Sunday, November 17, 2013

Keating wins President of the BCNDP

Incumbent CNV Councillor Craig Keating is the new president of the BCNDP. He won handily with 485 votes over his competitor Jagrup Brar who received 303.

Keating pledges to "defeat Clark in 2017". He says, that "to change our province, we must renew our party".

A leadership convention to replace Adrian Dix will not occur until September 2014.

Stephen Lewis speech at NDP convention 


Anonymous said...

It's great that Craig Keating is the new BC NDP President. There are a few current issues, the new sewage treatment plant for one, that need some input otherwise we North Shore residents will be paying more than our share, as usual.

Anonymous said...

Keating has been so successful over the years building a strong healthy coalition on North Vancouver City Council... I don't see how the NDP can lose with him at the helm.

Anonymous said...

So how did Keating get around the "No straight white guy" Rule? It seems their affirmative action strategy doesn't stand up to a free one member one vote election.

Barry Rueger said...

Defeat Clark? I'll stick to what I wrote after the last election:

1) The NDP has no platform, no soul, and really no reason for being any more. They don’t like Unions any longer, or at least Union money. They spend far too much time hanging out with Chambers of Commerce and Boards of Trade. The environment? The Greens do it better. Poverty? The Greens do it better. Having photos taken with union leaders and activists? Hmmm… don’t see much of that.

Next time you meet a card carrying NDPer, ask him or her to tell you exactly what the party stands for. What are the things that are so important that they are untouchable.

They’ll stammer a lot, and eventually come back to “We’re not the Liberals.” What they won’t be able to do is express anything like a coherent philosophy.

The Liberals don’t have that problem. They exist to further unfettered capitalism, to make rich people richer, and to reduce government to as little as possible. They know it, business knows it, and the message is an easy sell.

Until the NDP manages to actually have an ideology, they will continue to lose. You can’t sell “We’re mainly not the same as those guys.”

2) The NDP lives in a My Little Pony environment. Obvious to everyone except the NDP was the inevitability of Liberal attack ads, their willingness to lie and deceive to reach their ends, and the role of the big media in undermining and attacking the NDP during the last weeks of the campaign.

These things work, and will continue to work. Playing Mr Nice Guy against the Liberals will be exactly as effective as it was against that third grade bully at school. Unless the NDP is prepared to fight back, and hard, against all of this, they don’t stand a chance.

The problem is that the NDP believes that they deserve to win because they’re not as nasty as the opposition. Like it or not, that means that they’ll lose.

3) The NDP believes that Greens “steal” votes from them. In the first place, the Greens takes votes from both major parties, more or less evenly. In the second place, if the NDP had as good an environmental policy as the Greens, lots of those votes might come over.

How’s this for an analysis: Lots of voters are moving to the Greens because they’re unsatisfied with the NDP.

4) The NDP believes that they lost because lazy voters didn’t vote. Guess what NDP: those people aren’t voting because you’re not giving them a reason to do so.

Let me repeat that, in BIG RED LETTERS:

Those people aren’t voting because
you’re not giving them a reason to do so.

One heck of a lot of people fully understand the Liberal party and what they represent, and would never vote for them. They might vote NDP, except that it’s pretty much impossible to see how they’re different from the Liberals.

Adrian: You cannot spend half of the campaign sucking up to Big Business, and then have us believe that you’re not the same as the Liberals. If photo-ops with corporate leaders outnumber ones with Union leaders, you’ve blown it.

If the NDP hope to ever form another government in BC they have to actually become a party that stands for something.

Since the Liberals and Conservatives pretty much have a lock on the right wing of the spectrum, the NDP will need to – oh heresy! – learn once again how to be Left Wing. Maybe even Socialist.

They’ll need to give up on trying be the slightly more progressive Free Enterprise party, and return to their roots, embracing poor people, working people, unionised people, activists, environmentalists - all of the groups that seem to be seen as an embarrassment instead of the grass roots of the party.

Anonymous said...

Guess none of those delegates thought to ask anyone in the CNV who is familiar with the dysfunctional Council. His experience on Council in "bringing people together"????? The worst. Not to mention the rudest.

It will be interesting to see if he follows his (NDP) campaign donation mandate - no corporate or union donations. Wonder why he didn't support Clr Heywood's motion?

Anonymous said...


I really think you should limit the ranting length.

Anonymous said...

Who's ranting?

Anonymous said...

The city had to renovate city hall again because Keating couldn't fit his head through the doorway.

Anonymous said...

I was associated professionally with Keating in his capacity as a politician and he was hands down the biggest weasel I ever worked with in my entire career.

He is exactly the type of person that is reflected in the Leger polls showing politicians as the least respected of all career choices.

Anonymous said...

What politician isn't a bit of a weasel?

Back on topic, I think Barry makes some valid points. I'm in line with the NDP on social issues, but as a small business owner, I can't really get behind them. The Liberals aren't Liberal at all, so I feel like I'm caught in the middle.

Anonymous said...

Weasels are cute and are very innovative.

Anonymous said...

...and sneaky and underhanded and not so cute when they slaughter every chicken in the coop just for fun but don't eat any.

Anonymous said...

anon 3:15

True probably not fair to compare Keating to a Weasel, the Weasels would be offended.

Anonymous said...

I've personally had conversations with Keating, and the nature of his language used to describe some fellow politicians puts him in the league of Rob Ford. In fact, if I ever provided that language, he would be out of several jobs.

Anonymous said...

If you want to criticize him for how he describes the other politicians then you need to criticize all of them for being less than tactful. I've spoken to many of them outside council chambers and they all badmouth each other.

Anonymous said...

Love the Keating apologists. The best they can manage is that he is just as bad as the worst of his peers.

Anonymous said...

Not apologizing for him. I personally don't care for him. However if you don't think any of the others are guilty of the same things, you're mistaken. They're all ego driven and behave pretty despicably behind each others backs.

Now, what I'd like to know is if he will be keeping his seat on council or will he be stepping down to dedicate himself solely to provincial politics?

Anonymous said...

What "others" are you referring to? CNV councillors? All Elected politicians?

Anonymous said...

CNV councillors. I imagine it holds true to all politicians to certain degree...

Anonymous said...

the apple doesn't fall far from the Rob Ford tree

Anonymous said...

That makes no sense. Are you suggesting that there is actually a comparison?

Anonymous said...

It's great that we have some more oomph on the North Shore. We are more and more left out. We have lousy representation at all levels.

Bring on Craig Keating and the BCNDP.