Monday, September 30, 2013

Who "Owns" the Woods, Indeed?

In a way, this posting is an Open Letter to DNV Mayor and Council, and DNV Parks/Permits:

It seems every day someone is running around the forest somewhere on the North Shore (mainly inside the Fromme and Seymour areas) wielding what some folk would consider to be weapons. (mountain bikers jokingly call those axes, Pulaskis, McClaskis, chainsaws, machetes, etc. they wield in the woods: "weapons of mass destruction" on the forest environment. On this point, I agree!).

There is suppose to be some permit system for all these folks trail building these days, on both NSMBA/DNV official trail days, and the many unofficial trail days. A few years back, Council had directed Parks Staff to supply me with a list of permits. They never complied. I asked again, and --- Nada! Zilch! Zip!

So nothing more was really thought of it, until this recent public posting on the NSMBA Facebook page popped up, which brings us back to the $60,000 Question (actually, the figure is closer to $1 million...) 

"Who has a permit to do work on the trails...and what are the terms (location, times, constraints, works allowed, etc. and by whom and how?) of those permits?"

Here is an excerpt: (you can read the above link for more, plus comments, for more clarity) In case this post suddenly "disappears", I have made a copy...

With the heavy rain it was a classic Shore day, dark and gloomy. I was standing in the middle of the trail, wrestling with a couple of options for a difficult section, when I hear a shout from a distance.

Guy: "Hey there!"

I look up, and there's a middle aged guy standing about 60 feet up the trail from me.

Me (still focused on my trail dilemma): "Hey."

Guy (after a long pause): "What are you doing with that axe in your hand?"

Me (still looking off into the forest): "It's not an axe. It's a pulaski."

Guy (after a long pause): "Why are you up here?"

I look up at the guy, a little annoyed that he's interrupting me in the middle of my train of thought.

Me: "I'm up here clearing drains and looking at ways to fix the trail."

Now that I've lost my focus, I decide to walk down the trail a couple feet and clear a nearby drain that is overflowing.

Guy (still standing 60 feet away): "Do you have a permit for that?"

Me (swinging the pulaski and clearing the drain): "Yes. I'm actually the president of the NSMBA."
Guy: "OK, cause I'm really worried about how all these trails are getting trashed."  (con't)

So am I.

I'm really worried about how these trails are getting trashed, also, from both the mountain bike riding/racing, and the mtber trail building "repair and maintenance" ruse. But who has got a permit? among all these trail building mountain bikers  wielding "weapons of mass destruction", like they are digging in their own private sand box, day in, day out? People like "Dave" have the right to ask that question, and receive answers from the municipal public land managers. So would I. Could Mayor and Council once again direct the right parties to answer these questions? 

More than a few people would like to know...For public safety, most of all. How much of this work is still considered to be "unsanctioned" work, I wonder? I would like some real answers from DNV, for once.  Thank you.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Lynn Valley should know soon what development they are facing

It isn't breaking news, but last Monday's regular council meeting revealed from a series of public meetings earlier this year that the community of Lynn Valley is very fractured as to how development should proceed. At least two DNV councillors are ready to make decisions regarding Lynn Valley development because they feel the process has had the time needed. Council called for a reconvening on the issue of Lynn Valley development in the next two or three weeks. It will be very interesting to see what decisions council comes to.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

World class towers or world class hole in the ground?

It has become obvious that construction has been halted at the Seylynn Village site. There is speculation that while digging the foundation the water table was a lot higher than expected putting serious doubt on structural base integrity for the foundation of any building, especially high rise buildings like the 32 storey high-rise that is planned as part of the Seylynn Village. At this point there is a lot of uncertainty as to the future of this development site.


In her letter to the North Shore News editor, Leslie Myers asked many questions about the development of this site. Question number #2 asks about earth quake stability on alluvial land. She may have been on to something.  Leslie Myers letter.

Thursday, September 05, 2013

Say NO to Kinder Morgan Event

Event Details

Ready to talk about our future? Join ForestEthics Advocacy and the Tsleil Waututh Nation Sacred Trust Initiative for a Town Hall Meeting to discuss the viable alternatives to our dependence on tar sands oil and how we’ll create local jobs that we can all be proud of.
Who’s speaking?
  • Rueben George - Tsleil Waututh Nation Sacred Trust Initiative
  • Marc Lee - Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
  • Patrick Condon - Design Centre for Sustainability at UBC
  • Ben West - ForestEthics Advocacy

Clearly Canada can and must do better for our environment. But that kind of change will only happen if we insist on it. That’s why your voice is so important. Speak up. Join us.

Wednesday, September 11th, 7 - 9 PM

Tsleil Waututh Community Centre 
3010 Sleil Waututh Road
North Vancouver, BC V7H 2V5