to align himself with those who think along similar lines. Everyone in his position as an ex-politico does it, so the voter has to analyze each candidate on his or her own merits and vote according to their own preference. NVC has a history of voting along left-leaning lines and it wouldn't be that surprising of Keating wins, especially under the current situation. Having said that, I am terrified that Dix will become our next premier. If ever there was a wolf in sheep's clothing, it is him.

Anonymous said...

Vote for him, he will be off council and let's see him
rprovide real affordable housing as an NDP.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more, Griffin. I think too many people forget the mess the NDP made of this Province the last two times they got hold of the reigns.

Anonymous said...

If he gets in, he'll never know how many votes come from people wanting him off Council.

Barry Rueger said...

BC's Economy: Whose Was Best?
Socreds. NDP. Libs. Who oversaw the strongest economy? (Hint, not Gordon Campbell).

(Yes I know that The Tyee can't be trusted because they use sneaky stuff like real numbers, and science, and math, instead of just making things up)

Barry Rueger said...

Oops - maybe LNG won't rescue us: LNG - Some Inconvenient Truths

(Yes I know that Bernard can't be trusted because he uses sneaky stuff like real numbers, and science, and math, instead of just making things up)

Anonymous said...

..if he gets in he'll never know how many votes came from people wanting him off council......
If he gets in, he won't care!

One problem, of course, is that he can legally keep his seat on council until the next election. A by-election costs about $90.000!

John Sharpe said...

Echoing Anon 7:51's point of empty criticism on Keating, I point to Griffin's of Dix where he states, "If ever there was a wolf in sheep's clothing, it is him." This is a blanket statement with nothing to chew on.

Elaboration: optional.

To Anon 9:12,
The 1990's are very much the past in political terms. Time to look forward to possibilities, but if your'e happy with the Libs and Gordo's legacy and Cristy Clark, that's your perogative.

Anonymous said...

To 7.51pm.. why isn't he worthy? why is he? What has he done on Council apart from displaying arrogance, rudeness and outright offensiveness. Until he cleaned up his act recently of course. At least he's stopped cleaning his ears and clipping his nails while listening to other Councillors speaking. Where would he be without the union/developer funding?

Anonymous said...

One thing this subject is good for... getting people riled up!

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:43 PM, who on council hasn't displayed arrogance at one time or another? I never said I do or don't support Keating. I merely asked you to elaborate on you 'empty criticism', as John aptly labeled it. From where I sit, Bookham could also be criticized for her arrogance. However, because she leans towards anti-development, she likely doesn't receive your spite. So rather than sit there and claim someone is rude and arrogant, why not criticize them for their actual track record.

And John, those of us who suffered lay-offs during the NDP tenures in government will be very hard pressed not to remember the past. Dixon also has a past that presumably you'd have us forget. I'm not happy with the BC Libs, but the alternative does cause me a great deal of concern. How can I be certain that he is going to treat business (especially those of us in small business) fairly? How can I be certain he isn't going to sell us out to the unions and set the private sector back to what we experienced in the 80's and 90's? Remember the saying about those who forget history....?

Barry Rueger said...

How can I be certain he isn't going to sell us out to the unions and set the private sector back to what we experienced in the 80's and 90's?

Sorry Anon 2:11, but that is not true. The private sector did great during those days, better than under the Libs.

Just more right wing falsehoods.

John Sharpe said...

Also 12:11,

We can't be certain of anything just like there actually is no such thing as 100% job security. We are also suffering our worst job losses right now under the Libs. You'll excuse me if I find your worries about the past somewhat irrelevant.

Also Adrian Dix made a mistake in the past and he has apologized so it's time to move on.

The Lib attack ads are an insult to anyone's intelligence. Lib supporter or not!

Anonymous said...

The NDP turned us into a have not province and chased many businesses out of BC to Alberta.

Adrian Dix apologized because he had to. He was caught with his hand in the cookie jar. He has showed his true colours. He lacks morals and ethics and therefore unfit to lead.

Barry Rueger said...

The NDP turned us into a have not province and chased many businesses out of BC to Alberta.The NDP turned us into a have not province and chased many businesses out of BC to Alberta.

Name one viable business that you can prove moved to Alberta.

Or is that same same mythical business that went broke every time that the minimum wage was raised by a nickel?

I call BS Anon. Prove it or drop the bull.

Anonymous said...

Wow, just the name Keating invokes nastiness all around.

Anonymous said...

Kelly Douglas and Finning both moved their head offices from BC to Alberta citing high corporate taxes. I believe the NDP had raised them to somewhere in the neighbourhood of 43% in the days that they ruined BC’s economy.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:51. I appreciated your characterization of the "childish sniper." I hadn't thought of that descriptor but it was exactly what was on my mind in my post re Keating.

A few years ago an audience at a public meeting watched Keating conduct a character assassination on a person who wasn't even there. His absent victim had had the temerity to criticize his master - the CUPE Union.

Later, the person denigrated received a private phone call apology at his home from Keating as even Keating must have realized that he had crossed the line in his defence of Big Union.

