Monday, May 06, 2013

Parkgate All Candidates Meeting proved to be a lively one

Independent Candidate Jaime Webbe and NDP Candidate Jim Hanson seemed to be favoured by the audience at this meeting of 'most' of the candidates for North Vancouver-Seymour for next week's May 14 Provincial Election.  BC Green Party Candidate Daniel Smith was absent again as it appears the Greens just want a name on the ballot come E-day. It was a lively and spirited debate among the candidates and one of the better ACM meetings I have attended over several elections. The main debate fell between BC NDP Candidate Jim Hanson and BC Liberal incumbent Jane Thornthwaite while BC Conservative Candidate Brian Wilson played a 'maverick' role in the discussions.  I believe this is going to be a very close race between Thornthwaite and Hanson unlike many previous elections when the Liberal candidate could have been in their death bed and still win the election in North Van-Seymour. May 14, Election Day should very interesting here in NV-S for a change!


Anonymous said...

Not as lively as the CNV! Just saw this on twitter -

Todd Coyne ‏@toddcoyne 14m
MT @NVCouncilWatch: #NorthVancouver Councillor makes racist statement, laughs, refuses to apologize. #bcpoli

Jaime Webbe said...

Just a note, it's 'Jaime' not 'Jamie'.


Anonymous said...

What did Craig say?

Did any NVPers attend?

John Sharpe said...

Apologies Jaime. Good work last night at the ACM!

Griffin said...

Craig who???

Lawrence Barry said...

Wow - bad move by Jim Hanson to fire up the robocall machine at 7:00 pm on a Canuck playoff game night. If North Van Seymour is as close as some people think it is and "every vote counts" he just lost one. I was going to park my vote with Jaime Webbe this election but now will begrudgingly vote for Jane - something I vowed I would not do. Oh well.

Lee Leeman said...

Just my 2 cents worth..

I like that Jane has replied to my emails... however.. she was unable to give all the scoop on the Basi Virk thing and I wrote her that if she or her party wanted to be elected, they have to come clean. So far.. not clean.

This, of course, punishes a decent MLA for the sins of the party elite.

Having rethunk things, I realize that my feeling is neither the Liberals or the NDP deserve to govern for so many reasons. Nonetheless, the prognosis is that the bulk of voters will choose one or the other and so I conclude the BEST outcome we can hope for is the 'third way' .. ie..minority government. In my opinion, then, that outcome would best be served by reelecting Jane.

Not sure if that is sensible, but is what my thunker is saying right now.

Griffin said...

That's bit of a cop-out. So you want a minority government but you don't say who you think should be holding the best "losing" hand. My best hope, at this juncture, is that the Liberals somehow manage to convince enough voters to support them, glean enough votes to either remain in power or have more seats than the NDP and that the Conservatives elect enough MLAs to form some sort of coalition with the Liberals to keep Dix OUT. That may not be too palatable to Mr. Cummins, but I hope that he has an ounce of pragmatism in his body to realize that this is their best hope of gaining some credibility with the voting public and work towards 2017.

Griffin said...

Well, I was partly right...the biggest part!