Friday, March 01, 2013

Changes coming in North Van?

Well Christie, at least you can keep the mittens.
Everyone and his dog are speculating on the upcoming provincial election with no-one agreeing on anything except the presumption that Christie Clark will be back DJing pretty soon after May14th.

In an age when everyone tossing out numbers seems to have an agenda, (especially those who claim that they don't) I tend to really like to the work being done by Bernard von Schulmann.

Bernard, near as I can tell, is steadfastly non-partisan.  What's more he really, really knows his stuff, and he works insanely hard at anything the posts. Plus he has a record of being right.

In his update today projecting the upcoming provincial election here's what he sees for North Vancouver:

North Vancouver Lonsdale - NDP 50%, Libs 40%, Greens 10%

North Vancouver Seymour - Libs 40%, NDP 40%, Greens 15%, BCCP 5%

Before brushing off his projections, take the time to look at his methodology in the relevant blog post here.  Feel free to pass this on to Naomi and Jane.  Maybe Christie can get them jobs at some local radio station?


Anonymous said...

Oh, it will be decided by ethnicity!!

Anonymous said...

After some inquiring, rumour is that coming to the City of North Vancouver is a Lonsdale wireless corridor serviced by Shaw EXO. The wireless service will be for the benefit of Shaw customers only. A vision of the city manager, and indicative that the city tail wags the dog council.

Anonymous said...

Please share your sources for this. Also, if Shaw is installing infrastructure for it's customers, why is that bad? Is there anything preventing Rogers or Bell from doing the same thing?

Anonymous said...

Why would Bell, Rogers, Telus, or other carriers have to install infrastructure? They already provide wireless through cellular services and have better coverage throughout the city. In addition Bell, Rogers, and Telus or any other provider require little if no resources from the city to provide this service. City resources can be better allocated on services for all not a few.

Anonymous said...

True, but can the person who raised this spectre prove that it is happening and prove that the City is contributing financially to it? Gossip and rumour are a worthless waste of time.

Barry Rueger said...

Lord folks - how hard is it to Google "City of North Vancouver" Shaw EXO?

PDF Proposal to City Council. Which looks less than appealing.

Shaw has been flogging this municipal WIFI system for several years, apparently with little success. Probably because a) there are already tons of hotspots and b) 3G and 4G cel phones fill many people's needs.

Enzo Testa said...

I can strongly assure you that Christie Clark will NEVER get my vote.

Anonymous said...

Letter in today's Vancouver Sun:
Liberals accumulated lots of debt in their ‘golden decade’

When the Liberals came to power, B.C.’s debt was $33.6 billion. Through all the “good” times the governing Liberals claim to be responsible for, the debt will rise to $62.7 billion this fiscal year.

Even though they sold off many assets (some at maybe half their value) and underfunded many ministries, and greatly increased our debt, the Liberals are supposedly the better custodians of B.C.’s finances.

When former NDP premier of B.C. Glen Clark left government he was hired as a vice-president by a Vancouver company. The owner of this business? Probably the most successful businessman in B.C. (maybe Canada), Jim Pattison.

Why would Jim Pattison hire a vice-president from the ranks of an incompetent NDP?


Anonymous said...

To school him?

Anonymous said...

Ha! Awesome reply 12:27PM.

Anonymous said...

Changes coming in North Van... but not on the blog.

20 days, 10 comments is a stale post.