Friday, October 04, 2013

DNV Council - Finally Moving Lynn Valley ahead?

Next Monday's Council meeting represents an important opportunity for DNV Council to start the Lynn Valley revitalisation rolling.

(Follow-up - the item below as approved.  PDF Notice here.)

Although they won't be actually approving any new projects - in large part because no applications have been made - they will be voting on options including having District staff:

 "Develop a Planning Framework to guide decision-making (generally based on a 5- storey height limit with maximum 8 storeys at strategic locations; additional height 
considered on a case-by-case basis). "

(Scroll down to page 71 of the linked PDF to see the background)

My letter supporting this proposal is here.

In the meantime, Mark Sager has sent me some design ideas from the Bosa presentation a couple of weeks ago.  To my eye they feel like Edgemont Village meets Park Royal, and maintain a nice West Coast feel.  From the map in image number four you can see that they're working within the Official Community Plan.

(Thanks to a sharp eyed reader who noted that the Council meeting is Monday, not Tuesday.)


Mocrael said...

Changing the subject, already, Barry?

You never did reply to my query about how you feel about how mountain bikers are treating "man's best friend" on the trails.

It is that very kind of anti-social behaviour that is ruining the forest: the riding and the trail/"abusement park" structure building wreckreational "NSMBA" activities. You think mountain bikers give a flying hoot about environmental sensitivity,the state of hiking and dogwalking trails, while wearing body armour, and "Darth Vader"-like full face helmets? They sure the heck don't care much about poor Fido or Fifi. That is for sure. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Keep it on topic, please! You've had your chance, Mocrael!

Anonymous said...

BTW Mocrael, you changed the subject less than 24 hours after the previous topic was posted. Your post has been up for 4 days. You're in no position to call out anyone for changing the subject too soon!

SPI said...

A presentation center is in the old pet shop at Lynn Valley Mall.

Anonymous said...

Not any more. The old pet shop was closed tighter than a drum, today.

Anonymous said...

Will Lynn Valley highrises happen? Most likely. Will mtbers overdevelop the mountain? Most likely. The world goes round and round. With or without our public input. I was told by one Councillor, a while back, that they are in charge, not us. So what was the question?

Anonymous said...

It goes like this. First in line are council, next is senior staff, followed by special interest groups and finally the average tax payer.

Senior staff and council are fairly entrenched as they have to protect each other while giving a perception that they actually give a hoot about the average tax payer.

The priorities for council, senior staff, and special interest groups are how much can I fleece or take from the average tax payer or how can I advance my political ambitions. In other words it’s all about me.

In my opinion about 10% in the position of making responsible cost effective decisions actually give a sh%t.

Anonymous said...

in you educated opinion i'm sure.

I like the proposal and think it will change the core without being incompatible with the surrounding area.

Anonymous said...

When did NVD Council meetings start being held on Tuesdays?
Perception is a wonderful thing. You say that you are impressed with the current Bosa submissions from Mr. Sager. Please note that the angle from which the mountain view is seen in these lovely presentations would have to be viewed by a person on or about about the fourth floor. What mountain view would be seen from ground level. Methinks Nada!!!!
Further, fringe (the roof design) does not make a mountain village. Mountains make a mountain village.

Anonymous said...

The council meeting is tonight, not on Tuesday.

Barry Rueger said...

The council meeting is tonight, not on Tuesday.

Noted and corrected. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I think that the renderings and other presentation materials are on display at the mall now, for anyone interested.