Monday, March 25, 2013

Independent to run in North Van-Seymour for May 14 Provnicial Election

Candidate Jaime Webbe

                                             Personal Message
I am seeking election so that we, the people of the North Vancouver-Seymour riding, will 
have a better Government – one that doesn’t call campaigning ‘governing’, one in which 
change for the better is more than ideas that have already been tried and failed, and one in 
which common sense isn’t considered revolutionary.
As the mother of two young children, I want to ensure that they grow up in a British 
Columbia that delivers a wealth of opportunity - culturally, environmentally and 
economically. For that to happen, we need a provincial government that is working for us 
not for the Liberals or NDP. We need to take a stand as constituents and vote for the 
change we want, not against whichever party’s failed us least.

Friday, March 01, 2013

Changes coming in North Van?

Well Christie, at least you can keep the mittens.
Everyone and his dog are speculating on the upcoming provincial election with no-one agreeing on anything except the presumption that Christie Clark will be back DJing pretty soon after May14th.

In an age when everyone tossing out numbers seems to have an agenda, (especially those who claim that they don't) I tend to really like to the work being done by Bernard von Schulmann.

Bernard, near as I can tell, is steadfastly non-partisan.  What's more he really, really knows his stuff, and he works insanely hard at anything the posts. Plus he has a record of being right.

In his update today projecting the upcoming provincial election here's what he sees for North Vancouver:

North Vancouver Lonsdale - NDP 50%, Libs 40%, Greens 10%

North Vancouver Seymour - Libs 40%, NDP 40%, Greens 15%, BCCP 5%

Before brushing off his projections, take the time to look at his methodology in the relevant blog post here.  Feel free to pass this on to Naomi and Jane.  Maybe Christie can get them jobs at some local radio station?