Sunday, September 29, 2013

Lynn Valley should know soon what development they are facing

It isn't breaking news, but last Monday's regular council meeting revealed from a series of public meetings earlier this year that the community of Lynn Valley is very fractured as to how development should proceed. At least two DNV councillors are ready to make decisions regarding Lynn Valley development because they feel the process has had the time needed. Council called for a reconvening on the issue of Lynn Valley development in the next two or three weeks. It will be very interesting to see what decisions council comes to.

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Anonymous said...

If it were me voting, I would support up to 8 stories in the core, with a little flexibility for something really great.

Once you decide on the number of people, I would tend to prefer buildings that have variety, and permit more breaks in the buildings.

I understand that if you build it out under the current zoning that it would be just as many people but wall to wall four stories. I don't want that.