Friday, July 19, 2013

Metro Vancouver takes Langley Township to court over growth plan

Metro Vancouver is taking the Township of Langley to court to make the municipality comply with the regional growth strategy, saying the local council's defiance of the plan threatens to set a dangerous precedent...
...Metro argues the municipality must abide by the new regional growth strategy...
...It requires the land use change go to a vote of the regional board because it calls for more intensive development of homes outside the regional plan's urban containment boundary, contrary to Metro's goal of concentrating growth in town centres and limiting sprawl in more rural and agricultural areas... (smells like Agenda 21/ICLEI)

The problem is, unlike Langley, the North Shore does not have any rural or agricultural areas.... so why do we have to abide by Metro's "density edicts"? It destroys the ambience of what makes Lynn Valley and the North Shore what it is. What excuses will Metro Vancouver use against us, to sue, if DNV and Lynn Valley folk do not comply with the regional growth strategy...?


John Sharpe said...

Anonymous said...

It's simple. We don't have to accept any densification, but if we do, we have to build in a manner that doesn't directly collide with the spirit of the RGS (Regional Growth Strategy).

Restated, the RGS doesn't make us grow, but it manages some aspects of our growth if we decide to.

The Township of Langley has decided to grow in a manner that collides with the RGS, ie, The RGS explicitly wanted that land to stay as agricultural land, but the TOL wants it to support the University.

So technically, in this case, the RGS is combating density.

Anonymous said...

Another good article on Metro's and Translink's stranglehold on District and other munis:

Metro Vancouver is expensive and it's about to get worse

Read more:

L Leeman said...

"(smells like Agenda 21/ICLEI)"

That's because it IS UN Agenda 21 and if you look up a District of North Vancouver financial statement, you will find that it is a dues paying member of ICLEI.
Further, according to a member of the DNV planning dept that I met at one of our Lynn Valley 'community engagement' events, we actually DO have to accept densification. She told me that Lynn Valley has to accept its share of the expected growth in the REGION. She didn't say 'could accept', she said 'has to accept'. Unfortunately, I cannot recall her name. Presumably, Lynn Valley must accept the growth its residents DIDNT ASK for or be sued by Metro Vancouver board of directors.

Hell not only did we not ask for this growth and densification, council has not dared to put the OCP which prescribes it, to referendum. And that is the only way this can be quashed. PUT THE OCP to a democratic referendum, then let Metro Vancouver sue if it wants to. At least then, the council would actually wield the mandate it presumes, assuming ,of course, that the OCP passed the referendum test. Ah, but democracy isn't the way Agenda 21 works, is it?