Sunday, June 16, 2013

Lynn Valley Revival

Lynn Valley Revival is intended to counter the mis-information and fear-mongering that has characterized the anti-development groups. What I have tried to do is offer facts, links to source materials, and ideas that acknowledge the reality of the commercial development process, while still encouraging everyone to explore the ideas and speak their piece.

I absolutely want informed, positive contributions to add to what's on the site. I'd love for some meetings to be arranged for people who like the idea of re-inventing and revitalizing Lynn Valley.

And if someone wants to register a domain name, or print pamphlets, that's good too!

Next up for me, when time permits, are some of those automated e-mail forms so that we can also blitz the elected officials.


alex said...

Lynn Valley Revival People;

I really like your picture of what Lynn Valley could look like. I think you have hit it right on the nail. I love the design and and especially the height of it.
Nothing is over 5 stories....that's exactly how we like it.
Keep up the good work and the high rises out of Lynn Valley.

Stop High Rises in Lynn Valley

Lynn Valley Revival said...

Sigh. The first comment states that all of 5000 "New Residents" would take the bus to work and back every day...

Of course, transit fans would say that this is a good thing.

Barry Rueger said...

Hey! Visit us now - lots of new content, plus we've added a "Letters" page, featuring letters to the NS News that weren't published.

Send us your unpublished pro-revitalization gems! Let like-minded people know that you share their views!