Monday, July 15, 2013

Former Visitors Information Kiosk looking for new home

(I am assured that there are no plans to build a new high-rise Visitor Centre.)

The District is offering the blue A-frame building located at Capilano Road and Marine Drive, for relocation to a local non-profit organization. It is approximately 420 sq ft, and will be given in an as-is condition. The successful proponent will be required to sign an agreement with the District that will include certain terms and conditions regarding insurance, deposit, indemnification, existing utilities, acceptance of the current condition of the A-Frame, and other regulatory provisions. They will be responsible for all costs associated with the removal and transportation of the structure to its new location. Applications must be received in writing by July 31 (noon) and include the proposed use of the building and how this will provide community benefit to District residents. For more information please contact Ryan Malcolm, Real Estate and Properties at 604-990-2264 or


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