Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Today on Twitter

Today on Twitter I learned that BC still has the highest levels of poverty in Canada, and especially child poverty - more than 20%.

That tweet was followed quickly by one from our local MLA, Jane Thornewaite.  Part of that family, child, and senior loving BC Government.  Her response?

"Hey! Party on dudes!"

I reserve the right to be disgusted, and to make reference to another famous female politician with big hair.


John Sharpe said...

I'm disgusted too.

I was however happy to hear from a reliable source today at Ms. Thornthwaite was actually very concerned about her NDP competition, Jim Hanson in the recent Provincial Election. She more than deserved to do some serious sweating! Party ON!

Barry Rueger said...

Well John, if you think that child poverty is funny, then I guess that Party Girl Jane is the candidate for you.

All of those British Columbian that can't afford to buy bread can just eat cake.

John Sharpe said...

Barry, ???

What is it you don't understand about what I said? I didn't imply child poverty is funny. I'm just glad and made mention of that we truly gave her somewhat of a run for her money?

Barry Rueger said...

I stand corrected. as opposed to confused.... :)

Barry Rueger said...

Well, I dare say that Naomi Yamamoto has managed to unseat Jane for title of "Elected Official Who best Ignores Poverty in Their Own Backyard."

Today she tweets:

12 foot cheese wall at new #LoblawsCityMarket. Cheese, produce, bakery & deli support #SmallBizBC.

Those of us who have lived in Ontario will be amused to think of Loblaws as "small business."