Criticize in public and apologize in private. The bully and coward's tactic.

Ethically he fits in perfectly with Dix. An arrogant and childish sniper indeed.

Griffin said...

Barry, when the NDP was choosing a new leader, I would have bet the farm that members would have chosen Mike Farnworth because of his diplomatic personality and broad appeal and was more than a little shocked that they chose Dix because of his confrontational style and "bad-boy" history. Imagine my further shock when, immediately upon being chosen, Mr. Dix adopted a style very similar to the man he had bested for the leadership. Dix has been very careful, very measured, and very self-controlled in the interim so that does not appear anything like the scrappy street fighter he was before becoming leader. He says nothing controversial, nothing that will make a good sound bite and does whatever is necessary to come across as a kinder, gentler Dix. But it's all a con game to my way of thinking, and God help us if the public buys this new Dix Lite. He is indeed a wolf in sheep's clothing, and there is no other way to describe him.

He and Keating are probably cut out of the same cloth, it's just that Dix as risen a little further to the top, for now at least.

Integrity is a little like virginity...once you lose it, you can't get it back!

Griffin said...

Sorry, my last comment was directed at John Sharpe.

Barry Rueger said...

Ah Finning - later slapped down by the courts for creating a bogus company to avoid collective bargaining rights. Great Example....

The reality of that decade is at odds with Finning's fear of rampant socialism. For instance:

"In 1991, before socialism took root in the Pacific province, B.C.'s annual gross domestic product was a robust $81.8 billion.

By 2001, after a decade of ideological mismanagement of the provincial economy, our GDP was a ruinous $133.5 billion. That's a miserable increase of just $51.7 billion."

"In 1991, B.C. corporations reported pre-tax profits that added-up to a healthy $2.9 billion.

In 2001, after the socialists had screwed B.C. businesses into the ground for 10 long years, the comparable number was a dismal $10.3 billion -- a confidence-destroying increase of only $7.4 billion"

I'd say Finning was pretty shortsighted. Or had been planning the move already in anticipation of the tarsands expansion - a more likely theory.

(Source, again, those damned Tyee people with their facts and numbers and math.)

Anonymous said...

Sorry Barry, Dix forging documents speaks volumes compared to a dispute with the labour relations board.

Dix was in a position of trust and failed miserably.

Anonymous said...

any one else would have been charged with forgery

Barry Rueger said...

Frankly I really don't care about the infamous Dix memo.

Say, what are Basi and Virk up to these days? Have they finished their jail sentences? Oh - right - they didn't go to jail.

Have they managed to pay their legal bills? Oh right - we're paying their legal bills.

Anonymous said...

Basi and Virk are not running for premier... Dix on the other hand is and forgery is a criminal offence

Griffin said...

Barry, you should care about it because he did it and that means that he's willing and able to cross some imaginary line for personal or political gain. What's next?

The people I describe as having integrity would never have done that for anyone or anything. Period.

If you're so ready to forgive him or overlook something as egregious, what's in YOUR closet????

Anonymous said...

And so we see the Achilles heel of the left.

Barry's dogged insistence that those opposed to highrises stick to verifiable facts and logic.

Then capriciously trying to equate the disgraced Basi/Virk with the NDP's candidate for premier. Talk about selective perception and junk logic. Our criminals are no worse than your criminals. Grow up.

Anyone but Keating.

Anonymous said...

Back to Keating , please......

Granted, he is an intelligent man but it's too bad he has gone over to the political Dark Side.
I'd do almost anything to remove him from city council but I would feel guilty letting his ego loose in Victoria.
I'm in a genuine quandary!

Anonymous said...

The BC Conservative Party

Two new candidates nominated by BC Conservatives
Posted: 18 Feb 2013 01:49 PM PST
LANGLEY, BC, FEB. 18, 2013 -The BC Conservatives today announced that two new candidates – Mike Brousseau in Skeena, and David Jones in West Vancouver-Capilano – have been nominated to represent the party in the May 14 general election. “Our team is growing quickly, right across the province,” said John Cummins, leader of the BC Conservatives.

Anonymous said...

David Jones, West Vancouver-Capilano – BC Conservative Candidate - David is the owner of a West Vancouver-based design/build company, Magellan Group, and is very active in community affairs.

He recently was awarded with the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal for service to the local community, and has been nominated by the West Vancouver Chamber of Commerce as citizen of the year.

Among his many local pursuits, David has been active with the Coho Festival, West Vancouver Community Day celebrations, and the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics.

David worked for 15 years as a manager in the hospitality sector before deciding to enhance his education by attending BCIT and studying commercial design.

In 2011 he was a candidate for West Vancouver municipal council.

John Sharpe said...

Yeah and the 999 year lease on BC Rail. Yeah they never sold it like they promised they wouldn't!

Oh something about no HST either.

John Sharpe said...
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Anonymous said...

I like privatization and it seems that the left leaning Councillors at the City also support privatization. How else can they explain the Lonsdale Energy Corporation?

Griffin said...

Ummm...isn't it owned by the City? They just work in partnership with Teresen to deliver the gas.