Thursday, September 05, 2013

Say NO to Kinder Morgan Event

Event Details

Ready to talk about our future? Join ForestEthics Advocacy and the Tsleil Waututh Nation Sacred Trust Initiative for a Town Hall Meeting to discuss the viable alternatives to our dependence on tar sands oil and how we’ll create local jobs that we can all be proud of.
Who’s speaking?
  • Rueben George - Tsleil Waututh Nation Sacred Trust Initiative
  • Marc Lee - Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
  • Patrick Condon - Design Centre for Sustainability at UBC
  • Ben West - ForestEthics Advocacy

Clearly Canada can and must do better for our environment. But that kind of change will only happen if we insist on it. That’s why your voice is so important. Speak up. Join us.

Wednesday, September 11th, 7 - 9 PM

Tsleil Waututh Community Centre 
3010 Sleil Waututh Road
North Vancouver, BC V7H 2V5


Anonymous said...

I have registered. This is great! I bet Jane Thornthwaite shows up and I would like to talk to her about North Van Seymour and the Tsleil-Waututh Nation and their concerns about their community.

Honest Answers said...

Be a great chance to ask three of the panelists why they represent US billionaires and not BC.

Anonymous said...

This looks like it will be fair and impartial.

Anonymous said...

Who of these 4 speakers represent US billionaires? Please explain.

Anonymous said...

Let me take a whack at it...

George Soros, a US Billionaire, fund raises (from other Liberal leaning US Billionaires),for an organization called Tides Foundation. Tides Canada is a sister organization with the same founders, but it is legally a separate entity.

ForestEthics BC is a child of Tides Canada who funds it and directs it.

Conservatives have their knickers in a knot because Tides Canada, read ForestEthics BC, is a US funded group that attempts to change Canadian Public policy.

Anonymous said...

Did any of you catch last night's dnv council meeting? The Edgemont Seniors thing did not go over well. About 60 people showed up expecting a public debate on it, but it was at the 4th reading, so there is no debate. The council introduced it, voted on it 4-3 and moved on. The group was choked and some left the room shouting at the council calling them morons saying it was all a game show.

Anonymous said...

Obviously 60 people showed up who were completely unfamiliar with the process. These people should each be individually shamed in public for not doing their homework and for thinking that the process should be changed to suit their needs. Where were they when the application was open to public discussion?

Anonymous said...

Lynn Valley is having its own horse and buggy show. LynnValleyLife posts:

Mark Sager has a special invite for you - come on out on Thursday night (Sept. 12) at 7 p.m. to the unveiling of the new mall redevelopment plans!

They have been sketched out by a new architect in response to community feedback that Mark has been collecting over the past number of months.

If you've been anxious to see change happen to the boarded-up Zellers store, come see these preliminary drawings before the project starts on its way through the Council rezoning approval process.

(Note this is the same night as the Kinder Morgan public info meeting in Council Chambers)

Pressure washers said...

Nice informative article ...

Anonymous said...

So did anyone go to the Tsleil Waututh event?